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IsaViz 2.1 by Emmanuel Pietriga

IsaViz is a visual environment for browsing and authoring Resource Description Framework (RDF) models represented as graphs. Since version 2.0, IsaViz can render RDF graphs using GSS (Graph Stylesheets), a stylesheet language derived from CSS and SVG for styling RDF models represented as node-link d… 

URI::Escape 1.35 by Gisle Aas

URI::Escape is a Perl module to escape and unescape unsafe characters.


use URI::Escape;
$safe = uri_escape("10% is enoughn");
$verysafe = uri_escape("foo", "-377");
$str = uri_unescape($safe);

This module provides functions to escape and unescape URI strings as defined by R… 

KsirK 1.7 by Kleag

KsirK is a computerized version of a well known strategy board game: Risk !

KsirK is a game for KDE released under the GPL. In the current version, KsirK is a usable multi-player mono-machine game with a basic AI. Planned future versions will be really network-enabled multi-playered with a better… 

FFmpeg::Stream 6036 by Allen Day

FFmpeg::Stream is an audio or video stream from a (multi)media file.


$ff = FFmpeg->new(); #see FFmpeg
$sg = $ff->create_streamgroup(); #see FFmpeg
$st = ($sg->streams())[0]; #this is a FFmpeg::Stream

FFmpeg::Stream objects are not instantiated. Rat… 

GtkMathView 0.7.6 by Luca Padovani

GtkMathView is a C++ rendering engine for MathML documents. GtkMathView provides an interactive view that can be used for browsing and editing MathML markup.

GtkMathView reads MathML documents by means of a frontend whose purpose is to traverse the MathML document (or part of it) and to appropriate… 

dimnum 1.16 by Kasper Peeters

dimnum is a C++ template library for dimensional numbers.

The dimnum C++ library provides templated classes for storage of dimensional numbers, like lengths, masses, and so on. The classes are templated over the storage data type, and the base unit.

Output as well as input (with automatic reco… 

Blossoc 1.1.1 by Thomas Mailund

Blossoc is a linkage disequilibrium association mapping tool that attempts to build (perfect) genealogies for each site in the input, score these according to non-random clustering of affected individuals, and judge high-scoring areas as likely candidates for containing disease affecting variation.

WMMemMon 1.0.1 by Seiichi SATO

WMMemMon is a memory/swap monitor dockapp. The current memory usage is displaied as the outside pie-slices. The swap usage is represented by the inside slices.

The back-light may be turned on/off by clicking the mouse button over the appliacation. If the usage hits a certain threshold, an alarm-m… 

IkeWiki 0.9.1 by Sebastian Schaffert

IkeWiki is a new kind of Wiki (a so-called "Semantic Wiki") developed by Salzburg Research that allows users to annotate pages and links between pages with semantic annotations.

Such annotations are useful because they give machines a certain amount of "understanding" of the content that goes bey… 

XML::SimpleObject 0.53 by Dan Brian

XML::SimpleObject is a Perl extension allowing a simple object representation of a parsed XML::Parser tree.


use XML::SimpleObject;

# Construct with the key/value pairs as argument; this will create its
# own XML::Parser object.
my $xmlobj = new XML::SimpleObject(XML => $… 

WebService::ISBNDB 0.31 by Randy J. Ray

WebService::ISBNDB Perl module provides an object-oriented interface to the data API at Books, authors, publishers, categories, and subjects are all represented in separate classes. The module uses the REST interface to communicate with



HapCluster++ 1.2.0 by Thomas Mailund

HapCluster++ is a software package for linkage disequilibrium mapping using coalescent theory.

HapCluster++ is based on a Bayesian Markov-chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method for fine-scale linkage-disequilibrium gene mapping using high-density marker maps.

HapCluster++ is a C++ implementation of t… 

nntp//rss 0.5-beta-1 by Jason Brome

Bridging the worlds of NNTP clients and RSS feeds, nntp//rss is an application that will enable you to use your existing favorit. nntp//rss works like a bridge between RSS feeds and NNTP clients, the content extracted being read by the NNTP newsreader. RSS feeds are represented as NNTP newsgroups, p… 

Snoop 1.1 by Florin Malita

Snoop is a A GNU/Linux file descriptor monitoring tool inspired by FreeBSD's 'watch'. Snoop project goes beyond simple TTY snooping by allowing the interception of any file descriptor.

You can attach on the fly to regular files, TTYs, named pipes, character devices, and pretty much anything that… 

Verbiste 0.1.17 by Pierre Sarrazin

Verbiste is a French conjugation system. Verbiste project contains a C++ library, two programs that can be run from the command line or from another program, and a GNOME applet.

This applet shows a text field in the GNOME Panel where the user can enter a conjugated verb and obtain its complete c… 

SpecialValue 0.5.0 by Johan Vervloet

SpecialValue is a C++ library that allows special numeric values to be represented accurately. This is useful for fractions that would normally be approximated as floating point, or numbers that are normally impossible to store, such as sqrt(-2).


The `configure' shell script atte… 

Isotopic Pattern Calculator 1.4 by Dirk Nolting

IPC is a program that calculates the isotopic distribution of a given chemical formula. It gives the rel. intensities and the propability of the masses belonging to a molecule ion, fragment or whatever is represented by the given chemical formula.

Furthernmore it can use GNUPlot to visualize the… 

RusXMMS 0.2.2 by Suren A. Chilingaryan

RusXMMS provides character set conversion for languages which can be represented with more than one character set. RusXMMS project originally handled XMMS playlists, but can be useful for any program that works with small pieces of text in different languages and encodings.

The library features l… 

XSD4J 0.1 by Josef Spillner

XSD4J is a library to parse XML Schema files into a structure of Java objects, convert those back into an XML DOM tree (and hence plain text) again, and allow for performing several queries on the XSD objects.

XSD4J currently supports most real-world features such as simple and complex types, typ… 

Jay'O'Rama 0.5.1 by Gianluca Romanin

Jay'O'Rama, aims to be useful Dj software to allow softmixing, beatmatching and professional live session.

At the actual state, JOR is an OpenJ oriented pcm player. It could play also as a jukebox.

The project has recently been redesigned and retasked. Now it is represented by a couple of subproj… 



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