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sEngine 1.0.0 by Martin Eitzenberger

sEngine is an universal tiny server for your C application.

You can use it as the base for your own server application or you can integrate it into an existing program that requires network support.

The source code is well documentated in English, and it is shipped with English and German doc… 

JOPE Application Server 1.0.0 by

JOPE is an implementation of the SOPE server and concepts in Java 1.5. JOPE Application Server provides (yet another) templating engine modelled after the WebObjects one, as well as database access libraries and other features.

JOPE applications can be deployed into a Servlet container or run sta… 

SOPE Application Server 4.5.9 by

SOPE Application Server is an extensive set of frameworks (16 frameworks, ~1500 classes) which form a complete Web application server environment.

Besides the Apple WebObjects compatible appserver extended with Zope concepts, it contains a large set of reusable classes: XML processing (SAX2, DOM,… 

Iris Application Server 2.0 by Accendia Inc

Iris project is a complete solution for developing Java client/server applications. avaThe technology provides a binary communication protocol that facilitates the invocation of objects deployed on the server or client, integrated application security through access control lists and communication s… 

LAMP Application Server 0.008 by Nico Coetzee

LAMP Application Server project is a combination of common open source tools that provides a unified system from which administrators, developers, and other parties can manage a large application cluster. The underlying platform is LAMP based.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed vhost config to c… 

Video server 0.6 by Univision

Video server is a streaming video server which feeds a Java applet/application for display. The updates are rather slow, somewhere in the 10 frames/second range on a PIII. The server is written in Bigloo scheme and C. The client is written in Java.

To bring up the video server you have to do the… 

LibHTTPD 1.4 by David J. Hughes

LibHTTPD can be used to add basic web server capabilities to an application or embedded device.

The library handles both static and dynamically generated content, has very low overheads, and provides many features to simplify the creation of web based application interfaces.… 

HTTPTunnel 0.7.2 by Richard Mills

HTTPTunnel is a simple client/server application for creating an HTTP tunnel between two machines, optionally via a Web proxy.

This is a small application for tunnelling an arbitrary TCP socket connection over HTTP. It can be used, for example, to tunnel traffic out from behind a restrictive fire… 

akaDAV 0.6.2 by Yasushi Iwata

akaDAV is a python module to provide WebDAV (RFC 2518) capabilities for Twisted 1.3. It enables you to quickly write your own WebDAV server application in Python. The package also includes easy-to-use and lightweight WebDAV server application.


Run "python install".


Scalable OGo 0.9.0 by

Scalable OGo project (SOGo in short) is a groupware server built around the SOPE application server. Unlike OGo it is focused on scalability instead of depth in functionality. The web interface uses human readable URLs and can be accessed according to REST web service ideas. Notably it requires no s… 

Divmod Sine 0.1.0 by Divmod, Inc.

Divmod Sine is a standards-based voice-over-IP application server, built as an offering for the Mantissa application server platform.

Divmod Sine owes much of its development to the Shtoom project, which implements a soft-phone in Python. Sine provides a SIP registrar, SIP proxy, third party call… 

Whoisdomaincheckup 4.0 by Daantje Eeltink

Whoisdomaincheckup is a Web-based (PHP) application that can check the registration status of a domain name.

In particular, Whoisdomaincheckup can check whether a domain name is currently free for registration. It doesn't use any exec or system commands, but instead uses the fopen command to acce… 

portForward 1.3 by Brisa Francesco

Port forward is a java application which gives you the ability to open tunnels between your local computer and a remote ssh server.

Tunnels can be created both local or remote


1. Open a local tunnel to reach a remote mysql database

Your application needs to connect to a remo… 

Port forward 1.4 by Brisa Francesco

Port forward is a java application which gives you the ability to open tunnels between your local computer and a remote ssh server. With Port forward, tunnels can be created both local or remote.


1. Open a local tunnel to reach a remote mysql database

- Your application needs t… 

Habotat 0.5.1 by Mark Lindner

Habotat is a small, lightweight application server for hosting IM Services (more commonly referred to as Bots).

Bots are small, specialized programs that you can communicate with using an Instant Messenger (IM) client; they show up in your Buddy List and are always there to do your bidding.


Cerise 1.0 by Will Glozer

Cerise app server is a Ruby web/application server.

Cerise follows the same general pattern as J2EE application servers, but written in the Ruby programming language and providing a very flexible, elegant, lightweight, and developer friendly environment for building web applications.

Here are… 

XULTech Firelinks Remote Server File Manager 1.0 by XulTech

XULTech Firelinks Remote Server File Manager is a remote file manager/control panel that lets you manage your web server using an easy to use GUI interface.

Firelinks uses Firefox's XUL (XML User-interface Language), and Javascript to deliver a web based application that has the look and feel of… 

mod_jsp 0.02b by Greg Schenzel

mod_jsp is a JSP handling module for Apache 2. It works by starting and maintaining its own application server (based on Jetty).

It can then continually manage the application server's virtual host filesystem mappings from the data passed from Apache.… 

TransactXML Server with DesignerXML 5.2 by United Business Technologies Inc.

TransactXML Server with DesignerXML project are foundational building blocks for a wide variety of server applications.

We have implemented publish and subscribe XML Servers, XML-Object servers, Application servers, and other more unique cases that require XML document rendering as a layer of the… 

Business Oriented Framework 0.07 by Kaare Rasmussen

Business Oriented Framework (BOF) is a Perl application server. It uses SOAP, optionally secured with SSL, to communicate with the client.

The client can use SOAP::Lite or the client module included in BOF, making it easy to connect to the server. User, grou

What's New in This Release:



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