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Current 1.7.6 by Current Team

Current project is an open source implementation of a server to interact with the Up2date Agent shipped in Red Hat Linux.

Everything is implemented for a basic, anonymous only system. We are working to extend support for non-anonymous (fully managed) setups.

Here are some key features of "Curr… 

peekvc 0.1 by Lennart Poettering

peekvc project dumps the the current state of a Linux virtual console to the current

With colors and everything. Useful on embedded systems
without connected display to dump virtual console contents to a remote terminal.… 

wmSMPmon 3.1 by Thomas Ribbrock

wmSMPmon is a Window Maker Dock Application that displays the following information about the system:

Current CPU utilization of up to two CPUs
On dual CPU systems, three different styles for the utilization graph are available.
Up to two minutes history of CPU utilization
Current memory u… 

NowListening 1.0 by Alex Nabrozidis del Barrio

NowListening is just a simple NowListening script for Kopete.


Simply run the script. First time it will ask you for a default name, pic and how do you want to show your name while playing. In case you have Kopete closed it will open it up for you.

HOWTO for display name:


Bookmark 1.21 by xhoch3

Bookmark script saves the postion in the current file and playlist every 10 seconds and resumes at this position when it is restarted. amaroK's playlist is also saved every few minutes.

And you can bookmark the current playlist and reload it whenever you want. You will restart at the exact position… 

Pywmhdmon 0.1.3 by Kristoffer Erlandsson

Pywmhdmon monitors the available space on up to four of your filesystems. It also contains a bar showing the current disk activity. Pywmhdmon is written in Python and is highly customizable.

Pywmhdmon is a WindowMaker dockapp that displays the available space on
up to four of your filesystems. I… 

getAbsPath 1.4 by Philippe Stellwag

getAbsPath is a C header (getAbsPath.h) or an ANSI C tool (getAbsPath) which converts relative unix/win32 pathes to absolute ones.

getAbsPath uses current working directory (CWD) as basis. Use it e.g. for finding out the current path of a shell script.


find out the current path of… 

QuickMark 0.1 by tecuya

QuickMark is an Amarok script that allows you to set and recall Amarok's current file and position from the context menu.

In the playlist context menu, use the 'Set Mark' entry in the 'QuickMark' menu to create a mark in the player's current position. Once set, a mark will appear in the bot… 

Data::Faker::DateTime 0.07 by Jason Kohles

Data::Faker::DateTime is a Data::Faker plugin.



Return a unix time (seconds since the epoch) for a random time between the epoch and now.


Return a random date as a string, using a random date format (see date_format).


Return a random time as a st… 

amaroK Now-Webing 0.2 by Christian Petri

amaroK Now-Webing starts a webserver at an configurable port (Standard is 8080) which display the current song and artist.

Works great for parsing and displaying data on a webserver.

Python 2.x

What's New in This Release:
Put the dcop calles into the do_GET functi… 

GPIB::hpe3631a 0.30 by Jeff Mock

GPIB::hpe3631a is a Perl-GPIB module for HPE3631A power supply.


use GPIB::hpe3631a;

$g->output(1); # Outputs on
$g->output(0); # Outputs off
$v = $g->output; # Read output state

$g->track(1); # P25V and N25V… 

ColorExplorer 1.6 by Bill Poser

ColorExplorer project is a tool for exploring the color space and finding out how colors, color names, and numerical color specifications are related.

You can specify a color by selecting its name from a list of color names, by adjusting sliders that control the mixture of red, green, and blue, o… 

tk_zap 0.1.2 by schaepe

tk_zap is a Tcl/Tk-GUI fzap frontend.

Here are some key features of "tk zap":
Listbox: available channel
Progressbar: progress of current program
+/-/last: channel + 1/ channel - 1/ last channel
update/reset/exit: channel list update / reset tk_zap / end tk_zap
Audio combobox: switc… 

webdiff 2004-08-01 by Stephan Beyer

webdiff is a powerful web page update checker. You can choose between different methods (diff, size, date, md5sum, regexp) it should check for.

webdiff will only print the URIs of web pages that changed, so that its output can easily be used by further scripts (such as wget or mail).

Usage: #{… 

Xmms Gtk Playlist 2.0 by Chris Kuklewicz

Xmms Gtk Playlist is an application to import and search the current xmms playlist.

I use xmms to play music. But the playlist is hard to navigate. So the answer was to throw together a helper application that imports the current playlist and then lets you perform regex searches.

You can sort on a… 

wmamp 1.0.0 by David Peroutka

WMAMP is a media player designed for the Window Maker dock. wmamp-applet implements the dockapp user interface for a generic media player. Because the user interface is completely separated from the playing functions, it is easy to write a new media-playing backend, sharing the common look & feel. C… 

UPS track shipping module for LiteCommerce 1.0 by ShippingKit Group

UPS Track shipping module for LiteCommerce provides you with up-to-the-minute shipping status reports to your customers right from within your online store. Such feature encourages your customers to return to your shop and track their shipments or check the delivery status of their orders.


DebtPayoff 1.2 by Aaron Redshaw

DebtPayoff is an application which can help you pay off your debt a bit wiser if not quicker. I developed this tool out of a need myself to find out when, if ever, at the current rate, my credit card would be paid off.

I discovered that at the current rate it would take far longer to pay off my d… 

GNOME Lunar Clock Applet 0.32.4 by Josh Buhl

GNOME Lunar Clock displays the current phase of the Moon as an applet for the gnome panel.

In addition, glunarclock also provides various astronomical data such as clock functions, rise and set times and current coordinates for the moon.

What's New in This Release:
added new and updated po… 

Go Awstats 1.0 by Jean-Marc Liotier

Go Awstats project automates the production of Awstats Apache log reports at a site where multiple virtual hosts exist.

It always updates the reports for the current month and the current year and only produces other reports if they do not exist, which saves on CPU.

The regeneration of a repor… 



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