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Test::Unit::GTestRunner 0.04 by Guido Flohr

Test::Unit::GTestRunner is a Unit testing framework helper class


use Test::Unit::GTestRunner;

Test::Unit::GTestRunner->new->start ($my_testcase_class);

Test::Unit::GTestRunner::main ($my_testcase_class);

If you just want to run a unit test (suite), try it like this:


Units of measurement for Ada 2.1 by Dmitry Kazakov

Units of measurement for Ada library provides an implementation of dimensioned values for Ada. Unit checks are made at run-time, if not optimized out by the compiler. SI and irregular measurement units are supported.

Shifted units like degrees Celsius are supported too. Conversions from and back… 

dimnum 1.16 by Kasper Peeters

dimnum is a C++ template library for dimensional numbers.

The dimnum C++ library provides templated classes for storage of dimensional numbers, like lengths, masses, and so on. The classes are templated over the storage data type, and the base unit.

Output as well as input (with automatic reco… 

Unit Circle 1.0.1 by Scott Robert Ladd

Unit Circle project shows the relationship between trigonometric and angles functions like sine and cosine. To do this, the program implements an interactive "unit circle" (radius = 1) diagram, where the user can click or drag to set angles and see how the values of trigonometric functions change ac… 

GUnit 0.5.2 by Peter Hagg

GUnit is a C unit test framework in the spirit of JUnit and XUnit. Unit is a C unit testing framework in the spirit of JUnit. The framework incorporates an easy to use GUI based on the Gnome libraries. Future GUI alternatives include Hildon support (


oaklib 1.0.2 by Vishal Kochhar

oaklib is a collection of many useful C++ libraries. The current version of oaklib includes OakUT, a C++ unit test framework.

What's New in This Release:
New ways to define the unit tests that makes it much easier and faster to add the unit tests (OAK_NEW_TEST/OAK_END_TEST macros).
Floating point… 

Shell::Base 0.05 by Darren Chamberlain

Shell::Base is a generic class to build line-oriented command interpreters.


package My::Shell;

use Shell::Base;
use base qw(Shell::Base);

sub do_greeting {
return "Hello!"

Shell::Base is a base class designed for building command line programs. It defines… 

PhpBase 0.01 Alpha by Bermi Ferrer

PhpBase is a set of Open Source PHP classes and functions aimed to help developers submitting their data to Google Base.

The main purpose for a tool like this is the need to keep data submissions accurate and avoid common errors that might occur when submitting to standard schemes recommended by… 

MP3::Find::Base 0.06 by Peter Eichman

MP3::Find::Base is a base class for MP3::Find backends.


package MyFinder;
use base 'MP3::Find::Base';

sub search {
my $self = shift;
my ($query, $dirs, $sort, $options) = @_;

# do something to find and sort the mp3s...

C++ base 1.0 by Bjoern Lemke

C++ base is a base class suite contains several powerful c++ base classes for basic encapsulation of low level operating system calls and basic library functions.

Further packages you may access from this page require the installation of this base package

To build the base lib… 

gonvert 0.2.14 by Anthony Tekatch

gonvert is a unit conversion utility quickviews of all untits.

gonvert is a conversion utility that allows conversion between many units like CGS, Ancient, Imperial with many categories like length, mass, numbers, etc. All units converted values shown at once as you type. Easy to add/change your… 

fid-listbuffer 0.1.3 by Jon Cast

fid-listbuffer is a buffer implementation for the Frigand Imperial Desktop. Fid buffers are typically mutable monoids over particular unit types; the exact unit type and the equations satisfied by the monoid determine the particular buffer type.

This package defines a parametric buffer type for the… 

GStreamer Base Plug-ins 0.10.11 by Wim Taymans

GStreamer Base Plug-ins is a well-groomed and well-maintained collection of GStreamer plug-ins and elements, spanning the range of possible types of elements one would want to write for GStreamer.

GStreamer Base Plug-ins also contains helper libraries and base classes useful for writing elements.… 

Eunit 1.1 by Mickael Remond

Eunit project is an Erlang test suite tool, inspired by agile development ideas.


Launch example unit test with:

erl -config sys.config

and then

eunit:run([eunit_examples], {suffix, "_test"}).

What's New in This Release:
This release is a complete rewrite.
Writing unit te… 

TestOOB 1.13 by Ori Peleg

TestOOB is an advanced unit testing framework for Python. TestOOB integrates effortlessly with existing PyUnit (module ‘unittest’) test suites.

Python 2.2 or higher
ElementTree for XML output.
ElementTree and 4Suite for HTML output.

What's New in This Release:

GTestRunner 0.04 by Guido Flohr

GTestRunner is a Gtk+ based testrunner module for Perl, inspired by JUnit, but with a slightly different user interface and functionality.

If you were not satisfied with the Tk based graphical frontend that ships with Test-Unit, then GTestRunner is probably the tool of choice when you want to do… 

Translate 0.9 by David Fraser

Translate is a toolkit to convert between various different translation formats (such as gettext-based .po formats, formats, and Mozilla formats).

This makes it possible to stay in one format across all your localisation. Tools to help process and validate localizations, etc.


rubyzip 0.9.1 by Thomas Sondergaard

rubyzip is a Ruby module for reading and writing zip files.


If you have rubygems you can install rubyzip directly from the gem repository

gem install rubyzip

Otherwise obtain the source (see below) and run

ruby install.rb

To run the unit tests you need to have test::u… 

wyoFiler 0.7.2 by Otto Wyss

wyoFiler shows all directories and files of a base directory in one tree window. Directories and files can be selected and manipulated across the whole hierarchy, from the base directory all the way down to the lowest level.

Selected items may be in different directories on different levels. The… 

Curses::UI::Widget 0.95 by Maurice Makaay

Curses::UI::Widget is a base class for all widgets.


Curses::UI::Widget - base class


This class is not used directly by somebody who is building an application using Curses::UI. It's a base class that is expanded by the Curses::UI widgets. See WIDGET STRUCTURE be… 



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