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ImageBurn 1.0 by Martin Mevald

ImageBurn project can process an image and creates two new images.

The first image shows the overburned areas and the second is the histogram of the original image.

The program processes the each image in the current directory and it creates the two new files.

The first is black and white… 

PHP Profiler Class by Carl Taylor

This profiler is intended to be used to identify areas of code that could be optimised in order to improve overall performance of an application. Typically I identify the areas of concern in an application and place profile timers around those sections and focus down to add timers around the areas t… 

Fracplanet 0.3.2 by Tim Day

Fracplanet is an interactive tool for creating random fractal planets and terrain areas with oceans, rivers, lakes and icecaps.

The results can be saved in POV-Ray format. The code is licensed under the GPL. Fracplanet project uses Qt and OpenGL.

What's New in This Release:
The main addition… 

Target 1.0 by J. Kern

Target project is an AJAX-enabled application that allows users to create and track one or more target areas.

The target area can then be resized and moved to new locations on the image. With a right-click, the movement and resize history can be replayed with DHTML animation and AJAX.


ReZound 0.12.0 beta by Davy Durham

ReZound aims to be a stable, open source, and graphical audio file editor primarily for but not limited to the Linux operating system.

What's New in This Release:
Implemented Macros. Now, if you often repeat a sequence of edits, you can record this sequence, and play them back unattendedly on… 

SMSSender 0.1 by John Golubenko

SMSSender is an application for sending SMS messages.

It provides a user interface with a drop-down list of available cell phone carriers and text areas for the telephone number, subject, and SMS body.… 

Lizard 1.3.0 by Clive Crous

Lizard is a tile-based graphical interface to NetHack and SlashEM.

Lizard is my own personalized variant of the newt interface. It always shares the latest newt codebase while adding a few of my own patches that increase user experience (in my opinion). Lizard is how I play NetHack or Slash'EM.

Running Unix Memory Test 0.2 by Cigaes

The goal of RUMT is to check the memory of a computer over a long period of time and almost-real load conditions without having to interrupt the services.

RUMT exploits the possibility of some Unix kernels to selectivly disable some memory areas while still accessing them through the /dev/mem dev… 

FreeHA 1.0 by Phil Brown

FreeHA is designed to provide a free, portable, and easy to use (compared to alternatives) program to run nodes in a high availability cluster.

FreeHA will let you run a service (program), or group of services, on a computer, but have one or more others running in standby mode. The service can b… 

Mallutorrents Toolbar 2.1.0 by mallutorrents haridas

Mallutorrents Toolbar is a Firefox extension that adds a colorful toolbar for enhancing the Mallutorrents experience.

You could even search for your favourite releases in MT from the toolbar, apart from the one-click access to all the areas of the forum.

Firefox 1.5 - 2.0b1 A… 

Geant4 8.1p1 by Geant4 Development Team

Geant4 project is a toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter.

Its application areas include high energy physics and nuclear experiments, medical, accelerator and space physics studies.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes compilation issues with GCC 4.x… 

libnetdude 0.9 by Christian Kreibich

libnetdude is a library for manipulating tcpdump and libpcap trace files. You may ask why this requires a new library. We believe that a lot of code that uses libpcap is wasted, for two reasons:

- Developers often write monolithic, stand-alone programs that address a particular problem at the tim… 

C++ MudBase 0.1 by Anders Hedstr?m

C++ MudBase project is a small embryo of basic mudrelated functions that could be extended into a fullfeatured game. It contains a basic map system with editor, a character definition, and an easy to extend command parser. The source code is released under the GNU GPL license.

The Map

The map… 

Estoque Inteligente 1.5 by Rogerio Acquadro

Estoque Inteligente is a Web based application to manage supply, sales, and customers.

Estoque Inteligente project can be useful to managers of small stores.


What's New in This Release:
A new update system.
Photos for users and for products.
A new TinyMCE fea… 

phpFormGenerator 2.09c by Musawir Ali

phpFormGenerator is an easy-to-use tool to create reliable and efficient web forms. No programming of any sort is required.

It has the ability to create up to 100 form fields, and to add a variety of field types including text boxes, drop down selection menus, check boxes, radio buttons, and free… 

GNU ddrescue 1.3 RC1 by Antonio Diaz Diaz

GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. GNU ddrescue copies data from one file or block device (cdrom, hard disc, etc) to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors.

Ddrescue does not truncate the output file if not asked to. So, every time you run it on the same output file, it tr… 

SmartEiffel 2.2 RC3 by Dominique Colnet

SmartEiffel's goal is to produce an Eiffel compiler to allow developers to migrate from SmartEiffel 1.1 code to SmartEiffel 2.x code.

That means that "SmartEiffel 1.2 (transitional)" will be 100% compatible with SmartEiffel 1.1, but introducing some changes from the 2.x series, and issuing warnings… 

Polidori 0.1-3 by Brett W. McCoy & Luis Mondesi

Polidori is a DVD Authoring System for Gnome and Linux.

Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel in several areas, it instead integrates several excellent tools like dvdauthor, dvdrtools, ogle, etc., already available for Linux, and bundled with most distributions.

At this time, there are no v… 

SVGSlice 0.13 by Digital Unleashed

SVGSlice application can generate chopped up images from Inkscape SVG drawings.

To figure out where to cut, SVGSlice can use Inkscape's built in guides (for simpler, grid-like cuts), or it can use a specially named "slices" layer that contains rectangles that mark areas to slice.

Demo files sh… 

bc 1.06 by Philip A. Nelson

bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Syntax is similar to C, but differs in many substantial areas. It supports interactive execution of statements. bc is a utility included in the POSIX P1003.2/D11 draft standard.

Since the POSIX document does not specify how bc must be impl… 



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