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AFS::Command::BOS 1.7 by AFS::Command::BOS Team

AFS::Command::BOS is a OO API to the AFS bos command.


use AFS::Command::BOS;

my $bos = AFS::Command::BOS->new();

my $bos = AFS::Command::BOS->new
command => $path_to_your_bos_binary,

my $bos = AFS::Command::BOS->new

AFS::Command::PTS 1.7 by AFS::Command Team

AFS::Command::PTS is a OO API to the AFS pts command.


use AFS::Command::PTS;

my $pts = AFS::Command::PTS->new();

my $pts = AFS::Command::PTS->new
command => $path_to_your_pts_binary,

my $pts = AFS::Command::PTS->new

AFS::Command::FS 1.7 by AFS::Command::FS Team

AFS::Command::FS is a OO API to the AFS fs command.


use AFS::Command::FS;

my $fs = AFS::Command::FS->new();

my $fs = AFS::Command::FS->new
command => $path_to_your_fs_binary,

This module implements an OO API wrapper arou… 

AFS::Command::VOS 1.7 by AFS::Command::VOS Team

AFS::Command::VOS is a OO API to the AFS vos command.

command => $path_to_your_vos_binary,

my $vos = AFS::Command::VOS->new
localauth => 1,
encrypt => 1,

This modul… 

Penguin Command 1.6.10 by Karl Bartel

Penguin Command is a clone of the classic "Missile Command" Game, but it has better graphics and music.

The gameplay has only been slightly modified. Penguin Command is free software licensed under the GPL.

What's New in This Release:
fixed a possible freeze in Help/Options menu… 

d command 5.3 by Dave Yost

The d command runs a command in the background and redirects its output to a file. The output file is annotated with start and end time, the actual command used, cwd, host, etc.

You can ask the d command to extract the last command from the output file and run it again, you can ask it to append t… 

Simultaneous Remote Command 0.1 by Tdj

Simultaneous Remote Command sends multiple commands to multiple servers simultaneously.

When you manage several server, you can want to run the same command on all the server (for security update for exemple).

I develop a small Python script to send command on a list of server. This script use… 

Command Executor 0.2 by Andras Georgy Bekes

Command Executor is an amaroK script which execute an internal command (e.g. stop playing) when reaches that entry. Sometimes it is useful to execute some external commands (e.g. shutdown) when playing reached a certain place (e.g. end of album).

This script does the job. If amaroK starts playing… 

MySmartCI 1.2.0 by MaaSTaaR

MySmartCI is a small and simple command interpreter which can be extended with Python modules.


The "" is the main programme , it's the interface for the user , and we have "" this file contant the list of command which MySmartCI support and the file… 

Gtk+ MySQL Command Center 0.2.6 by Didier Prolhac

Gtk+ MySQL Command Center is a GUI client for MySQL databases.

Gtk+ MySQL Command Center will help you to use your MySQL servers, do requests on them, manage their configuration (users, process, etc.), dump datas and structure and more.

You don't need GNOME to use it.

Here are some key fea… 

Remote Secure Command System 1.0 by Sebastien DIAZ

Remote Secure Command System project is a remote asynchronous and secure command system based on a file configuration.

A standalone server sends and receives commands through files, and a batch system launch ssh and scp commands.… 

GTK-Launch 1.1 by Pierric Descamps

GTK-Launch is a small GTK program launcher.

It's the equivalent of "Run Command" in KDE, GNOME, or Windows.

It features command history, and runs the command if valid (otherwise it lets the box stay there, waiting for a correction).

What's New in This Release:
the window now appears cente… 

gExec 0.3 by Ferry Boender

gExec is a small tool for running a command, featuring tabcompletion, run in terminal, run as root and a history.

gExec is a small GTK2 tool for running a command. It presents the user with a dialog in which they can enter the name of a command and toggle some options which influence the way the… 

nxt 4.1.0 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

nxt is one of Magic Hand command. Or one of one line shell script engine.

nxt is the fastest solution of file operation.

Example 1.

nxt .. g@foo.txt r@ n@bar.txt .[Enter]

1.nxt go to previous directory and execute ls command.
2.get file name of "foo.txt".
3.return to original directory… 

EB::Shell::DeLuxe 1.01.02 by Johan Vromans

EB::Shell::DeLuxe is a generic class to build line-oriented command interpreters.


package My::Shell;

use base qw(EB::Shell::DeLuxe);

sub do_greeting {
return "Hello!"

EB::Shell::DeLuxe is a base class designed for building command line programs. It inherits… 

libcli 1.8.5 by David Parrish

libcli is a Cisco-like telnet commandline library.

It provides a shared library for including a Cisco-like command-line interface into other software. It's a telnet interface which supports command-line editing, history, authentication and callbacks for a user-definable function tree.

libcli p… 

HJSPLIT 0.1 by newforyou

HJSPLIT is a GUI for lxsplit command.

About LX Split

Command-line file splitter/joiner for Linux. Freeware, open-source, GPL. Fully compatible with any HJSplit version!


DataMonster 0.99.6 by Darel Finkbeiner

DataMonster is a console based application for managing data for d20 D&D games. Goals include monster generation, xp calculator, game time/calendar and combat manager.

What's New in This Release:
The xp returned from the 'calc' command was backwards. That is now fixed.
NEW! 'xp' command. Us… 

Term::Shell 0.01 by Neil Watkiss

Term::Shell is a simple command-line shell framework.


package MyShell;
use base qw(Term::Shell);

sub run_command1 { print "command 1!n"; }
sub smry_command1 { "what does command1 do?" }
sub help_command1 {

Term::Shell lets you write simp… 

Herenow 0.6 by Jdfr

Herenow is a small utility based on the locate system. It combines commands and file types. You don't have to input the file's path, and you don't have to input the desired command.

You give a keyword or full file name, and it finds the file for you and executes the command specified in the confi… 



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