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Console? 0.3.6 for Firefox by zeniko

Console? is an extension that replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console.

As of Firefox 1.5, the JavaScript Console is used not only for JavaScript errors, but for CSS errors as well. This extension takes this into account by providing a simple possibilit… 

Console? 0.3.6 for Thunderbird 0.36 by zeniko

Console? is an extension that replaces the JavaScript Console with what could be the next generation Error Console.

As of Firefox 1.5, the JavaScript Console is used not only for JavaScript errors, but for CSS errors as well. This extension takes this into account by providing a simple possibilit… 

Cabber 0.5.0 test1 by Alejandro Jimenez Macias

Cabber is a Console Jabber Client, it is desing for provide Jabber services to the console users, because All borned in the Console.

What's New in This Release:
A lot of new features!… 

Pacman for Console 1.2 by The Rev. Dr. Mike

Pacman for Console is a pacman game which can be played on a text-based console without using X.


make install (as root)


make uninstall

What's New in This Release:
A simple level editor was added.
Error messages on GCC 2.96 were fixed.
An introducti… 

ulock 1.0a by Jakub Wilk

ulock locks the entire virtual console system, completely disabling all console access.

ulock project gives up these locks when either the password of the user who started ulock or the root password is typed.

It is able to invoke any program (i.e. a screen saver), which will be terminated on… 

LinuxConsole by yledoare

LinuxConsole can be started from CD/DVD, Hard disk, floppy disk, USB disk, or network card (PXE).

The 'console' word doesn't mean that it is started in 'console' mode, but is meant to symbolize the simplicity of using it.

This distribution is as simple to use as a games console: you can start… 

Console Jabber Client 1.0.0 by Jacek Konieczny

Console Jabber Client is a Jabber client with text-based user interface resembling those known from popular IRC clients.

CJC is a Jabber/XMPP client for text terminals. Console Jabber Client uses pyxmpp library for XMPP comunication and curses for screen output. It is not finished yet, but still… 

Console Lines 1.0.4 by Black Angel

Console Lines is a "Lines" game for the Unix terminal. There is no in-game help available right now, so check the README file. To move the cursor, use arrows (or jkhl), to select or to move a chip, use space. To instantly quit, use 'q'. Console Lines requires a certain terminal size, supports a mous… 

Samba Console 1.1.31 by IDEALX S.A.S

Samba Console is a web management console for Samba domain controlers. The goal is to give a better experience to the new Linux administrators that need to manage a production Samba server from anywhere using a simple web browser.

Samba Console project is developed by IDEALX. You probably already… 

fonty-rg 0.5 by R.G.

fonty-rg project is a set of fonts for the Linux console.

LatCyrGr-16.psf is font containing most of ISO Latin characters, lot of cyrillic chars, lot of greek chars, and some punctuation. It is good for unicode linux console. This is 512 character font, means that you loose bold colour on linux… 

WySQL 2.0.0 beta3 by Mauro Franzoni

WySQL is a CLI-like web console interface, written in PHP4, for remote database management when telnet/ssh is not available. It also includes a web/sql toolset

Supports multiple dbms (currently MySQL and PostgeSQL) and features history and playback of previous commands and scripts.

DBMS, host,… 

Conserver 8.1.14 by Bryan Stansell

Conserver is an application that allows multiple users to watch a serial console at the same time. Conserver project can log the data, allows users to take write-access of a console (one at a time), and has a variety of bells and whistles to accentuate that basic functionality.

The idea is that c… 

peekvc 0.1 by Lennart Poettering

peekvc project dumps the the current state of a Linux virtual console to the current

With colors and everything. Useful on embedded systems
without connected display to dump virtual console contents to a remote terminal.… 

Virtual Console init 2.0.1 by Raul Nunez de Arenas Coronado

Virtual Console init is an /sbin/init clone for virtual consoles. It is very easy to set up and use because it has no configuration files.

It is very small and has builtin getty, login, klogd, and slogd. Virtual Console init is suitable for embedded systems and home Linux boxes.

This is a new… 

BitDefender FE 1.1 by Archipel Software

BitDefender FE is just a frontend for BitDefender Antivirus Console.

What's New in This Release:
This version was necessary because of the modifications applied by BitDefender on their Console antivirus.
Modification of the GUI
Added Interface settings (for quarantie and log file folder)

Internet DJ Console 0.6.8 by Stephen Fairchild

Internet DJ console is a graphical shoutcast and icecast client that runs under GTK+ and the JACK audio connection kit. In short, it's an Internet radio app for making a live radio show.

Features include two main media players with a crossfader, a jingle player, microphone signal processing (comp… 

biki 0.43-1 by pts

biki is a Linux/X11 keyboard layout fix.

biki is a user-level keyboard layout fixup and switching program for the Linux console and X11.

The standard English and Hungarian layouts with the Euro key are supported.

An X11 GUI interface is provided (using TCL/Tk Wish). biki sets all keys and… 

Conspy 1.4 by Russell Stuart

Conspy allows a (possibly remote) user to see what is displayed on a Linux virtual console, and send keystrokes to it.

Conspy project only works with Linux, as far as I know. It is rather like VNC, but where VNC takes control of a GUI conspy takes control of a text mode virtual console.


GRX 2.4.6 by GRX Team

GRX is a library for 2D graphics, originaly written by Csaba Biegl for DJ Delorie's DOS port of the GCC compiler.

Now it support DOS (using the DJGPP v2 compiler), Linux console, X11 and Win32 (using the Mingw compiler).

On DOS it supports EGA, VGA and VESA compliant cards. On Linux console i… 

MJS Mp3 Jukebox System 3.3 by Marijn van Galen

MJS is a console mp3-player with some special features not found in most console based mp3-players.

About oktober 2000, at my students'union you could only play tapes or compact discs. The cds had often meny scratches on them and listening to them had become extermely hard. This is when I thought… 



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