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Crossroads Load Balancer 1.19 by Karel Kubat

Crossroads is a load balance and failover utility for TCP-based services.

Crossroads Load Balancer is a daemon program running in userspace and features extensive configurability, polling of backends using "wakeup calls", detailed status reporting, "hooks" for special actions when backend calls f… 

GClipper 1.1 by Geert Bevin

GClipper project is a multiple buffer clipboard that automatically fetches new selections and maintains them in a history.

It shows a listview with the fetched selections and allows the visualization of their details.

The selected row in the listview will be used to determine the data for sel… 

Fletch 0.46 by Vipul Ved Prakash

Fletch is a non-interactive FTP/HTTP client-agent designed to perform in bandwidth-deficient environments. It maintains a queue of jobs that are executed when a connection is available. Job states are maintained and a job is retried till it completes or dies of a permanent error. Fletch carefully mi… 

Meddle 20050728 by Elad Lahav

Meddle is a programmer's text editor that maintains a complete parse tree of the code being edited. This enables Meddle to provide semantic information, such as distinguishing between references to global variables, local variables and parameters.

Meddle currently supports C source and header fil… 

ipaudit-web 0.95 by Lina Pezzella

ipaudit-web logs network activity, maintains traffic summaries, and presents Web-accessible graphs and reports. ipaudit-web logs network activity, maintains traffic summaries, and presents Web-accessible graphs and reports. It is useful for identifying heavy bandwidth users, DoS attacks, and scans,… 

mod_libpq 0.1a3 by Andrew Smith

mod_libpq is an Apache 1.3 Web server module which maintains persistent connections to one or more PostgreSQL databases, eliminating the need for cumbersome middleware "glue".

Millions of complex pages can be fully or partially pre-rendered, stored in a database, and then served directly to the W… 

DBIx::XMLMessage 0.05 by Andrei Nossov

DBIx::XMLMessage is a Perl module for XML Message exchange between DBI data sources.

The package maintains simple XML templates that describe object structure.

The package is capable of generating SQL statements based on these templates and executing them against DBI data sources. After execut… 

Sidebrain 1.0 by John C G Sturdy

Sidebrain is a programmers' memory aide.

It is a working memory tool for programmers: it maintains a stack of your current tasks, and a queue or pool of pending tasks, and a set of observations, to help to remind you what you're doing.

This is a fairly new project; for what I can tell so far,… 

SKEM 1.0.1 by Mikhail Teterin

The skem utility is a sendmail milter, that checks and maintains a list of whitelisted, temporary banned, and permanently blacklisted IP-addresses.

How you obtain the entries is up to you, but the included logwatcher, module provides one possibility.

The list is stored in a directory (see the… 

diald-top 2.1pl7 by Gavin Hurlbut

diald-top maintains a 'top'-like listing of all packets and their time to live for use with diald. This project needs a new lead developer as the author no longer uses diald.

The concept behind diald-top is very simple. I got sick of trying to read a monitor pipe flying by on an extra VC, so I l… 

Net::XWhois 0.90 by Vipul Ved Prakash

Net::XWhois is a Whois Client Interface for Perl5.


use Net::XWhois;

$whois = new Net::XWhois Domain => "" ;
$whois = new Net::XWhois Domain => "",
Server => "",
Retain => 1,

CrunzhMonitor 0.9 by Martin Schultz

CrunzhMonitor is a small program to check the stability of your web server. It simply checks the possibility of connecting to you web server (http server) and if it fails, maintains a error log.

It is possible to configure how often it should check.
CrunzhMonitor is released as open source soft… 

pita 0.13 by Austin Bingham

pita is client-server music player. A daemon process, pitad, maintains a queue of files which it plays through the sound system.

Various clients manipulate the daemon, adding songs, moving through the queue, etc.


What's New in This Release:

rlocate 0.5.3 by Rasto Levrinc

rlocate project is an implementation of the "locate" command that is always up-to-date. The database that the original locate uses is usually updated only once a day, so newer files cannot be located right away.

The behavior of rlocate is the same as slocate, but it also maintains a diff database… 

Carnegie Mellon NetReg/NetMon 1.1.9 by Carnegie Mellon University - Network Development

The Network Development group maintains two web-accessible database systems: the Network Registration system (NetReg) and the Network Monitoring (NetMon) system. These systems were designed from the ground up at Carnegie Mellon.


NetReg provides administrators a central platform for admi… 

fid-listbuffer 0.1.3 by Jon Cast

fid-listbuffer is a buffer implementation for the Frigand Imperial Desktop. Fid buffers are typically mutable monoids over particular unit types; the exact unit type and the equations satisfied by the monoid determine the particular buffer type.

This package defines a parametric buffer type for the… 

Emerde 1.2.7 by Alpt

Emerde project is the port of Gentoo's portage system that installs, removes, updates, maintains your system rapidly and easily.

Furthermore on Slackware distribution it cooperates with the Slackware's db and allows to install .tgz files directly, using dependences checking.

tgz support: A tg… 

BASH Debugger 3.1-0.06 by Rocky Bernstein

Bash Debugger project contains patched sources to BASH that enable better debugging support as well as improved error reporting.

In addition, this project contains the most comprehensive source-code debugger for bash that has been written.

Since this project maintains as an open CVS developmen… 

alloywm 0.4.0 by Kensuke Otake

As its name implies, alloywm is a quite exquisite, aesthetic little window manager for X11. The premise of this window manager is not to be over-bloated like better known window managers such as KDE, and to keep the interface out of a user's way. Also, alloywm maintains to be small, fast, and have… 

MyPasswordSafe 0.6.7 by Semantic Gap

MyPasswordSafe is a straight-forward, easy-to-use password manager. MyPasswordSafe maintains compatibility with Password Safe files.

Here are some key features of "MyPasswordSafe":
Safes are encrypted when they are stored to disk.
Passwords never have to be seen, because they are copied to the cl… 



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