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Java DIME Library 1.0.3 by Justin Chapweske

Java DIME Library project implements Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME), which is a lightweight binary encapsulation format that can be used to encapsulate multiple payloads of arbitrary types and sizes into a single message.

DIME is ideal for incorporating binary attachments into any… 

tpl 1.0 by Troy Hanson

Tpl is a binary data interchange format and C API.

C programs can use tpl to store or load serialized images of structured C data. The data is stored in its native binary format. The data can consist of the basic C types, binary buffers and strings, and aggregations and arrays. The serialized ima… 

whohas 0.15 by Philipp Wesche

whohas is a command line tool that allows querying several package lists at once - currently supported are Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware (and, Source Mage, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Fink and DarwinPorts.

whohas is written in Perl and was designed to help package maint… 

Tree::Binary 0.07 by Stevan Little

Tree::Binary is a Object Oriented Binary Tree for Perl.


use Tree::Binary;

# a tree representaion of the expression:
# ((2 + 2) * (4 + 5))
my $btree = Tree::Binary->new("*")

fs-check 0.7 by Rocky Bernstein

fs-check program checks filesystem sizes to see if they are getting too full. It uses a configuration file that specifies the filesystems to check, email contacts, trigger thresholds (percentage or amount used/unused), and a report program to run.

Also included in the package is such a sample repor… 

Parse::Binary::FixedFormat 0.10 by Autrijus Tang

Parse::Binary::FixedFormat is a Perl module to convert between fixed-length fields and hashes.


use Parse::Binary::FixedFormat;

my $tarhdr =
new Parse::Binary::FixedFormat [ qw(name:a100 mode:a8 uid:a8 gid:a8 size:a12
mtime:a12 chksum:a… 

TreeSize for Unix 0.52 by Marcos Diez

TreeSize for Unix is a disk consumption analyzing tool, which sorts folders according to their physical occupied sizes.

The perfect tool to help you obtaining more disk free space, on your hard drive, usb pen drive or even on network folders (provided that they are mounted and you have access to… 

Convert::Binary::C 0.64 by Marcus Holland-Moritz

Convert::Binary::C is a Binary Data Conversion using C Types.


use Convert::Binary::C;

# Create a new object and parse embedded code
my $c = Convert::Binary::C->new->… 

GIMP circle brushes 1.0 by Paul Sherman

GIMP circle brushes provides circle brushes for use as "rubber stamps" in the GIMP.

GIMP circle brushes can be used with one click instead of creating outline circles by making a circle, filling with black, shrinking, and filling with white.

The following pixel sizes are provided: 6, 12, 15,… 

binary-clock 0.5 by Magnus P?lsson

A fully portable tiny app outputting the current time to STDOUT, in a format similar to that of the binary LED-clock available from ThinkGeek. Output needs a fixed-width font to behave properly.

The app is suitable for either plain use directly from the console, or inclusion in passthrough script… 

Duper 20041213 by pajp

Duper scans directories for identical files, allows you to easily locate and delete duplicates wasting hard disk space. The philosophy behind Duper is to be fast, free and small.

Duper first scans all file sizes. If any two file sizes are identical, an MD5 sum is computed for each file and then u… 

LCD-Linux 0.11.0 by Mattia Jona

LCD-Linux is a Linux software abstraction layer to drive LCD alphanumeric displays. It is freely inspired by the Linux tty layer and aims to be as much general and flexible as possible. Drivers for specific LCD controllers can be easily written.

Supported controllers: HD44780

HD44780 driver fe… 

Trim 1.0 by Jem Berkes

Trim project removes a number of lines from the beginning of a file.

Utility used to monitor and control the sizes of (log) files. Examines a text file to see if its length has exceeded a certain limit; if it has, Trim removes a certain number of lines from the beginning of the file. Ideal for us… 

di 4.9 by Brad Lanam

di Displays usage information on mounted filesystems. Block values are reported in megabytes (1024k bytes) by default, but may be changed. If file is specified, the usage infor-mation for the partition on which file is located is printed.

Unless the -a flag is specified, certain moun… 

Parse::Binary::FixedFormat::Variants 0.10 by Autrijus Tang

Parse::Binary::FixedFormat::Variants is a Perl module to convert between variant records and hashes.

Parse::Binary::FixedFormat supports variant record formats. To describe a variant structure, pass a hash reference containing the following elements to new. The object returned to handle variant r… 

mmix 0.2 by Tino Reichardt

mmix is a program for changing the mixer settings of your soundcard(s).

Instructions for installing mmix:
1. Possibly, edit the Makefile (compilertuning etc)
vi Makefile
2. Read the comments in params.h, and edit the #define's for your needs:
vi params.h
3. Build it:
4. Install the bi… 

GNOME Iconset Builder 0.2 by Tomislav Markovski

GIB (GNOME Iconset Builder) allows you to create icon themes for GNOME with ease. No more manual copy/resize/move/convert/rename actions. GIB automatically does this for you and organizes the icons in a GNOME compliant theme.

It is suitable for rapidly generating icon themes from existing (non-th… 

cg binary downloader 0.4 by NiH

cg is a semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloader. It assembles parts based on subject headers and then offers them in an editor for the user to choose which files he really wants.

cg is a automatic binary newsgroups downloader. It assembles parts based on subject headers and then offers them i… 

BNR 0.14.7 by Patrick Mikael Aalto

BNR is a news reader software specifically tailored for binary articles. BNR downloads and decodes binary articles and saves them on your hard drive to the directory of your choice.BNR can download and decode only binary articles and can save them to the hard drive.. BNR can also download text arti… 

GSTP 0.5 by Alexander Hav?ng

GSTP is a binary file transfer protocol that focuses on security and anonymity. It tries to do right, where FTP does wrong, especially when it comes to firewall and user/password security.

To build, use ./configure, make and make install.
Server binary is server/gstp-server. Uses server/gstp.con… 



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