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3dFB 0.6.1 by dangerz

3dFB is a 3d File Manager / Browser. It was started in 2004 by Roy El-Rayes.

The aim of this project is to make a viable, workable, 3d file manager that is not a hog on resources and can actually be usable.

Here are some key features of "3dFB":
Mouse Movement
Level Zoom
Ability to show d… 

No Friction 0.1 by Remar Games

No Friction is a roll-a-ball-and-collect-the-dots puzzle game.

In this simple puzzle game, you control a rolling ball that has to collect the green dots and make it to the end of each level.

The ball can only be sent rolling if it's sitting still, and it only stops when it hits a wall; it can'… 

GtkPBButtons 0.6.9 by Matthias Grimm

GtkPBButtons is client for pbbuttonsd displays small popup windows each time a message from the daemon pbbuttonsd appeares. The view of each popup could individually configured.

The following windows could pop up:

brightness level
The current display brightness level would be displayed.… 

Kamikaze 0.2.2 by Kamikaze Team

Kamikaze project is a bomberman-style action game for KDE. Multiple themes, rulesets and internet level updates are provided to the player. Online multiplayer games are supported as well.

Here are some key features of "Kamikaze":
4 Themes, and original graphics can be used, too
10 levels, and… 

Tux, of Math Command 2001.09.07-0102 by Bill Kendrick

Tux, of Math Command project is a math practice game for elementary school level children.

Like so many other Linux games, it stars Tux, the Linux Penguin.

Players must answer math equations to shoot down comets which are falling towards their cities.

It can run on Linux/UNIX, Win32, Mac,… 

KAdventure 0.2.1 by Arend van Beelen jr.

KAdventure is a nice and simple adventure game providing fun and challenging puzzles. The player is presented with a 2D view from above a playing field, where he has to move his player to the exit.

To get to the exit he has to overcome several obstacles, like walls, moving blocks, water and creat… 

Illustrix Dream Pack 1.0 by Absolutist

Absolutist introduces the new genre mix! This game takes the best of logic and action - arcade-style gameplay is combined here with the mystique of the puzzle.

Your goal is to prevent the board from filling up with the oncoming blocks and to reveal a hidden picture of an animal at the same time.… 

Message Level Authentication 0.4.5 by Message Level

Message Level Authentication is a Thunderbird extension which authenticates mail from Message Level Network Users.

Joining the Message Level Network is Free.

Once a member you can register the addresses that you would like to protect and sign with Message Level Authentication.


IsForth 1.21b by Mark I Manning IV

IsForth is a direct threaded Linux-only x86 Forth implementation coded in pure assembly using NASM macros to create forth high-level definitions.

All I/O is done with syscalls. IsForth is almost a complete replacement for both libc and libncurses.

To use the debugger say debug xyzzy and from w… 

Level Shmup 1.0 by The Booboo

Level Shmup is a frantic addictive shoot-em-up.

Level Shmup is an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up game in the style of classics such as R-Type and Gradius. Interesting features of this game include the ability to fire in eight directions, and an adaptive difficulty curve.

The game automati… 

TerrarSharp 0.2.2 by Aaron Forrest

TerrarSharp is a small gtk-sharp/mono program to keep you updated with the current terror alert level.

Program displays a small color icon in your notification area and a small window telling you the terror alert level as per the department of homeland security.


JTOpen 5.0 by JTOpen Team

JTOpen is the open source version of the IBM Toolbox for Java Licensed Program Product (LPP). Aside from simply being "open source", it is our fast-path mechanism to get fixes and enhancements to customers without waiting for possible PTFs or release boundaries.

Thus, the JTOpen offering is alway… 

Fmd2ctl 0.9.0 by Jakub Strnad

Fmd2ctl is a command line utility used to control the radio receiver in a SF16-FMD2 soundcard.

Options for usage:

/usr/local/bin/fmd2ctl [-l level] [-f freq] [-d] [-u] [-s]

-l level Set search-level of station to 'level'
-f freq Preset frequency to 'freq'
-u Sea… 

Mini Tanques 0.9 by Schwartz German Andres

Mini Tanques is a cction tank 2D game.

Action tank 2D game where you drive a little tank and you must kill all opponents in a single map level to pass to the next level. Versatile engine programmed in FPC (Free Pascal) using SDL.

Nice graphics, effects and sounds. Nice playability. You can edit yo… 

Eispice 0.9 by Charles Eidsness

Eispice is a ground-up re-write of the Berkley Spice 3 Simulator targeted to PCB level simulation. Eispice runs in batch-mode only (i.e. no nutmeg) and doesn't include a plot utility. I use the original nutmeg but any plot utility that can read rawspice files will work (i.e. gwave).

I had tw… 

mod_gzip by Kevin Kiley

mod_gzip is an external extension module for the WWW's most popular web server arrowApache, created in autumn, 2000.

Its implementation allows for using the compression method arrowgzip for a significant reduction of the volume of web page content served over the arrowHTTP protocol.


Env::C 0.06 by Stas Bekman

Env::C is a Get/Set/Unset Environment Variables on the C level.


use Env::C;

my $key = "USER";
$val = Env::C::getenv($key) || '';

Env::C::setenv($key, "foobar", [$override]);
$new_val = Env::C::getenv($key) || '';


my $ar_env =… 

audio_rename 0.9708 by Ilya Zakharevich

audio_rename can rename an audio file via information got via MP3::Tag.


audio_rename -csR -@p "@a/@l/@02n_@t" .

renames all the audio files in this directory and its subdirectories into a 3-level directory structure given by Artist_Name/Album/Filename, with the basename of Filena… 

flexbackup 1.2.1 by Paul Holcomb

flexbackup is for you if you have a single or small number of machines, amanda is "too much", and tarring things up by hand isn't nearly enough...

Here are some key features of "flexbackup":
Easy to configure
Uses dump, afio, GNU tar, cpio, star, pax, or zip archivers
Full and numbered leve… 

Recording level monitor 0.2.1 by Manuel Amador

Recording level monitor records analog audio from the sources you choose and plays it back simultaneously so that you can hear it, while monitoring the loudness (input) level of the recording.

You'll be able to hear and see whether the volume is too high (introducing analog distortion and digital… 



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