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ObjectiveLib 0.10 by Will Mason

ObjectiveLib is a framework for Objective-C that provides a set of object containers and generic algorithms. It is designed to provide the same services to Objective-C programmers that the Standard Template Library provides to C++ programmers.

All of the standard containers (vector, deque, list,… 

TunaPie by James Stone

Python application to browse, search, play and record shoutcast internet radio and TV (audio and video streams)

TunaPie is a directory browser for internet radio and TV streams. At present, TunaPie project uses the shoutcast server, but compatibility with other services is planned.

Tunapie al… 

FFmpeg::Stream 6036 by Allen Day

FFmpeg::Stream is an audio or video stream from a (multi)media file.


$ff = FFmpeg->new(); #see FFmpeg
$sg = $ff->create_streamgroup(); #see FFmpeg
$st = ($sg->streams())[0]; #this is a FFmpeg::Stream

FFmpeg::Stream objects are not instantiated. Rat… 

mkvtoolnix 1.8.1 by Moritz Bunkus

mkvtoolnix is a set of tools that allow users to display information about, extract streams from, merge several streams into, and split Matroska media files. Supported video stream types include streams from AVIs, Ogg/OGM, and RealVideo files.

Supported audio formats include Vorbis, RealAudio, MP… 

mplex13818 1.1.0 by mplex13818 Team

mplex13818 is an ISO 13818 stream multiplexer for real-time usage that handles both program and transport streams and PES.

It is designed to run uninterruptedly on a streaming server that propagates a number of ISO 13818 broadcast streams, reorganizing the streams in real time. mplex13818 project… 

m2psd 0.11 by Eric Smith

m2psd is a fast MPEG-2 Program Stream demultiplexer. m2psd will demultiplex an MPEG 2 Program Stream into Elementary Streams (ES) or Packetized Elementary Streams (PES), provided that the packs are exactly 2048 bytes long. It was written for use with MPEG 2 Program Streams recorded by a Hauppauge Wi… 

TCPreen 1.4.2 by R?mi Denis-Courmont

TCPreen is a simple tool to monitor and analyze data transmitted between clients and servers through connection-oriented streams data such as a TCP sessions; it supports TCP over either IPv4 or IPv6. This tool focuses on the data stream (software/socket layer), not on the lower level transmission pr… 

Ive 2005-09-26 by Gerhard Monzel

LVE is a frame and GOP accurate editing of MPEG1/2 video files. Differnet mpeg
formats are supported:

program streams ("PS") including DVD conform vob format,
single elemtary video streams ("ES").
multiplexed, packed elementary A/V streams ("PES"), often used by DVB recording software.

kstreamrecorder 0.2 by Sascha Marx

Kstreamrecorder project is a kommander application for playing/recording audio and video webstreams.

You can listen to every stream which is supported by your player. With Kstreamrecorder you are able to record mp3/ogg streams and mms video streams. The streams will not be encoded.

Needed prog… 

MP3Mixer 0.01 by Scott

Mp3mixer is a simple system to let you mix multiple mpeg audio streams in real time, with a view to copying the capabilities a DJ will have access to - but obviously without quite the same feedback.

MP3Mixer is a quick hack which I wrote up ages ago as a front end to mpg123, and really it shows it,… 

CRM114 Discriminator 20060704a by Crah the Merciless

CRM114 is a system to examine incoming e-mail, data files or other data streams, system log streams and to sort, filter, or alter the incoming files or data streams according to the user's wildest desires.

Criteria for categorization of data can be by satisfaction of regexes, by sparse binary pol… 

Jarmor 1.0 by Luc Maisonobe

Jarmor is a tiny collection of java filters implementing ASCII armors.

ASCII armors are data converters between binary format and textual format. They are used for example by mailers to handle mail attachements. They can also be used for example to store binary data in an otherwise textual format… 

Unified I/O 2.60 by Andrey Kusnetsov

UnifiedIO allows to access files, primitive arrays and streams (even over HTTP) through same interface.

Here are some key features of "Unified I O":
High performance
Transparent buffering
OpenFileManager (beta)
uio based implementation of ImageInputStream and ImageOutputSt… 

w3juke 0.92 by Josh Osborne

w3juke reads audio data files from one or more data sources and streams them into a locally configured playback programs. It will randomly select the different music tracks to be played based off your preferences. It has a history mechanism to avoid playing any audio tracks that have been recently p… 

LibMPEG3 1.7 by Heroine Virtual

Libmpeg3 supports advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams. MPEG is normally a last mile distribution format but with libmpeg3 you can edit it like a production format. Unless you have a need for MPEG editing and copying, you're better off using a consumer library like FFMPEG.

Libmpeg3 i… 

TCP Re-engineering Tool 1.4.3 by R?mi Denis-Courmont

TCPreen is a simple tool to monitor and analyze data transmitted between clients and servers through connection-oriented streams data such as a TCP sessions; it supports TCP over either IPv4 or IPv6. This tool focuses on the data stream (software/socket layer), not on the lower level transmission pr… 

bidilink 0.1 by Lennart Poettering

bidilink is a general purpose Unix tool for linking two bidirectional data streams together. bidilink project extends the standard Unix "filter" paradigma to bidrectional streams.

Its has the following stream drivers:

std: - STDIN, STDOUT of the process
exec:PROGRAM - fork() off a process and… 

nstreams 1.0.3 by Renaud Deraison

nstreams is a program that analyzes the networks streams occuring on a network and prints them in a human readable form. This is useful when you want to set up a firewall but do not know your needs/the needs of your customers.

Nstreams can parse the tcpdump output, or the files generated with the… 

streamripper 1.61.24 by Greg Sharp

Streamripper records shoutcast-compatible streams. For shoutcast style streams it finds the "meta data" or track separation data, and uses that as a marker for where the track should be separated.

The MP3 data is decoded and scanned for a silent point, which is where tracks will be created.


Realrekord 0.9-jr3 by Thanassis Misaridis

Real Rekord is a KDE programme which helps you record and capture audio streams from Real Player using GNU/Linux.

It lets you record realaudio/realplayer streams by using vsound 0.5 (sits between program and /dev/dsp) and sox (converts audio file formats).

This version has an updated build for… 



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