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Data::Page 2.00 by Leon Brocard

Data::Page is a Perl module that helps when paging through sets of results.


use Data::Page;

my $page = Data::Page->new();

print " First pa… 

Template::Plugin::Pagination 0.90 by Tony Bowden

Template::Plugin::Pagination is a plugin to help paginate pages of results.


[% USE page = Pagination(items, current_page, entries_per_page) %]

[% FOREACH item IN page.page_data; ...; DONE %]

First page: [% page.first_page %]
Prev page: [% page.previous_page %]

Template::Plugin::Page 0.10 by Leon Brocard

Template::Plugin::Page is a plugin to help when paging through sets of results.


[% USE page = Page($total_entries, $entries_per_page, $current_page) %]

First page: [% page.first_page %]
Last page: [% page.last_page %]
First entry on page: [% page.first… 

Data::Page::Viewport 1.02 by Ron Savage

Data::Page::Viewport is a Perl module to scroll thru data a page, or just an item, at a time.


This is a complete, tested, runnable program.

use strict;
use warnings;

use Data::Page::Viewport;

# ------------------------… 

Page Curl 0.5 by Federico Mena-Quintero

Page Curl plug-in does the well-known 'page curl' effect (a la KPT).

It is likewhen you curl one of the corners of a sheet of paper.


Google PageRank Check 1.0.1 by Andrew Smith

This is a project I based off some Public Domain code. Google PageRank Check allows you to check the Google Page Rank of a domain or website.

This script is unique in that it queries multiple data centers for the Google Page Rank. This means that the user can get a full idea of what their Page Rank… 

WWW::Patent::Page::Response 0.07 by Wanda B. Anon

WWW::Patent::Page::Response is an object holding a patent page or document (e.g. htm, pdf, tif) from selected source (e.g. from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website or the European Patent Office (ESPACE_EP), as constructed by WWW::Patent::Page, in passing analogy to LWP::UserAge… 

phpBB Fetch All 2.0.15 by Volker Rattel

phpBB Fetch All is a modification to phpBB that displays data from the forum on any page of a website. It supports all phpBB versions from the 2.0.x branch.

What's New in This Release:
added $CFG['posts_enable_local_links'] to posts.php to remove all target=_blank strings from the post text (th… 

xmltv2html 0.7.0 by Kurt Hindenburg

xmltv2html project is a Ruby script that generates a HTML page from the output of XMLTV.

The generated HTML page will have the channels listed on the vertical axis and the shows' times on the horizontal axis. The shows' information is displayed via DHTML popups. Virtually every aspect of the HTML… 

Web Secretary 1.9.0 by Baruch Even

Web Secretary is a web page monitoring software. However, it goes beyond the normal functionalities offered by such software. It will detect changes based on content analysis, making sure that it's not just HTML that changed, but actual content.

You can tell it what to ignore in the page (hit cou… 

mrt_McAfeeFetchUpdates 0.0.8 by Martin Cuellar

mrt_McAfeeFetchUpdates downloads and updates virus definition data from the McAfee page.

What's New in This Release:
This version retrieves Stinger data and shows additional information when the debug parameter is not given.… 

MySpace Data Mining Tools 1.1 by Robert G. McCue

MySpace Data Mining Tools are a set of Java classes designed to mine information from MySpace profile and blog pages using a multi-threaded Web page access method.

What's New in This Release:
Direct database connectivity via JDBC was implemented for data storage.
A basic user profile class wa… 

NewTabURL 1.1.3 by Sogame

NewTabURL is a Firefox extension that allows you to select default URL when new tabs are opened: "Blank page", "Home page" or "Current page".

Translations: ca-AD, en-US, es-ES, nl-NL (David Hoepelman), se-SV (Patrik Johansson), ru-RU (Leonid).

Firefox 1.5 - 1.5.0.* ALL… 

CGI::EasyCGI 0.5.0 by Jeremy Wall

Simple to use, single file with no dependencies, and short learning curve for those times when you don't want or need the swiss army knife of cgi modules.


use CGI::EasyCGI;
my $Page = EasyCGI->new_page("html");
my $Cookie = {Name => "pklogin", Value => {UserName => $Self->{Env}{user… 

Lithron 0.6 Beta by Tobias Munk

Lithron is a set of packages for the PRADO 3 framework. Lithron fully manages the display and administration of components in a highly customizeable way.

Our main goal was to implement to implement basic CMS features like a sitemap, content administration, media management, etc... And also to do… 

CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM 2.1 by Mark Stosberg

CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM is a Perl module to help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator.


use CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM;

my $results = $self->check_rm('form_display','_form_profile') || return $self->check_rm_error_page;

# Opt… 

PDF::ReportWriter 1.3 by Daniel Kasak

PDF::ReportWriter is a Perl module that produces high-quality PDF reports from a report definition and a data array.

PDF::ReportWriter supports text formatting and alignment, unlimited grouping with group functions, intelligent page breaking, image support, color support, shaped cell backgrounds, a… 

PDF::Table 0.91 by Daemmon Hughes

PDF::Table is a utility class for building table layouts in a PDF::API2 object.


use PDF::API2;
use PDF::Table;

my $pdftable = new PDF::Table;
my $pdf = new PDF::API2(-file => "table_of_lorem.pdf");
my $page = $pdf->page;

# some data to layout
my $some_data =[

FireFoxMenuButtons 1.5.3 by Michail A. Bicheyev

Look for this buttons (after installing) on the "Customize toolbar" (Menu/View/Toolbars/Customize...). And you can add these buttons on the your toolbar or delete added buttons from toolbar.

New buttons:

Save as, New Navigator, Open file, Save frame, Send Link, Page setup, Print preview, Prin… 

Cdwrite 2.2 by C. Kruk

Cdwrite is the shell for creation of data and audio disks, including compilations. It allows to use pregaps and recognizes indices.

The shell needs mkisofs and cdrecord for data and cdparanoia, cdda2wav, cdrdao, and -- optionally -- lame for audio.

What's New in This Release:
This release allows… 



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