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Code::Perl 0.03 by Fergal Daly

Code::Perl is a Perl module to produce Perl code from a tree.


use Code::Perl::Expr qw( :easy );

my $c = derefh(scal('hash'), calls('getkey'));

print $c->perl; # ($hash)->{getkey()}

Code::Perl allows you to build chunks of Perl code as a tree and then when you're finishe… 

Code Browser 1.0 (ZoomEdit) by Marc Kerbiquet

Code Browser is a Folding Text Editor.

ZoomEdit is an experimental, alternative version of Code Browser. It provides the same features but has a different navigation model. There is only one layout showing 3 animated pages.

This project is in part for fun and in part an attempt to work around… 

Pretty Code Web 1.00 by Mousesoft

Pretty Code Web is a syntax highlighter for publishing code, written in any programming language, to the web.

Written in php it uses syntax files separate from the main code to highlight a specified language.

Here are some key features of "Pretty Code Web":
Syntax highlighting for (potentially) a… 

Kbi 0.2 by Luis Marques

Kbi is a small aplication to organize source code into a database. It uses SQLite and PyGTK to save your code. Kbi project can export, delete, add and search quickly pieces of code.

GTK+ version 2.4.x


Go to the source

Snippeq 0.0.1 by tuxipuxi

Many programmers often write small test code or example code for themselves or for helping others, these small code pieces are named snippets.

Snippeq saves snippets in a MySql Database and provides functionality for searching, manipulating and exporting them. With the import/export function you… 

GIPSpin 0.1.4 by E Berta

GIPSpin is a graphical interface programming system which allows code to be visualized and which can generate threaded code.

The user constructs code segments using visual boxes. The program flow is represented as links between the boxes. Complex elements such as threader boxes are available to i… 

Flate library 1.4.3 by Fabien Menemenlis

Flate library is a template library used to deal with html code in CGI applications. The library includes C and Perl support. All html code is put in an external file (the template) and printed using the library functions: variables, zones (parts to be displayed or not) and tables (parts to be displ… 

phpCAMALEO 0.0.2 by

phpCAMALEO is a collection of useful and ready-to-use customizable code letting you to concentrate on contents, menu structure, graphic layout, SEO optimization and all you need to work at when creating a web site!

Why using phpCAMALEO?

Because time is money! To give you some clues about where… 

Convert::GeekCode 0.51 by Autrijus Tang

Convert::GeekCode is a Perl module that can convert and generate geek code sequences.


use Convert::GeekCode; # exports geek_decode()

my @out = geek_decode(q(
Version: 3.12
GB/C/CM/CS/CC/ED/H/IT/L/M/MU/P/SS/TW/AT d---x s+: a-- C… 

Scriptorium 1.6 by lovett

Scriptorium is a web-based code library. It's for programmers who need to organize, share, and archive the code they've written, regardless of what language or format that code is in.

For example, let's say you've just written a great function for your latest project that you just know you'll want… 

PHP Source Code Obfuscator 2006Jan22 by Mirko Kaiser

PHP Source Code Obfuscator is a small script designed to make source code unreadable.

It searches source code for variables and replaces them with less readable replacements. PHP Source Code Obfuscator is also capable of removing newline characters.


- If you try to replace the variabl… 

Parrot::OpTrans::C 0.4.5 by The Parrot Team

Parrot::OpTrans::C is a Perl module for Ops to C Code Generation.


Parrot::OpTrans::C inherits from Parrot::OpTrans to provide a function-based (slow or fast core) run loop.

Instance Methods




Returns an empty stri… 

Kefir PR3 by Yaakov Nemoy

Kefir is a code generator that writes wrapper code around Glade files.

Kefir takes glade files and writes a wrapper object for each window in Python, with methods corresponding to the given callbacks entered in glade. While it won't create a sane application model for you, it will make it very si… 

Resistor Color Code Calculator 1.0 by Theo van Niekerk

Resistor Color Code Calculator project calculates the value of a resistor (an electronic component).

The colors on the resistor are input into the program, and the result displays the resistance value of the resistor.

This is much easier than memorizing rhymes to remember colors.… 

Java checkstyle Tool 4.2 by Oliver Burn

Checkstyle is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. Java checkstyle Tool automates the process of checking Java code to spare humans of this boring (but important) task. This makes it ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard.


GOB 2.0.14 by Jiri (George) Lebl

GOB (GOB2 anyway) project is a preprocessor for making GObjects with inline C code so that generated files are not edited. Syntax is inspired by Java and Yacc or Lex. The implementation is intentionally kept simple, and no C actual code parsing is done.

Here are some key features of "GOB":
C is… 

phpCodeGenie 3.0.2 by Nilesh Dosooye

phpCodeGenie (PCG) is a code generator for database driven applications. PCG can generate entire working basic database driven applications for you. PCG can generate code from different databases.

The database servers it can talk to via ADODB are :- MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, Informi… 

Potbot 2 by Stephen Cross

Potbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It it intended for aditional code to be added to produce a custom bot to do a certain job. It's code is modular to allow for easy additions. The bot is fully functional as it is, without any code additions.

This bot is certainly not finished. It's very buggy… 

Perl Doxygen Filter 1.01 by Thomas Aeby

Doxygen Filter project is an input filter for Doxygen enabling support for Perl code documentation.

Of course, Perl developers are used to use POD rather than some other code documentation tools.

However, most developers actually are not restricted to using one single language. Instead of usin… 

SmartEiffel 2.2 RC3 by Dominique Colnet

SmartEiffel's goal is to produce an Eiffel compiler to allow developers to migrate from SmartEiffel 1.1 code to SmartEiffel 2.x code.

That means that "SmartEiffel 1.2 (transitional)" will be 100% compatible with SmartEiffel 1.1, but introducing some changes from the 2.x series, and issuing warnings… 



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