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Search::Tools::XML 0.01 by Peter Karman

Search::Tools::XML are methods for playing nice with XML and HTML.


use Search::Tools::XML;

my $class = 'Search::Tools::XML';

my $text = 'the "quick brown" fox';

my $xml = $class->start_tag('foo');

$xml .= $class->utf8_safe( $text );

$xml .= $class->end_tag('f… 

Mathemagics 1.1 by Jason Katz-Brown

KDE Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) scientific calculator (includes helpful documentation, use it)… 

xv.php 0.0.2 by Gavin Brown

xv.php provides a simple way of checking the validity of XML or XHTML documents generated by PHP.

It uses output buffering to capture your PHP script's output, and an XML parser to check it for well-formedness.

It can be configured to display any errors it finds, as well as a document listing,… 

Search::Tools::Keywords 0.06 by Peter Karman

Search::Tools::Keywords is a Perl module to extract keywords from a search query.


use Search::Tools::Keywords;
use Search::Tools::RegExp;

my $query = 'the quick fox color:brown and "lazy dog" not jumped';

my $kw = Search::Tools::Keywords->new(

Quackle 0.94 by Jason Katz-Brown, John O'Laughlin, John Fultz and

Quackle is the 'amazing' and 'friendly' computer program providing the estimated win percentages and expert analysis in ESPN's coverage of the United States Scrabble Open.

The hourlong show airs today at 6:00 PM EST. You too can harness Quackle's power to improve your str… 

PhpWiki 1.3.12p3 by Steve Wainstead

PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP. A Wiki is a Web site where anyone can edit or create the pages through the Web browser, with no authentication.

PhpWiki works right out of the box with zero configuration, and comes with a set of default pages.

PhpWiki is useful for collaborating… 

Storable.php 0.0.4 by Gavin Brown

Storable.php is a PHP implementation of the Storable Perl module created by Raphael Manfredi.

In addition to the basic features supplied by the original Perl module, Storable.php also includes support for compression (using zlib) and encryption (using mcrypt).… 

Ruport 0.6.1 by Greg Brown

Ruport aka RubyReport is a pure Ruby report generation and formatting system.

It aims to prevent you from ever having to fight with the low level tasks of parsing data from various sources.

If you'd like to build professional grade custom reports quickly and easily, Ruport is the system for… 

gtk-theme-prefs 0.0.1 by Gavin Brown

gtk-theme-prefs is a GTK+ theme manager, written using Gtk2-Perl. There are already a number of pure GTK+ theme managers.

This one differs from the others in that it fairly closely follows the GNOME HIG, and uses Glade.… 

Ultimate Guitar 0.0.3 by Jesus Serrano

Ultimate Guitar is an amaroK script which search guitar tabs in It shows the results within a browser (default: Konqueror).


What's New in This Release:
Little bug (conflicts with space character) fixed by Cerion Armour-Brown… 

Greenwich 0.8.1 by Gavin Brown

Greenwich is a graphical whois client for GNOME. It transparently handles almost all gTLDs, first- and second-level ccTLDs and whois servers run by private domain registries (like CentralNic). It can also do lookups against IP addresses.

Greenwich requires the Gtk2-Perl libraries, including Gnome… 

QuickNote for Thunderbird by Jed Brown

QuickNote is a note taking extension for Thunderbird with advanced features.

QuickNote is a note taking-like extension slightly modeled after 'Post-It' ,'Sticky', and the "Quick Notepad" plugin for jedit.

Here are some key features of "QuickNote":
up to 4 tabs for notes
user d… 

Darpwatch 1.1 by Matt Brown

Darpwatch is a solution for monitoring ethernet activity across many different ethernet networks. Darpwatch is based on the original arpwatch source from UCB.

Here are some key features of "Darpwatch":
Modular alert handling - write your own alert handler
Based on original arpwatch… 

GKrellM Volume 2.1.13 by Sjoerd Simons

GKrellM Volume is a plugin which controls the sound mixer device of your choice.

The plugin will run if you have at least version 2.0.1 of gtk and version 2.0 of gkrellm

Compile with:
make enable_alsa=1
The plugin will prefer alsa and fall back to oss when there is no alsa support.


RankQuest SEO Toolbar 2.5 by Vincent Brown

RankQuest SEO Toolbar is a Firefox extension which provides access to SEO tools.

Rankquest SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Toolbar provides you quick access to more than 30 intuitive SEO tools.

Once you download and install the SEO Toolbar you are only one or two clicks away from carrying out… 

Atomsphere by Bill Brown

Atomsphere is a Java library for creating and modifying Atom 1.0 compliant feed documents. Atomsphere is also bundled with a servlet-based Web interface for front-end manipulation of atom feeds.

jdk 1.4.2 and 1.5
Tomcat 5.0.28 and 5.5

needed for using the library


Translator 0.1.0 by Gavin Brown

Translator is a simple front-end to AltaVista's excellent Babelfish. It is designed to integrate into the GNOME desktop, and as such features an (almost) HIG compliant interface, and support for GNOME's HTTP proxy settings.

You will need to install a few Perl modules to use it - namely the Gtk2-P… 

Convulsion 0.0.5 by Gavin Brown

Convulsion is a drop-in CVS repository browser for PHP. It makes use of the libraries developed for the Chora module of the Horde project, but does not require that Horde be installed and working to be used.

You can browse directories and files, view a file's revision history, compare two version… 

mod_log_spread 1.0.4 by George Schlossnagle

mod_log_spread is a patch to mod_log_config to allow logging to multicast groups. It utilizes the group communication toolkit Spread, developed at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Networking and Distributed Systems.

mod_log_spread was developed to solve the problem of collecting consolidate… 

Siren 0.03 by Gavin Brown

Siren is a music player for GNOME with an extremely minimalist interface. It is written in Perl and uses the GTK2-Perl libraries, and GStreamer.

You will need to install the GStreamer bindings for Perl in order to use Siren. These libraries in turn require the unstable 1.09x versi… 



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