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sftpup 5 by Meik Te?mer

sftpup is used for uploading files to ftp servers and keep them consistent to a local directory.

To use sftpup go follow these steps:

1. Create a directory for your work, e.g. www where all files will be stored. For example, if you create your websites via XML and XSLT, make 'www' the target f… 

asio C++ library 0.2.0 by Chris Kohlhoff

asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous I/O model using a modern C++ approach.

asio is released under the Boost Software License.

asio requires Boost version 1.33. There is no need to build any of the… 

DAXFi 0.1 by Davide Alberani

DAXFi is a Python package that helps configure several different kinds of firewalls in a consistent way.

The rules can be written in XML files, XML strings, or generated directly by the code.

It comes with a Python package, useful to build other applications aimed to manipulate different firew… 

Genuts 0.10b by Pierre Pintaric

Genuts project is a consistent Java framework for game development.

It contains a library with classes primarily intended for sprite-based games, including functions for sprite manipulation and collision detection.

Additionally, Genuts API will provide a level of abstraction for some of Java's… 

Libtool 1.5.22 by Gary V. Vaughan

GNU libtool is a generic library support script. Libtool library hides the complexity of using shared and static libraries behind a consistent, portable interface.

Libtool supports building static libraries on all platforms.

In the past, if a source code package developer wanted to take advant… 

Browser Bookmarks Menu 0.6 by Nigel Tao

Browser Bookmarks Menu is a small Gnome applet to allow easy access to your browser's bookmarks, even when your browser is not open.

This applet is like the Bookmarks menu of your preferred browser (e.g. Epiphany, Firefox), but lives in the panel, like the Gnome Menu Bar.

This means that it is al… 

libwww-perl 5.64 by Gisle Aas

libwww-perl distribution is a collection of Perl modules, which provides a simple and consistent programming interface (API) to the WWW (World-Wide Web).

The main focus of the library is to provide classes and functions that allow you to write WWW clients, thus libwww-perl is said to be a WWW cli… 

Libphish 0.1.0 by Meni Livne

Libphish is a cross-platform library to interact with the Open Phishing Database. Libphish provides a consistent API that browsers and other HTTP clients can use to in order to have anti-phishing capabilities such as verifying the risk level and safety of URLs.

The Open Phishing Database project… 

Non-Networked File System 2.1.9 by Thierry Excoffier

Non-Networked File System provides a consistent file system over several non networked UNIX computers (or slow networked). For example on your computer at home and at work using only a floppy disk for the synchronisation.

Here are some key features of "Non Networked File System":
You are sure t… 

Portable Linux Processor Affinity 1.0.2 by Jeff Squyres

The Portable Linux Processor Affinity (PLPA) library does the following, regardless of your Linux distribution, kernel version, and GLibc version:

- Provide consistent behavior
- Provide binary compatibility of processor affinity
- Provide a common API and set of abstractions

PLPA is an att… 

IFSgr 1.1 by David Necas

IFSgr is a command line two-dimensional linear IFS (Iterated Function System) grayscale renderer.

IFSgr uses Fractint's IFS file format, and features automatic fractal scaling and gray level adjustment and consistent image look independent of size or the numbers of iterations.

It can also convert… 

Sys::Filesystem 1.22 by Nicola Worthington

Sys::Filesystem project is intended to be a portable interface to list and query filesystem names and their properties.

It hopes to provide a consistent API to list all, mounted, unmounted, and special filesystems on a system, and query as many properties as possible with common aliases wherever… 

OpenSubsystems 1.0 RC1 by OpenSubsystems

OpenSubsystems's goal is to provide consistent set of business components that solve particular area of interest such as inventory management, order processing, shopping, email and fax communication, document management, imaging and others.

There are many frameworks and libraries attempting… 

PLD Linux Rescue CD 2.00 by PLD Team

PLD is a free, RPM-based Linux distribution, aimed at the more advanced users and administrators, who accept the tradeoffs of using a system, that might require manual tweaking in exchange for much flexibility.

Simultaneous support for a wide variety of architectures and non-conservative approach… 

Ham Radio Control Libraries 1.2.6 RC1 by Hamlib group

Ham Radio Control Libraries is a development effort to provide a consistent interface for programmers wanting to incorporate radio control in their programs.

Hamlib is not a complete user application, rather, it is a software layer intended to make controlling various radios and other shack hardw… 

Domingo 1.3 by beck et al. projects GmbH

Domingo is a simple, consistent, object-oriented easy-to-use interface to the Lotus Notes/Domino Java-API.


To install Domingo on your Notes Client or Domino server, please download a binary distribution, extract the file domingo-1.0.jar and choose one of the following instruction… 

JDBCImporter 0.71 by Chris Nagy

JDBCImporter provides a consistent mechanism for importing data from a file to a database, exporting data from a database to a file, and generating data.

JDBCImporter API can run from the command line using an XML config file or from inside an Ant build script. It works with CSV, fixed data, and… 

PyRandR 0.3 by Michael Sheldon

PyRandR is a python wrapper around the X11 Resize and Rotate functions.




python build
python install

What's New in This Release:
This release uses distutils for installation management and makes naming more consistent.… 

LayManSys 0.3.0 by Robert Bienert

LayManSys short for Layout Managment System is a PHP framework, that helps you providing a consistent look&feel of your web pages (it is no CMS). LayManSys project stores the meta information about the documents in RDF files and uses them for generating the HTML frame (< head > and footer).


Elektra Project 0.6.2 by Avi Alkalay

The Elektra Project provides an alternative back-end for text configuration files.

Instead of each program to have its own text configuration files, with a variety of formats, Elektra tries to provide a universal, hierarchical, fast and consistent namespace and infrastructure to access configurat… 



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