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Module::Install::Deprecated 0.64 by Adam Kennedy

Module::Install::Deprecated are warnings and help for deprecated commands.

One of the nicest features of Module::Install is that as it improves, there is no need to take into account user compatibility, because users do not need to install Module::Install itself.

As a result, the Module::Insta… 

Module::Build::Authoring 0.2805 by Ken Williams

Module::Build::Authoring are authoring Module::Build modules.

When creating a Build.PL script for a module, something like the following code will typically be used:

use Module::Build;
my $build = Module::Build->new
module_name => 'Foo::Bar',
license => 'perl',

Module::Build::TestReporter 1.00 by chromatic

Module::Build::TestReporter is a Perl module to help users report test failures.


use Module::Build::TestReporter;
my $build = Module::Build::TestReporter->new(
# normal Module::Build code here

# or, in your own M::B subclass

package My::Module::Build;


Module::Build::JSAN 0.01 by David Wheeler

Module::Build::JSAN is a Perl module to build JavaScript modules for JSAN.


use Module::Build::JSAN;

my $build = Module::Build::JSAN->new(
module_name => 'Foo-Bar',
license => 'perl',
dist_author => 'Joe Developer ',
dist_abstract => 'Sa… 

NMP 0.4 by Gael Gence

NMP is a music module player. It is able to play 18 module formats. NMP is a graphic mode player and uses the Allegro library for the user interface, and the mikmod library as sound playing engine.

Here are some key features of "NMP":
16/8 bit
Reverse stereo

pydiction 0.5 by Ryan Kulla

pydiction is a special dictionary file of Python modules for use with vim's completion feature. is a program that generates the pydiction file and you can use it to add your
project's own modules to it.

When you supply a module name to it will generate the modules cont… 

BaseballNuke 1.0 by Shawn Grimes

BaseballNuke is a module for PHP-Nuke that allows for the administration of a baseball team. BaseballNuke module gives managers of baseball teams a module for the PHP-Nuke CMS to manage their team's roster, stats, and schedules.

The module simplifies team administration and communication to fans.… 

MP Module Player 0.6 by Gael Gence

MP is a module player for Linux. It is able to play 18 module formats (such as mod, xm, s3m, and it).

MP is actually a single executable file (mp).

To install MP on your system, just type 'make' and wait for the compilation process to end. Once compiled, you may test MP by typing './mp '. If i… 

mod_put 1.0 by Lyonel VINCENT

mod_put Apache module implements the HTTP/1.1 PUT and DELETE methods. Please notice that it can be a big security hole to activate them without securing the web server.


Integration with Apache 1.3.x - compiling and linking

To link mod_put into Apache (recommended for best per… 

DNSMasq Webmin Module 0.9 by Neil Fisher

DNSMasq Webmin Module is a Webmin module to allow configuration of DNSMasq, a DNS proxy and DHCP server.


What's New in This Release:
Please note that I do not have any more time to devote to this project. It is now officially orphaned. Anyone want to adopt it?… 

Gimp::Module 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Module can run scripts embedded into the Gimp program.


not anything you would expect - and not documented, even!


NzbFParser 0.5 by Ruben Fonseca

nzbfparser project stands for NZB File Parser.

nzbfparser is a program that uses XML::DOM Module to parse a nzb file allowing users to remove specific parts of the file.

nzbfparser is written in Perl and uses GTK+ as Graphical Toolkit.

Gtk2 perl module

Python lambda calculus module 1.0 by Erik Max Francis

Python lambda calculus module project is a simple but full-featured module for exploring lambda calculus.

It understands the different types of lambda expressions, can extract lists of variables (both free and bound) and subterms, and can simplify complicated expressions by means of application.… 

pam_pwcheck 3.0 by Thorsten Kukuk

The pam_pwcheck is a PAM module for password strength checking. It makes additional checks upon password changes, but it doesn't make the change itself. It only provides functionality for one PAM management group: password changing.

This module works in the following manner: if enabled it calls a… 

Module::Install 0.64 by Brian Ingerson, Audrey Tang and Adam Kennedy

Module::Install is a standalone, extensible Perl module installer.


In your Makefile.PL: (Recommended Usage)
# Load the Module::Install bundled in ./inc/
use inc::Module::Install;

# Define metadata
name 'Your-Module';
all_from 'lib/Your/… 

Module::Build 0.2805 by Ken Williams

Module::Build is a Perl module for build and install Perl modules.


Standard process for building & installing modules:
perl Build.PL
./Build test
./Build install
Or, if you're on a platform (like DOS or Windows) that doesn't require the "./" notation, you can do t… 

mod_auth_ora8 2.0 by Ben Reser

mod_auth_ora8 is an Oracle Authentication Module.

I wrote this module because currently there is no module to do this. You can do it with mod_perl and the DBI interfaces therein. However, copiling in a copy of Perl seems like a bit of an overkill just for a simple authentication routine such as… 

Apache Intrusion Detection Module 1.0 by Burak DAYIOGLU

Apache Intrusion Detection Module is a simple tool to find out intrusion attempts by examining the client requests in real time.

This is a simple attempt to build an Intrusion Detection Module for Apache. It is being run at two different sites successfully but there is a performance penalty as th… 

Webmin OpenVpn Admin Module 2.0 by Marco Colombo

Webmin OpenVpm Admin Module allows you to create static or CA-based VPNs through a Web interface.

Webmin is a valid web-based instrument for Linux/Unix system administrator. OpenVPN allows to create and manage VPN supplying wide possibilities of configuration.

Their union, with also the pressi… 

pam_ccreds 0.1 by PADL Software Pty Ltd

pam_ccreds is a PAM module that provides the means for Linux workstations to locally authenticate using an enterprise identity when the network is unavailable.

Used in conjunction with the nss_updatedb utility, it provides a mechanism for disconnected use of network directories.

They are desig… 



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