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Crossroads Load Balancer 1.19 by Karel Kubat

Crossroads is a load balance and failover utility for TCP-based services.

Crossroads Load Balancer is a daemon program running in userspace and features extensive configurability, polling of backends using "wakeup calls", detailed status reporting, "hooks" for special actions when backend calls f… 

XML::Conf 0.04 by Jonas B. Nielsen

XML::Conf is a simple configuration module based on XML.


Here follows some examples as the tests are done.

use XML::Conf;
my $c = XML::Conf->new($filename);
$w = $c->FIRSTKEY();
$v = $c->NEXTKEY();

This is the description of the… 

Unix::Conf::Bind8::Conf 0.3 by Karthik Krishnamurthy

Unix::Conf::Bind8::Conf is a front end for a suite of classes for manipulating a Bind8 style configuration file.


my ($conf, $obj, $ret);

$conf = Unix::Conf::Bind8->new_conf (
FILE => 'named.conf',
SECURE_OPEN => '/etc/named.conf',
) or… 

CGI::Ex::Conf 2.06 by Paul Seamons

CGI::Ex::Conf is a Perl module with Conf Reader/Writer for many different data format types.


use CGI::Ex::Conf qw(conf_read conf_write);

my $hash = conf_read("/tmp/foo.yaml");

conf_write("/tmp/foo.yaml", {key1 => $val1, key2 => $val2});

### OOP interface


Apache::MP3::Sorted 4.00 by Tim Ayers

Apache::MP3::Sorted is a Perl module to generate sorted streamable directories of MP3 files.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Sorted
PerlSetVar S… 

Apache::Audio::DB 0.01 by Todd Harris

Apache::Audio::DB is a Perl module that can generate a database of your tunes complete with searchable interface and nifty statistical analyses!


# httpd.conf or srm.conf AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3
# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script

SambaLink/Q 2.0.2 by Spanware, Inc.

SambaLink/Q is an application for editing the sometimes confusing and rather complex smb.conf file for Samba. SambaLink/Q 2.0.1 is Linux only and for Qt 3.

Here are some key features of "SambaLinkQ":
Qt 3 support
Warning if not starting as root.
Warning if not saving smb.conf to a directory… 

Apache::MP3::Playlist 4.00 by Lincoln Stein

Apache::MP3::Playlist can manage directories of MP3 files with sorting and persistent playlists.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg mp3 MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3::Playlist

Apt-Axel 0.1 by Apt-Axel - Default branch Section: Unix

Apt-Axel is a bash script that mix the power of apt with the acceleration of axel.

This use the apt-get to know what have to download and where is the package, get this with de axel software, put the package in /var/cache/apt/archives/ and then install it with apt-get.


1. copy… 

Asterisk::LDAP 0.6.0 by Ben Klang

Asterisk::LDAP is a perl module for generating Asterisk 1.0 compatible configuration files from an LDAP directory tree.

The package includes everything you need to get started, including the module itself, schema files, and example code.

Functionality is provided to see if a reload is necessary an… 

execline 1.06 by Ska

execline is a (non-interactive) scripting language, like sh ; but its syntax is quite different from a traditional shell syntax. The execlineb program is meant to be used as an interpreter for a text file; the other commands are essentially useful inside an execlineb script.

execline is now as po… 

trafflogger 0.8.1 by Luciano Ruete

trafflogger is a conf-based traffic logger. All the logged data can be displayed (graphed) via a web interface. Users can use it to get a global view of network load or to get a closer look at any of the hosts.

This is a conf based traffic logger, each conf log in/out traffic for:

some def… 

Comanche 3.0b4 by Daniel Lopez

Comanche is a quality, cross-platform, GUI tool for configuration and management of open source software. Packages supported include the Apache Web server and Samba. It can be easily extended through plugins.

The default file being configured is conf/samba/smb.conf Change the value to /etc/… 

tappipe 1.02 by Michal Trojnara

tappipe project is a VPN that is very easy to set up and very small.


1. Load TUN/TAP module if needed:

modprobe tun

2. Configure server:

- edit server.conf
- edit
- start (as root):
stunnel server.conf

3. Configure client:

- edit client.conf… 

Oyez by Seth de l'Isle

Oyez is a portable, standalone streaming audio server written in Python. Oyez is a standalone server capable of playing playlists of Vorbis or MP3, or of accepting input from an external encoder such as Oggenc or Lame.

Python1.5 or newer


- Download the latest… 

mod_ifexists 0.10 by Tomohiro IKEBE

mod_ifexists module provides Apache conditional configuration process by the existence of the file.



1) Make mod_ifexists as a DSO module.
modify your Makefile.
INC, LIB and apxs path.

% make APXS=/path/to/apxs
# make install


kX Generator 0.3.6 by Tomasz Salacinski

kX Generator is a utilitty to configure the X server by modyfying xorg.conf file.

The things you can configure:

- All options without driver-specific (eg. cursor shadow, NVidia NoLogo etc.)

REMEMBER: BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL XORG.CONF FILE. I am not taking responsibility for any damage to you… 

LCDTicker 0.2 by Albrecht Loh?fener

LCDTicker is a newsticker for LCDproc. It downloads news from an RSS newsserver and prints it on a display.

At the moment LCDTicker supports only the first line on a display, because I have a one line display.


extract the archive, type


and then

"make install" (m… 

KXConfig 0.1 Alpha by Tomasz Salacinski

KXConfig is a utilitty to configure the X server by modyfying xorg.conf file. This is an Alpha version. The things you can configure:

- serverLayout name
- mouse & keyboard drivers and some options (advanced options don't work for now), keyboard layout
- video driver & some monitor options (DP… 

Apache::MP3::Skin 0.91 by Robert Graff

Apache::MP3::Skin is a subclass of Apache::MP3::Playlist with the ability to "skin" the output using HTML::Template.


# httpd.conf or srm.conf
AddType audio/mpeg .mp3 .MP3

# httpd.conf or access.conf
< Location /songs >
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::MP3… 



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