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Audio::OSS 0.0501 by David Huggins-Daines

Audio::OSS is a pure-perl interface to OSS (open sound system) audio devices.


use Audio::OSS qw(:funcs :formats :mixer);

my $dsp = IO::Handle->new("new("… 

Audio::File 0.10 by Florian Ragwitz

Audio::File is a audio file abstraction library.


use Audio::File;
my $file = Audio::File->new( "" );

print "The ". $file->type() ."-file ". $file->name
." is ". int $file->length() ." seconds long.n";

print "It's interpreted by ". $file->tag->art… 

Audio::Play 1.029 by Nick Ing-Simmons

Audio::Play is an interface for Audio::Data to hardware.


use Audio::Data;
use Audio::Play;

$audio = Audio::Data->new(...)

$svr = Audio::Play->new;


Audio::Play is an wrapper class which loads Audio::Play::$^O i.e. a per-platform driver.

Audio::Ao 0.01 by Dan Pemstein

Audio::Ao is a Perl wrapper for the Ao audio library.


use Audio::Ao qw(:all);

my $device = open_live(default_driver_id(), 16, $rate, $channels,
is_big_endian(), {});
while (#have data) {
play($device, $d… 

Audio::DB::Web 0.01 by Todd Harris

Audio::DB::Web is a Perl module that assists in web-based queries of an MP3 Database.


use Audio::DB::Web;
my $mp3->

Audio::DB is a module for creating relational databases of MP3 files directly from data stored in ID3 tags. Once created, Audio::DB provides various methods for… 

Audio::LADSPA::Plugin 0.018 by Joost Diepenmaat

Audio::LADSPA::Plugin is a base class for LADSPA plugins in Perl.


use Audio::LADSPA;

my (@plugin_classes) = Audio::LADSPA->plugins();

# or ...
my $plugin_class = Audio::LADSPA->plugin( label => "delay_5s", id => 1043);

my $plugin = $plugin_class->new(… 

Audio::File::AudioProperties 0.10 by Florian Ragwitz

Audio::File::AudioProperties is a Perl module that can abstract an audio file's audio properties.

Audio::File::AudioProperties is the base class for other file format independant audio property classes like Audio::File::Flac::AudioProperties or Audio::File::Ogg::AudioProperties. You should not us… 

Audio::MPD 0.12.3 by Tue Abrahamsen

Audio::MPD is a class for talking to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers.


use Audio::MPD;

my $mpd = new Audio::MPD();
sleep 10;

Audio::MPD gives a clear object-oriented interface for talking to and controlling MPD (Music Player Daemon) serv… 

Audio::DSP 0.02 by Seth David Johnson

Audio::DSP is a Perl interface to *NIX digital audio device.


use Audio::DSP;

($buf, $chan, $fmt, $rate) = (4096, 1, 8, 8192);

$dsp = new Audio::DSP(buffer => $buf,
channels => $chan,
format => $fmt,

Audio::M4P 0.30 by William Herrera

Audio::M4P is a Perl module that provides M4P/MP4/M4A QuickTime audio music format modules.

M4P is a QuickTime protected audio file format.


use Audio::M4P::QuickTime;

my $mp4file = "file.m4p";
my $qt = new Audio::M4P::QuickTime(file => $mp4file);
my $tags = $qt… 

Audio::ConvTools 0.08 by Michael Hooreman

Audio::ConvTools is a API to convert audio files from/to mp3 ogg and wav.


use Audio::ConvTools;
use Audio::ConvTools qw/:DEFAULT :Tmp :Log/;

$status = ogg2mp3('file.ogg');
$status = ogg2wav('file.ogg');
$status = ogg2wav('in.ogg', 'out.wav');
$status = mp32ogg('file.mp3')… 

Audio::Scrobbler 0.01 by Peter Pentchev

Audio::Scrobbler is a Perl interface to


use Audio::Scrobbler;

$scrob = new Audio::Scrobbler(cfg => { ... });

$scrob->submit(artist => "foo", album => "hello", track => "world",
length => 180);

The Audio::Scrobbler… 

Audio::LADSPA::Buffer 0.018 by Joost Diepenmaat

Audio::LADSPA::Buffer is a Perl module for LADSPA buffer.


use Audio::LADSPA;

my $buffer = Audio::LADSPA::Buffer->new($size);

$plugin->connect('Port name' => $buffer);

$buffer->set( @values );

# or get a buffer from a plugin..

$buffer2 = $plug… 

Audio::M4P::QuickTime 0.30 by William Herrera

Audio::M4P::QuickTime is a Perl module for m4p/mp4/m4a Quicktime audio files.

Perl manipulation of Quicktime Audio files, including protected audio M4P files. Allows extraction and modification of meta information in Apple QuickTime AAC/m4a music files.

About QuickTime File Structure and Atoms… 

Audio::ESD 0.02 by David Huggins-Daines

Audio::ESD is a Perl extension for talking to the Enlightened Sound Daemon.


use Audio::ESD;
my $stream = Audio::ESD->play_stream({ # these are the defaults
sample_rate => 16000,
channels => 1,

Audio::TagLib::Shell 1.42 by Dongxu Ma

Audio::TagLib::Shell is a mini shell of Audio::TagLib.


$> perl -MAudio::TagLib::Shell -e shell
file openned successfully
< title in tag >
< artist in tag >
$tag:o>setComment blah blah blah

Audio::File::Type 0.10 by Florian Ragwitz

Audio::File::Type represents an audio filetype.

An instance of an object inherited from Audio::File::Type is returned by the constructor of Audio::File. This object currently provides access to the audio files information like its audio properties (bitrate, sample rate, number of channels, ...) a… 

MPEG::Audio::Frame 0.09 by Yuval Kojman

MPEG::Audio::Frame is a class for weeding out MPEG audio frames out of a file handle.


use MPEG::Audio::Frame;

open FILE,"file.mp3";

while(my $frame = MPEG::Audio::Frame->read(*FILE)){
print $frame->offset(), ": ", $frame->bitrate(), "Kbps… 

Audio::TagLib::ByteVector 1.42 by Dongxu Ma

Audio::TagLib::ByteVector is a byte vector.


use Audio::TagLib::ByteVector;

my $i = Audio::TagLib::ByteVector->new();
$i->setData("blah blah blah");
print $i->data(), "n"; # got "blah blah blah"

This class provides a byte vector with some methods that are useful for t… 

FFmpeg::Stream::Audio 0.03 by Allen Day

FFmpeg::Stream::Audio is an audio stream from a (multi)media stream group.


$ff = FFmpeg->new(); #see FFmpeg
$sg = $ff->create_streamgroup(); #see FFmpeg
$st = ($sg->streams())[0]; #this is a FFmpeg::Stream

Objects of this class are not intended to… 



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