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XML::Conf 0.04 by Jonas B. Nielsen

XML::Conf is a simple configuration module based on XML.


Here follows some examples as the tests are done.

use XML::Conf;
my $c = XML::Conf->new($filename);
$w = $c->FIRSTKEY();
$v = $c->NEXTKEY();

This is the description of the… 

CGI::Ex::Conf 2.06 by Paul Seamons

CGI::Ex::Conf is a Perl module with Conf Reader/Writer for many different data format types.


use CGI::Ex::Conf qw(conf_read conf_write);

my $hash = conf_read("/tmp/foo.yaml");

conf_write("/tmp/foo.yaml", {key1 => $val1, key2 => $val2});

### OOP interface


Unix::Conf::Bind8::Conf 0.3 by Karthik Krishnamurthy

Unix::Conf::Bind8::Conf is a front end for a suite of classes for manipulating a Bind8 style configuration file.


my ($conf, $obj, $ret);

$conf = Unix::Conf::Bind8->new_conf (
FILE => 'named.conf',
SECURE_OPEN => '/etc/named.conf',
) or… 

execline 1.06 by Ska

execline is a (non-interactive) scripting language, like sh ; but its syntax is quite different from a traditional shell syntax. The execlineb program is meant to be used as an interpreter for a text file; the other commands are essentially useful inside an execlineb script.

execline is now as po… 

Flagedit 0.0.7 by dams

Flagedit is a CLI USE flags and package keywords editor for Gentoo Linux. It lets you edit the USE flags of /etc/make.conf, as well as the /etc/portage/package.use file.

Flagedit project also allows you to easily edit /etc/portage/package.keywords.

Flagedit allows you to edit the use flags or… 

gentoo splash theme chooser 0.9 by MayC23

gentoo splash theme chooser is a gentoo application to choose a gensplash theme.

You can choose a theme and it it will make a symlink from this theme to default in /etc/splash.

After that it mounts /boot and does the following command:

splash_geninitramfs -v -g /boot/fbsplash -r resolution… 

Apt-Axel 0.1 by Apt-Axel - Default branch Section: Unix

Apt-Axel is a bash script that mix the power of apt with the acceleration of axel.

This use the apt-get to know what have to download and where is the package, get this with de axel software, put the package in /var/cache/apt/archives/ and then install it with apt-get.


1. copy… 

Logwatch 7.3.1 by Kirk Bauer

Logwatch project is a customizable log analysis system.

Logwatch parses through your system's logs for a given period of time and creates a report analyzing areas that you specify, in as much detail as you require.

Logwatch is easy to use and will work right out of the package on most systems.… 

Comanche 3.0b4 by Daniel Lopez

Comanche is a quality, cross-platform, GUI tool for configuration and management of open source software. Packages supported include the Apache Web server and Samba. It can be easily extended through plugins.

The default file being configured is conf/samba/smb.conf Change the value to /etc/… 

LCDTicker 0.2 by Albrecht Loh?fener

LCDTicker is a newsticker for LCDproc. It downloads news from an RSS newsserver and prints it on a display.

At the moment LCDTicker supports only the first line on a display, because I have a one line display.


extract the archive, type


and then

"make install" (m… 

IServerd 2.4.14 by Alexander V. Shutko

IServerd is an ICQ server for Unix.


First of all you'll need to install Postgres SQL server. After that you can begin IServer compilation.

tar xzvf ./IServerd-2.4.14.tar.gz
cd ./IServerd-2.4.14
cat COPYRIGHT | more
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make all
make install


Apache::MP3::Skin 0.91 by Robert Graff

Apache::MP3::Skin is a subclass of Apache::MP3::Playlist with the ability to "skin" the output using HTML::Template.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg .mp3 .MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3… 

Reby 0.7.4 by Pistos

Reby stands for: "Ruby-Eggdrop Bridge Yes-this-letter-has-no-meaning-in-the-acronym". Reby allows you to write scripts for eggdrop in Ruby.


To use Reby with your eggdrop:

1. Move the "reby*" files to some appropriate location such as /path/to/your/eggdrop/scripts/reby . At the least… 

mirmon 1.37 by Henk P. Penning

mirmon project monitors the state of mirrors.

Every hour the root site writes a fresh timestamp somewhere in the archive; mirror sites copy this timestamp when they update the mirror archive. Mirmon periodically retrieves these timestamps from the mirror sites. It generates a html report and a fl… 

Apache::MP3::Sorted 4.00 by Tim Ayers

Apache::MP3::Sorted is a Perl module to generate sorted streamable directories of MP3 files.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Sorted
PerlSetVar S… 

Apache::Audio::DB 0.01 by Todd Harris

Apache::Audio::DB is a Perl module that can generate a database of your tunes complete with searchable interface and nifty statistical analyses!


# httpd.conf or srm.conf AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3
# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script

SambaLink/Q 2.0.2 by Spanware, Inc.

SambaLink/Q is an application for editing the sometimes confusing and rather complex smb.conf file for Samba. SambaLink/Q 2.0.1 is Linux only and for Qt 3.

Here are some key features of "SambaLinkQ":
Qt 3 support
Warning if not starting as root.
Warning if not saving smb.conf to a directory… 

IControl 0.1.0 by William Gross

IControl is a software program meant to interpret signals from Creative's RM-900 remote control and accompanying IR LiveDrive! receiver unit.

IControl is currently capable of sending input to various programs (including XMMS, Xine, XawTV, XScreensaver, et al), as well as circulating window stacki… 

Java::SJ 0.01 by Nigel Rantor

Java::SJ is a highly configurable Java program startup system.



This module allows you to very easily run Java services that rely on complex configuration at the VM and library level. It also provides an easy way of specifying a sensible 'default' configuration tha… 

NAT Monitor 2.4 by Piero Filippin

NAT Monitor is a tool to monitor hosts bandwidth usage in a Linux-NAT network.

A daemon collects data and clients display them (currently a GTK app with graph and a text version). It detects new hosts, saves up to 12 hours of data, and has a nice summary statistic.

It needs l… 



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