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Unicode Description Utilities 2.22 by Bill Poser

Unicode Description Utilities project is a set of four programs for finding out what is in a Unicode file. uniname defaults to printing the character offset of each character, its byte offset, its hex code value, its encoding, the glyph itself, and its name.

Command line options allow undesired i… 

Tk::XML::WizardMaker 0.91 by Viktor Zimmermann

Tk::XML::WizardMaker is an easy way to build the Software Assistants and Installation Wizards based on XML description.


To use Tk::XML::WizardMaker just provide an XML file with descriptions of the WizardMaker's features and of the feaures of all its pages. Then use something like thi… 

IA-32 Instructions Database 0.0.1 by Gary Furnish and Yurii A. Rashkovskii

IA-32 Instructions Database is a description of all IA-32 instructions in the form of SQL source, specifying operands, arguments, prefixes, encoding details, and description.

This database information initially came from XI ( project, which was generated using information… 

NDS KFile plugin 0.1 by Thomas Kockerbauer

NDS KFile Plugin allows to display meta data of Nintendo DS ROM files in the file tool tips and properties dialogs of the K Desktop Environment.

It displays following data:
Maker code
Game code
Loader type

The package also includes a thumbnail… 

Riley 0.5 by Reid Fleming

Riley is a file integrity checker written in Perl,somewhat similar to Tripwire.

Running 'riley -initialize' puts a file called '.riley' in each directory specified in the configuration file. Each '.riley' file contains N one-line descriptions, one description per file. Each description contains… 

MP3::Splitter 0.03 by Ilya Zakharevich

MP3::Splitter is a Perl extension for splitting MP3 files.


use MP3::Splitter;
mp3split('xx.mp3', {verbose => 1}, [3, 356.25], [389, 615, lax => 10]);

mp3split_read('xx.mp3', 'xx.list', {verbose => 1});

The first two arguments of mp3split() is a name of an MP3 file and a r… 2.77p by pts is a small tool written in Perl, used to convert between PS, EPS, and PDF and other page description formats.

a2ping is a Unix command line utility that converts many raster image and vector graphics formats to EPS or PDF and other page description formats.

Accepted input file forma… 

Geometry Description Markup Language 2.7.0 by Witold Pokorski and Radovan Chytracek

Geometry Description Markup Language (GDML) workpackage is primarly ment to provide geometry data exchange format for the LCG applications. The workpackage consists of the GDML Schema part, which is a fully self-consistent definition of the GDML syntax and the GDML I/O part which provides means for… 

MP3::ID3Lib 0.12 by Leon Brocard

MP3::ID3Lib is a Perl module for ID3v1/ID3v2 Tagging of MP3 files.


use MP3::ID3Lib;
my $id3 = MP3::ID3Lib->new($filename);

foreach my $frame (@{$id3->frames}) {
my $code = $frame->code;
my $description = $frame->description;
my $value = $frame->value;

JSyntaxColor 1.2.9 by Alexandre Brillant

JSyntaxColor is a library for coloring in real time user text input. JSyntaxColor is a shareware, it is free to try for 30 days, else you must register for a low price the full version at : registring you have a royalty free license and you can include JSyntaxColo… 

Basilisk Live CD 1.40 by Linux4all

This is a fedora core 3 based Livecd with KDE 3.3.1, Gnome 2.8, OpenOffice, Fire- and Thunderbird and a lot of other tools.

It will not work from a scsi - cdrom device.


- 866 Mhz Intel Pentium,Amd XP or similar X86 PC with at least 128Mb Ram
- 36x-5… 

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser 0.08 by Benjamin Boksa

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser is a Perl module to simulate a browser session described in a XML file.


use WWW::Meta::XML::Browser;

my $session = WWW::Meta::XML::Browser->new();

y2l by Kris Van Hees

y2l project is a acc to LaTeX grammar pretty printer.

y2l takes a yacc(1) grammar description file and generates an EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form) grammar from it.

By default, the output will be a LaTeX(1) longtable environment, that can be input{} into any LaTeX document.

Automatic sub… 

HTTP::OAI::Repository 3.16 by HTTP::OAI::Repository Team

HTTP::OAI::Repository is a documentation for building an OAI compliant repository using OAI-PERL.

Using the OAI-PERL library in a repository context requires the user to build the OAI responses to be sent to OAI harvesters.


use HTTP::OAI::Harvester;
use HTTP::OAI::… 

PHP ClamAV Lib 0.12a by Geffrey Velasquez

PHP ClamaAV Lib is a PHP extension that allows you to incorporate virus scanning features in your PHP scripts.

It uses the Clam Antivirus API (libclamav) for virus scanning. There are supported functions for file scanning and buffer scanning.

Functions Reference:

string cl_scanfile(string… 

Cocom 0.995 by Vladimir Makarov

Cocom project is a toolset that is oriented towards the creation of compilers, cross-compilers, interpreters, and other language processors.

It consists of reusable packages (collection and memory management framework), a Sprut internal representation description (AST-to-AST) translator, a Nona c… 

BuildProcess 0.4 by Jean-Baptiste Onofre

BuildProcess is a complete J2EE deployment toolbox. It provides different tools to help the J2EE administrator in his daily job.

The main project is AutoDeploy, which automaticaly deploys J2EE applications on different targeted application servers. It's a complement of continuous integration tool… 

pydelicious 0.3.0 by regenkinder

pydelicious library allows you to access the web service of via it's API through python.

def getrss(tag = "", popular = 0, url = '', user = ""):
get posts from via parsing Rss

tag (opt) sort by tag
popular (opt) look for the popular stuff
user (op… 

Vatata 1.50 by Vatata

Vatata system is an end-to-end and large-scale solution for publishing , delivery and reception of streaming contents. Vatata is an open system completely based on internet.

Its grid technology guarantees the low-cost and clear delivery of content to millions of internet users. Users can easily bui… 

octavia 0.25 by Sreekant Kodela

octavia is a compiler for a music description language that compiles to MIDI data. octavia music source files can also use Python code to perform generic programming tasks that a composer might wish to accomplish.

What's New in This Release:
This release deals correctly with accented notes in c… 



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