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gzLogger 0.1 by Dennis Rowe

gzLogger is a simple PHP5 library that allows the user to log information to compressed flat files with an approximate size defined by the user.

As the user adds data, the library compresses the data and writes it to flat files. When a file reaches a user defined size, the old log file is closed… 

compFUSEd 200623912 by Johan Parent

Since there are none right now for Linux [well there still is ext2comp, but ext2 is getting a bit old and the patches are NOT compatible with ext3] I wrote this thing. Thanks to FUSE and using compFUSEd you can have a compressed FS on top of any fancy 'must have' FS on Linux.

Simple? This fs is n… 

zlibc 0.9k by Alain

Zlibc is a read-only compressed file-system emulation. It allows executables to uncompress their data files on the fly. No kernel patch, no re-compilation of the executables and the libraries is needed.

Using gzip -9, a compression ratio of 1:3 can easily be achieved! (See examples below). This p… 

MassRip 0.7.3 by Alex Scott

A front end for converting Audio CD's to compressed formats.

The MassRip package is a set of tools for converting and maintaining Audio CD's in compressed audio formats like mp3 and ogg.

This includes massrip which converts CD's to the compressed formats using cddb for track and album informa… 


HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX is a "pile-up" KNOPPIX linux distribution. HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX downloads pieces of Root Filesystem from a HTTP server when the piece is requested, although normal KNOPPIX requires whole 700MB ISO image at first. The piece is "piled up" on your PC.

The first minimum parts of HTTP-F… 

LZO 2.01 by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer

LZO is a data compression library which is suitable for data de-/compression in real-time. This means it favours speed over compression ratio.

LZO is written in ANSI C. Both the source code and the compressed data format are designed to be portable across platforms.

Here are some key features… 

Ext2 compression extension 0.4.45 by Paul Whittaker

E2compr is a small patch against the ext2 filesystem that allows on-the-fly compression and decompression. It compresses only regular files; the administrative data (superblock, inodes, directory files etc.) are not compressed (mainly for safety reasons).

Access to compressed blocks is provided f… 

zisofs-tools 1.0.6 by H. Peter Anvin

The zisofs filesystem is an extension to the ISO9660 filesystem that allows files, on a file-by-file basis, to be stored compressed and decompressed in real time.

The zisofs filesystem is supported by recent versions of Linux (2.4.14 or later).

Legacy systems can still read uncompressed files.… 

MO3 2.2 by un4seen developments

MO3 is a file format, encapsulating the features of several "MOD" formats (IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD), but with one big difference - MP3 and OGG compressed samples. A lossless codec is also incorporated for any samples that don't like lossy encoding, and the whole file structure is compressed too.


Squashfs 3.1 by Phil Lougher

Squashfs project is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. Squashfs is intended for general read-only filesystem use, for archival use (i.e. in cases where a .tar.gz file may be used), and in constrained block device/memory systems (e.g. embedded systems) where low overhead is needed.

The f… 

NxServLiv 1.4.0 by Darodga

NxServLiv allow compressed remote X sessions using NoMachine's (X11 based) NX libraries. It is like an SSH terminal, but graphical.

It works on network connection types ranging from modem to LAN, with different compression ratios. It was originally developed for the Spanish distribution LiVux.… 

psArchive 0.1.2 by Valeriu Palos

psArchive is a PHP 5 extension designed to provide an easy to use interface for manipulating all the most common archive files used in Web projects at high speeds and workloads.

psArchive is especially designed for Web applications that need to understand, to produce, or even edit archives in ord… 

pkcrack 1.2.2 by Peter Conrad

pkcrack is an implementation of a known plaintext attack on password encrypted ZIP archives. For the attack to be successful you have to have at least 106 bytes of unencrypted compressed data from the given ZIP archive (the data must be compressed using the same compression method as the encrypted c… 

libarxx 0.7.1 by Hagen Mobius

libarxx is a C++ implementation for accessing ARX archives.

ARX archives are compressed and structured collections of data items with advanced features like data synchronization, references for external data items, and merging multiple archives.

What's New in This Release:
Minor fixes were m… 

murk 0.3 by alien-science

murk rsync friendly encryption that runs on the UNIX command line.

In terms of being efficient when transfering data with rsync, murk needs special conditions when using it.

Plain rsync is rsync on the uncompressed files mcrypt -p compresses a whole file with bzip2 and then encrypts it.


Compress::LZW 0.01 by Sean O'Rourke and Matt Howard

Compress::LZW is a pure perl implementation of LZW.


This module does not yet support compress(1)'s .Z files!! Nor is its interface stable. Hence the alpha status. Expect support to come soon.


Read above once more :)


use Compress::LZW;

my $compresse… 

k9copy 1.1.0 Beta 2 by Jean-Michel PETIT

K9Copy is a small utility which allows the copy of DVD on Linux. The DVD video stream is compressed by the program Vamps.

Copy without menus :

In this case, dvdauthor is used to create a new DVD structure. It is possible to choose the order in which the video sequences are played.

Copy wi… 

Zipper 1.1 by Dirk Olmes

Zipper is a tool for inspecting the contents of a compressed archive and for extracting.

I know that there's a GNUstep port of the famous OpenUp application but I must admit that for a living I have to use Windoze at work.

After a while I got quite used to Winzip's UI. Although I don't like so… 

BootRoot 0.4 by Jonathan Rosenbaum

BootRoot creates a boot disk with lilo, a kernel and an initrd image. The initrd script mounts another root disk with a compressed (gzip or bzip2) filesystem.

The root filesystem isn't made by this program, but there lots of compressed filesytems out there to use.

You can use a bzip2 compresse… 

libzip 0.7.1 by NiH

libzip library can read, create, and modify zip archives. Files can be added from data buffers, files, or compressed data copied directly from other zip archives.

Changes made without closing the archive can be reverted.

What's New in This Release:
A double-free in an error case in zip_close… 



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