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DYS Backup 0.1 by the_g0d

DYS Backup is just a small script to backup your system.

You can ajust it to your needs as you like. It is made for me, but you are free to use it in the terms of the GNU General Public License.… 

Simple Backup 1.0 by Patrick van Zweden

Simple Backup is a shell script to create basic backups using tar, grep, sed, and bash.

Simple Backup works by using a file that contains the folders to be backed up and a file that contains expressions to exclude certain folders/files.

Usage: < backuplist > < excludelist >

Free t… 

DVD BacKup Express 5 by DVD BacKup Express Team

DVD BacKup Express is a small Kommander Script to create a GUI for dvdbackup.

I made it because it can be run on any platform with kommander installed and dvdbackup available (which may be more platforms than kdvdbackup or other binary frontends are available for)

There is a lot of room for impro… 

DVD Backup 0.4.0 by Silvercoders

DVD Backup is an unix shell script providing functionality for backuping files and databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL) on DVD discs.

DVD Backup supports multisession and incremental backups. Mail notification is also supported.

What's New in This Release:
This release sends email notifications usi… 

fsbackup 1.2 by Maxim Chirkov is a incremental backup creation utility. support backup compression and encryption. Backup can be stored on local file system and on remote host stored over SSH or FTP.

Some addition scripts allow backups SQL tables from PostgreSQL and MySQL ( and mysql_bac… 

BackPack 2.0.20060813 by Rodney Gordon II

BackPack is a little script that performs a selective backup of selected directories and Debian package configurations. BackPack can regularly add support for more backup options such as MySQL, GPG encryption, etc.

What's New in This Release:
Backpack now supports selective backup encoding opt… 

Backup.remote 1.0 by Dan Stromberg

Backup.remote is a suite of programs for backing up a single host remotely via SSH, remotely via SRB, locally disk to disk, or locally or remotely via rsync.

Other methods may be added in the future.

Backup.remote has no command line options at this time; to customize its behavior, edit the sc… 

Keep 0.4.0 by Jean-Remy Falleri

Keep is a backup system for KDE. Keep behavior is quite simple: you choose the files you want to backup, you set up the frequency and the number of backup you want to have, and then Keep will backup them automatically.

In order to compile Keep you need to have unsermake.


The s… 

MySQL BackUp 1.0 by Ren? Baran

MySQL BackUp is UI developed by Kommander (under Aurox Linux). It works with mysqldump (backup) and mysql (restore) commands.

MySQL BackUp can easy backup and restore data from MySQL server. You can use it on local PC (localhost) and on server too (attention - rights!).


MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins 0.7 by Paul Kremer

MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins (mysqlblasy) is a Perl script for automating MySQL database backups. It uses "mysqldump" for dumping mysql databases to the files sytem. MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins program was written with automated usage in mind.

For example, it is silent during operation, an… 

c42 Backup Suite 0.2.0 by H.-Dirk Schmitt

c42 Backup Suite is a simple python program for maintaining a central backup in a small, but distributed environment with a central file share. Basically it is a wrapper around the tar backup facility.

Here are some key features of "c42 Backup Suite":
Common, simple configuration of backup task… 

aB Backup Tools 0.3 by

aB Backup Tools is a toolset for creating and maintaining backups and recoveries of important data on your system.

What's New in This Release:
memory leaks fixed,
options optimized,
some look changes.… 

Snap Backup 5.3 by Center Key Software

Snap Backup is The One-Click Backup Utility that makes it simple to protect your important work. Snap Backup is for individual computer users who need a simple and convenient way to backup their valuable files.

Protecting Your Data Should be Easy

How often do you backup? How much work would… 

bkup2cd 1.2.1 by Roland Smith

bkup2cd is a shell script that makes a backup to a ISO9660 image of all the files that have changed in the user's home directory over a specified time. This image can then be written to a new CD, or appended to an existing one.

Installing this shell-script and it's manual page works by unpacking… 

phpMyBackupPro 1.8 by phpMyBackupPro Team

phpMyBackupPro project is a Web-based MySQL backup program. You can schedule backups (without cron jobs), and download, email, or upload backups with FTP. File directories can also be backed up.

No compression, zip compression, or gzip compression of the backups is possible. HTTP or HTML authenti… 

Dirvish 1.2.1 by Keith Lofstrom

Dirvish project is a fast, disk based, rotating network backup system.

With dirvish you can maintain a set of complete images of your filesystems with unattended creation and expiration. A dirvish backup vault is like a time machine for your data.


Lazy Backup 0.0.10 by Daniel Johnson

Lazy Backup project is intended to be so easy even lazy people will do their backups.

Everyone is encouraged to make regular backups but how many of us actually do? Not only can it take a long time, but it can be complicated with a bunch of steps. Lazybackup is all about making it easy so that pe… 

DVD2HDD 0.2-10 by Amnon82

DVD2HDD is a GUI for tools to backup your DVDs in Linux. It is written in Gambas.

Here are some key features of "DVD2HDD":
detects DVD-Video-Discs
DVD drive speedup
DVD preview via xine
Backup the whole DVD on the fly
Backup the mainmovie on the fly
joins all vobs to one big vobfile

bakonf 0.5.1-1 by Iustin Pop

bakonf is a python script that creates a backup of all your configuration files, plus some extra informations about the system it runs on, to create a rescue archive. This archive can be used to recreate the system, in case of emergencies.

Its aim is to use various methods in order to reduce the… 

Bitcoop 0.3 by Philippe Marchesseault

Bitcoop is a peer to peer backup system that enables the storage of files on remote computers.

The size of files depends on the quantity you wish to share with the other peers. Bitcoop project is intended for server farms that wish to backup data among themselves.

Quick Howto:

To start the… 



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