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GTK Berlin clock 0.1 by Sascha Wilde

GTK Berlin clock is a small, nice base5 clock.

The GTK Berlin Clock displays the time in an unusual way (in base5).

It's writen as a Perl-script using the Gtk-Perl module.

The only special thing about it is the way it shows the time: the window consists of five rows, displaying each a… 

Fuzzy Clock 0.3 by Christoph Neuroth

Fuzzy Clock is a Python class and command line utility to generate "fuzzy clock" output.

Example for 2005/06/29 09:57:
% fuzzyclock
five to ten
% fuzzyclock -f 2
ten o'clock
% fuzzyclock -f 3
Almost noon
% fuzzyclock -f 4
Middle of week

What's New in This Release:
The release fixes a… 

Chess Clock 0.1 by Ian McIntosh

Chess Clock is a program that uses your screen and keyboard as a chess clock.

Here are some key features of "Chess Clock":
Set different times for each player.
Players hit any key on their side of the keyboard to end their turn.
Optional: Add time to a player's clock after a move (Bobby Fis… 

Simple Alarm Clock 0.5 by tardigrade

Simple Alarm Clock is a simple alarm clock SuperKaramba theme. I made this because I couldn't find one. To set the alarm scroll up for minutes and down for hours. The clock is set to update every minute so that means it can be off by a minute.

Make sure to test your alarm command with the top but… 

XCclock 1.0 by js

XCclock is a small application which offers a nice clock and an alarm function.

Simply push the right mouse button above the clock and select something in the popup menu.

To run and build the Xclasses X11 layout library is required.

Usage of XCclock:

xclock [-q] [-m] [-t]

q : disab… 

GNOME Lunar Clock Applet 0.32.4 by Josh Buhl

GNOME Lunar Clock displays the current phase of the Moon as an applet for the gnome panel.

In addition, glunarclock also provides various astronomical data such as clock functions, rise and set times and current coordinates for the moon.

What's New in This Release:
added new and updated po… 

Beat Clock 1.0 by Thomas Cherry

Beat Clock is a simple internet Beat Clock.

Internet time or Beat time is a system developed by Swatch (the watch company) where you devide the day into 1000 beats and use these units to messure the passage of time.

All Beat clocks display the same time dispite local times zones. GMT+1 is used… 

tlhaq 1.1 by Two Brothers Software

tlhaq, The Klingon clock is a neat desktop utility designed to let you see the local time displayed in Klingon.

Klingon Clock is now ready for download for Linux. Be sure and visit soon as the Windows version is readied.

Klingon Clock is distributed as freeware.


binary-clock 0.5 by Magnus P?lsson

A fully portable tiny app outputting the current time to STDOUT, in a format similar to that of the binary LED-clock available from ThinkGeek. Output needs a fixed-width font to behave properly.

The app is suitable for either plain use directly from the console, or inclusion in passthrough script… 

dclock 2.1 by Timothy Edwards

dclock is a digital LED-style desktop clock.

dclock is an X11 desktop clock with a realistic LED-style display of the current time.

Its features include full configuration of the digit style, military time, alarm, hourly bell, formatted date display, fade-out and fade-in of numbers and anti-a… 

hsclock 0.01.0 by Jens-Ulrik Petersen

hsclock is a small, accurate, multi-zone GTK clock that can also run in a tty.

Currently configuration is solely by commandline options. hsclock uses GTK timeouts to synchronize with the system clock, making display updates accurate to within milliseconds.

The time output format can be set wi… 

wmBinClock 0.3 by Thomas Kuiper

wmBinClock shows the actual system time as binary clock. You have to add up the "bits" to get the time. The clock has a 24 hour format.


+ + + + + +… 

xonclock by Cyrill Gorcunov

xonclock is X on-screen analog clock displayer with assignable skins. The program was tested to work with WindowMaker and FluxBox, if you are planning to use xonclock with KDE, GNOME and others you should read manual pages of its window managers.

For example using xonclock with KDE 3.2.1 you'll n… 

HTTP Time Protocol 0.9.3 by Evervest

The HTTP Time Protocl (HTP) system is a set of utilities to set and maintain the system clock from the HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616) "Date:" header. HTP requires Libconfig.

The purpose of HTP is provide a simple to use system that can be used on any system that is connected to the internet and can access a… 

pclock 0.13.1 by Alexander Kourakos

pclock is the ultimate analog clock app, featuring customizable pixmaps. Any 64x64 pixmap may be used as a background, including tiles. Contributions of interesting backgrounds are welcome.

One current limitation is that the clock hands are drawn within the mask of the background XPM file.


JADC 1.0.007 by Nicola Asuni

JADC (Advanced Digital Clock) is both a digital clock and a time counter (countdown or countup display, to or from a particular time). JADC is free and Open Source.

JADC is browser-independent and highly-configurable Java applet, it could be easily customized with your own graphics and time forma… 

orbitclock 0.3 by Jeremy Weatherford

orbitclock displays a small circular representation of a clock in a pseudo-Star-Trek style.

Nifty little Star-Trek-ish clock display. Resizable, but some of the parameters in the code may need to be tweaked to make it look good at other sizes.

Feel free to play with the parameters at the top… 

MacSlow's Cairo-Clock 0.3.2 by Mirco M?ller

MacSlow's Cairo-Clock is an analog-clock using gtk+ and cairo depending on the X11 Composite-extension and a compositing-manager.

It's an analog clock displaying the system-time. "So what?", you might say, "There are about 1.023.493 of those already out there!". Indeed there are and probably som… 

LightSword Alarm Clock 0.85 by Mike Farrell

LightSword Alarm Clock reminds you of tasks through out the day.


Run, configure and make.

Make install will install the lsalarm binary to your system but the default sounds will not play!! To get around this, make sure that no matter where the lsalarm executable is located, i… 

Keeper 0.2 by Nicholas Jefferson

This is a PyKDE chess clock I made for personal use; maybe you'll enjoy it too.

It's my first KDE application and the code is a bit yucky in places... but I have other things to do and I don't have time to keep working on this.… 



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