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Kumula Cases 0.1 by Kumula Team

Kumula Cases is a case management software for lawyers (similar to programs like Amicus Attorney or RA-Micro), based upon the Kumula package. It was part of my diploma thesis and consists of multiple parts:


The main application for handling the case files. It shows active and closed ca… 

JTestCase 4.0.0 by JTestCase Project Team

JTestCase is a 100% pure Java, open-source framework that helps in separating test case data from test case units.

Although the following examples show JTestCase used together with junit, please note that JTestCase has no dependence on junit itself.

A moderately complex java projects may compr… 

MonoUML 0.1a by Mario Carri?n

MonoUML is a CASE tool based on the mono Framework.

Designed for allowing to all UNIX/Linux developers faster computer systems design using a friendly GUI application.

Not only a diagramming tool but rather a complete CASE tool based on the OMG standars and fully compatible with propietary too… 

Devel::Tokenizer::C 0.05 by Marcus Holland-Moritz

Devel::Tokenizer::C is a Perl module that can generate C source for fast keyword tokenizer.


use Devel::Tokenizer::C;

$t = new Devel::Tokenizer::C TokenFunc => sub { "return U$_[0];n" };

$t->add_tokens(qw( bar baz ))->add_tokens(['for']);
$t->add_tokens([qw( foo )],… 

Single Marker Association 2.0 by Thomas Mailund

Single Marker Association is a simple tool that calculates the single marker association between individual SNP markers and a case/control dichotomy.


The tool reads two files as input, the first is a set of case and the second a case of control haplotypes. The format of the files is one… 

Legal Case Management System 0.7.2 by Internet Rights Bulgaria Foundation

Legal Case Management System is a software aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centres in order to make better follow-ups of their cases, including client consultations and court events.

Integration into your office's activities

The software can be installed either on one computer or… 

Prima::image-load 1.20 by Dmitry Karasik

Prima::image-load is a Perl module using image subsystem.

Simple loading

Simplest case, loading a single image would look like:

my $x = Prima::Image-> load( 'filename.duf');
die "$@" unless $x;

Image functions can work being either invoked from package, or from existing… 

utf8proc 1.0.1 by FlexiGuided GmbH

utf8proc is a library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings. Unicode normalization, mapping of new line functions (NLF) to standard paragraph and line separators, stripping of default ignorable characters, and case folding are supported.

utf8proc library can be used in C programs, but most… 

LinuxCase 0.9 by Peter Zatschker

LinuxCase project is an Case Management Software for Linux. You can Document social cases. It is possible to add delete or edit Users, add delete or edit Projects from Madates. You can make reports and add them to a Mandate.

The Software uses a Mysql-Database to store the Informations. The Softw… 

Encode::RAD50 0.002 by Thomas R. Wyant

Encode::RAD50 is a Perl module that can convert to and from the Rad50 character set.


use Encode;
use Encode::RAD50; # Sorry about this.
$rad50 = encode ('RAD50', 'FOO');
$ascii = decode ('rad50', pack 'n', 10215);
binmode STDOUT, ':encoding(rad50)'; # Perverse, but it works.

Convert::Morse 0.04 by Convert::Morse Team

Convert::Morse is a package to convert between ASCII text and MORSE alphabet.


use Convert::Morse qw(as_ascii as_morse is_morsable);

print as_ascii('.... . .-.. .-.. --- -- --- .-. ... .'),"n";
# 'Helo Morse'
print as_m… 

Legal Case Management 0.6.3 by Mathieu Lutfy

The legal case management (LCM) system is a software aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centres in order to make better follow-ups of their cases, including client consultations and court events (see also: software overview).

Here are some key features of "Legal Case Management":

STuNT 1.1.4 by Space Hellas

STuNT is a ticketing system, custom made to cover the needs of Space Hellas. STuNT is a web based application, build with simplicity and ease of use in mind. STuNT was designed to facilitate the work of support technicians and customers' technicians while avoiding to add another layer of bureaucracy… 

The Plastic File System 1.9 by Peter Miller

The Plastic File System is an LD_PRELOAD module for manipulating what the file system looks like for programs. This allows virtual file systems to exist in user space, without kernel hacks or modules.

PlasticFS includes the following file systems:


The chroot filter may be used to sim… 

CaseRePort 0.5 by Andrew Skiba

CaseRePort is a tool that might help you to find places in your program where you reference files in a bad case. CaseRePort rarely causes problems on MS Windows, but needs to be fixed if you port your program to case-sensitive OS.

Filenames are hardcoded not only in source code (C, or Java, or wh… 

nodoze 2.0 by Mike Babulic

nodoze is a Perl script to repair websites built with MS Windows so that they will work properly on a UNIX server.

It changes all file and directory names, and all relative URLS in the html, to lower case, and it changes all .htm extensions to .html.

When websites are built on on computers run… 

KMines 2.1.5 by Nicolas Hadacek

KMines is an adaptation of the classic Minesweeper game.

You must uncover all the empty cases without blowing on a mine. When you uncover a case, a number appears : it indicates how many mines surround this case.

If there is no number the neighbour cases are automatically uncovered. In your pr… 

SystemXInfo 1.1 by EazyVG

SystemXInfo is a Karamba theme, and requires superkaramba 0.37+. SystemXInfo displays:

- Kernel and KDE versions
- CPU Model + Clock (Mhz)
- CPU Performance Graph
- CPU & Case Temperature
- Ethernet Connection Statistcs
- WiFi Connection Statistics
- RAM & Swap Usage
- 3 Partitions Usage

Visual Paradigm for UML Modeler Edition 6.0 by Visual Paradigm International Ltd.

Visual Paradigm for UML is a powerful, easy-to-use UML modelling and CASE tool. Visual Paradigm for UML Modeler Edition lets you draw all types of UML diagrams, reverse source code to UML models, generate source code from UML diagrams, and much more.

It features the latest UML support (use case d… 

ArgoUML 0.20 by Jason Robbins

ArgoUML is a pure Java open source UML CASE tool that provides cognitive support for object-oriented design.

ArgoUML provides some of the same editing and code generation features of a commercial CASE tool, but it focuses on features that enhance usability and support the cognitive needs of desig… 



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