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KPowersave Icon Patch 0.1 by Calin Don

KPowersave Icon Patch is intended for KPowersave 0.6.2

This patch changes the way of displaying power state for KPowersave. Using this patch you can better theme KPowersave, by using a series of pixmaps.

Installation instructions:

>>> Patch the sources

1. Copy the patch file in the pa… 

Gringotts-Shlomif Patch 0.4.3 by Shlomi Fish

Gringotts-Shlomif Patch is a patch for the Gringotts encrypted note manager for Linux, by Germano Rizzo. It should be applied against version 1.2.9pre1 (available from the Debian servers) . What it does, so far is:

Fix a data corruption bug with the search function.
Fix the "Find again" func… 

Xfdiff 4.5.0 by Ed Scott

Xfdiff project is graphic interface to the GNU diff and patch commands. With this utility, you can view differences side by side for files or directories. You can also view differences that applying a patch file would imply, without applying the patch.

You can also apply patches to the hard disc… 

patch 2.5.4 by Larry Wall and Paul Eggert

patch takes a patch file containing a difference listing produced by the diff program and applies those differences to one or more original files, producing patched versions. Normally the patched versions are put in place of the originals. Backups can be made.… 

OpenSSH SecurID patch 1.3.2 by Theo Schlossnagle

OpenSSH SecurID is a patch that integrates SecurID authentication services directly into the OpenSSH daemon. It allows users to use SecurID tokens directly as their passwords instead of relying on the clunky sdshell.

This is how it works:

0) apply patch ;-) You must use GNU patch (get it fr… 

Patch Maker 3.0 by Gervase Markham

Patch Maker helps you manage multiple in-progress source code patches to software. Patch Maker remembers which files are part of which patch, and keeps them disentangled during the development process.

It speeds up common operations and housekeeping tasks, allowing you to focus on writing code. I… 

OpenSSH Heartbeat/Watchdog Patch 4.4p1 by Hideaki Goto

OpenSSH Heartbeat/Watchdog Patch adds a heartbeat (keepalive) function to ssh(1). If the output channel has been silent for more than a specified time, a null message (SSH_MSG_IGNORE) is sent to the server as a heartbeat.

The heartbeat is useful for keeping connections over IP masquerade/NAT boxe… 

diskio patch 2.4.27-1 by Alan Swanson

diskio patch is a kernel patch.

The 2.4.X kernel doesn't report disk IO in /proc/stat for any devices over either major 16 or minor 16. This inclues /dev/hdb and /dev/hdd. This patch changes the system from using a memory wasting array to a more intelligent list system. It is marginally more expe… 

cdrtools DVD Extensions 2.01.01a05 by Robert M. Stockmann

cdrtools DVD Extensions adds DVD support to cdrtools.

OSS DVD extensions for cdrtools 2.0 is a opensource extension to add DVD support to J?rg Schilling's cdrtools package.

A patch for cdrtools-2.0 is created and is actually a translation of a patch which can be found on That patch… 

Test::Smoke::Patcher 1.19 by Abe Timmerman

Test::Smoke::Patcher is a OO interface to help patching the source-tree.


use Test::Smoke::Patcher;

my $patcher = Test::Smoke::Patcher->new( single => {
ddir => $build_dir,
pfile => $patch,
popts => '-p1',
v => 1, # 0..2

Dynamic Taste Detection for XMMS 20020303 by Walles

Dynamic Taste Detection patch makes XMMS adapt its playlist randomization function to your personal taste.

Songs you don't like end up at the end of the playlist, and songs you like to hear together tend to end up next to each other.



Use XMMS normally for a whil… 

Exim DSN Patch 0.1 by Andrew Johnson

The Exim DSN patch adds delivery status notification support to Exim 4.xx.

DSN Support for Exim. This patch allows Exim 4.xx to support the sending of email Delivery Status Notifications.… 

Camaelon 0.1 by Nicolas Roard

Camaelon is a theme engine for GNUstep.

While very good when you works with it, it looks a bit old with the current playskool interfaces avalaible everywhere. So I wrote this theme bundle, Camaelon, with the idea of providing a fresher look, while remaining good on term of useability.


Linux IP Firewalling Chains 1.3.10 by Jos Vos

Linux IP Firewalling Chains is an update to the 2.0 Linux Firewalling code, for the 2.2 Linux kernel. It is required to administer the IP packet filters in Linux kernel versions 2.1.102 and above. The older Linux firewalling code doesn't deal with fragments, has 32-bit counters (on Intel at least),… 

Lanshield Watchdog Linux Kernel Patch 0.1 by Michael Balen

Lanshield Watchdog Linux Kernel Patch drives an onboard (97317VUL) watchdog which resets the device every ten minutes.

Lanshield Watchdog Linux Kernel Patch is for the onboard(97317VUL) watchdog which resets the device every 10 minutes.


it was really hard to find the… 

ggsniff 1.2 by Ryba

ggsniff is a sniffer that allows you to record Gadu-Gadu messages. It is not currently a standalone application. Rather, it is a patch for dsniff that adds the ability to record Gadu-Gadu messages to msgsnarf.

It is not currently a standalone application. Rather, it is a patch for dsniff that… 

GNU Solfege 3.6.4 by Tom Cato Amundsen

GNU Solfege is a computer program written to help you practice ear training. GNU Solfege project can be useful when practicing the simple and mechanical exercises.

Here are some key features of "GNU Solfege":
Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals
Compare interval sizes
Sing the intervals… 

XML::Code 0.04 by Arne Claassen

XML::Diff is a Perl module for XML DOM-Tree based Diff & Patch Module.


my $diff = XML::Diff->new();

# to generate a diffgram of two XML files, use compare.
# $old and $new can be filepaths, XML as a string,
# XML::LibXML::Document or XML::LibXML::Element objects.
# The… 

True transparency for Konsole by TheNacho

True transparency for Konsole is a fix for one of the most annoying missing features in KDE. This patch brings true transparency (with Xgl/Beryl) to Konsole. And as a bonus, it removes the 1 pixel border around the window, so that you can embed the console in the desktop.

To be fair, I have to a… 

bup 3.1 by Carlo Perassi

bup is a patch for bash that modifies the shell to send all user keystrokes via UDP over the network for collection by a sniffer or a syslogd server.

It does not depend on syslogd to send the packets. bup patch used to be part of the Tools/Data_Capture section of "The Honeynet Project" and it is… 



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