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ASpiReNN 0.1 by F Henry

ASpiReNN stands for Artificial SPIking REcurrent Neural Network. ASpiReNN is a little library written in C which, as its name suggests, allows to simulates artificial spiking (or not) recurrent (or not) neural networks.

Here are some key features of "ASpiReNN":
leaky integrate-and-fire support

annie 0.71a by Asim Shankar

annie stands for Artificial Neural Network Library and is a C++ API (library) for neural network training and execution.

ersions exist for both Windows and flavours of Unix (tested on Linux).

The library currently has support for training, saving and executing multi-layer perceptron, radial-b… 

Fast Artificial Neural Network Library 2.1.0 Beta by Steffen Nissen

Fast Artificial Neural Network Library implements multilayer artificial neural networks in C with support for both fully connected and sparsely connected networks.

Cross-platform execution in both fixed and floating point are supported. It includes a framework for easy handling of training data s… 

dANN 0.1-alpha-RC2 (Java) by Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

dANN is a library to help create artificial neural networks within other programs. It is currently written in Java, C++, and C#. However C++ and C# versions can only be obtained through the SVN at the moment. Also they are not properly documented and cleaned up, although they work.

Our intentions… 

scnANNlib 0.1 by Sentinel Chicken Networks

scnANNlib is a Sentinel Chicken Networks Artificial Neural Network Library.

Documentation on what is what can be found in README.files. Currently, the API specification and documentation can only be found in the source of the header files (in lib/), but this will be improved in later releases.

AI::NeuralNet::Simple 0.10 by Curtis Poe

AI::NeuralNet::Simple is a simple learning module for building neural nets.


use AI::NeuralNet::Simple;
my $net = AI::NeuralNet::Simple->new(2,1,2);
# teach it logical 'or'
for (1 .. 10000) {

Java Neural Network Trainer 0.1 by SynapticFailure

Java Neural Network Trainer is a neural network trainer with the ability to easily add new training algorithms and training patterns.

Java Neural Network Trainer project includes a parallel training graphical interface where you can view each trainer working in real-time in parallel.


Neural Net Framework 1.1 by Pink Floyd

NNF Neural Net Framework is a small library, written in C language, that implements multilayer feed-forward neural networks.

Here are some key features of "Neural Net Framework":

NNF is written in plain C, without a plenty of data structures. Also the overhead generated by the functi… 

Chemistry::Artificial::Graphics 0.01 by Bernat Requesens

Chemistry::Artificial::Graphics is a graphic plot for artificial with database support.


use strict;
use Chemistry::SQL;
use Chemistry::Artificial::Graphics;

my $dbname = $ARGV[0];
my $chaname = $ARGV[1];
my $file = $ARGV[2];
my $mode = $ARGV[3];… 

Joone 1.2.1 by pmarrone

Joone is a FREE Neural Network framework to create, train and test artificial neural networks. The aim is to create a powerful environment both for enthusiastic and professional users, based on the newest Java technologies.

Joone is composed by a central engine that is the fulcrum of all applicat… 

SigmaPi Neurosimulator 1.3 by Ewald Kr?mer

The SigmaPi Neural Network Simulator is designed for time-series processing and neural network research on Unix/X11. Since version 0.5, it uses the LSTM neuron model, the RTRL training algorithm and a heuristic learning rate adaptation based on local update sign-changes. It is GPL-covered, so you ca… 

CILib 0.5.6 by CILib Team

CILib comes from Computational Intelligence Library.

CILib is a collaborative research framework for developing Computational Intelligence algorithms in the fields of swarm intelligence, evolutionary computing, neural networks, artificial immune systems, and fuzzy logic.

What's New in This Release… 

tkCybernetics 0.91 by Thorsten Roggendorf

tkCybernetics project is a lightweight cybernetics simulator.

It was designed for didactic purposes, but might be useful for quick tests of circuits.

Here are some key features of "tkCybernetics":
The usual elements (all apropiately parameteryzable) are available - highpass filter, lowpass f… 

GEneral NEural SImulation System 2.2.1 by Genesis Development Team

GENESIS (short for GEneral NEural SImulation System) is a general purpose simulation platform that was developed to support the simulation of neural systems ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, simulations of large networks, and systems-l… 

MIDI Data Miner 3 by Ollie Glass

MIDI Data Miner uses a neural network to learn correlations between notes and control changes in a MIDI file.

After training MDM can augment a live MIDI stream, adding control changes based on notes received.

Briefly: use MDM by connecting a MIDI device, open preferences and set MIDI input and… 

baq 1.0 by aseq

baq is an artificial intelligence bouncing ball demo. It is a spinoff of the game "Aq".

baq has a bunch of useful functions related to AI, collision detection, buffered blitting, and more.

The main reason to create this game is my love for classic style 2D games, especially breakout clones. Al… 

OpenAI 0.2 by Thornhalo

The OpenAI site is centered around an Open Source project and community involving artificial intelligence. The term "Open Source" means that the source code for the project is available for free and can be used by others free of charge.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the general aim of intelli… 

Pansophica 1.2-6 by NeuralVR Technologies Ltd.

Pansophica is a Web search agent with unique neural net intelligence.

Pansophica organizes and personalizes Web sites and searches. And, Pansophica makes it easier, quicker, and more fun to find Web documents than ever before.

Experience powerful virtual reality visualization that slams you wi… 

Image rotator 0.2 by Johann Uhrmann

Image rotator can be used to automatically detect and rotate landscape/portrait photos from digital cameras.

Currently, only outdoor photos are recognized. Image rotator is a command line tool which uses an artifical neural network to detect the orientation of images. Image reading, scaling, and… 

segusoLand 0.11.2 by Maurizio Colucci

segusoLand is a program for GNU/linux that enables users to specify any kind of action in a very uniform way, with an artificial intelligence that aids you while you are composing the action, by showing you only the relevant options.

segusoLand features a completely new user interaction paradigm… 



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