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Python Integrated Development Application 0.4.0 by George Cristian Birzan

Python Integrated Development Application (Pida) is an IDE based around the idea of reusing existing tools, rather than attempting to write a set of development tools of its own.

Python Integrated Development Application uses Vim as the editor, either with its traditional user interface or with a… 

f-IDE 0.2.11 by Yuri Gordienko

f-IDE is a development environment for C++.

f-IDE project provides powerful editing, code intelligence, and search capabilities that reduce development time.

What's New in This Release:
A bug with starting development on an application has been fixed.… 

Apache Cocoon 2.1.9 by Apache Cocoon Team

Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component-based web development.

Apache Cocoon implements these concepts around the notion of component pipelines, each component on the pipeline specializing on a particular operation.

This ma… 

PHPortal 0.2.7 beta by Michael Glazer

PHPortal is a PHP application development environment similar to Zope. It is a pipeline or tunnel application that can help you quickly create dynamic Web applications such as portal and intranet sites. It comes with membership, search, news, and more.

Its easy-to-use tools allow teams to product… 

Systemtap GUI 8.08.06 by Jeff Briggs

Systemtap GUI is a GUI to assist in the development of Systemtap scripts and to graph the return values of those scripts.

SystemTap GUI is an application intended to ease in the use of the SystemTap tool for Linux. Systemtap GUI is both an Integrated Development Environment for the SystemTap scr… 

Jaffa 2.1.0 by Jaffa Project Admin

Jaffa (Java Application Framework For All) is an enterprise-focused Java framework for rapid application development. It provides a complete Java Web application development stack, extending exsiting projects like Tomcat and Struts at the frontend with MVC-based web widgets, all the way through to a… 

Eclipse 3.2 by Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse project is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software.

Eclipse provides extensible tools and frameworks that span the software development lifecycle, including support for modeling, l… 

KLone-DevKit 1.2.0 by KOANLOGIC S.R.L.

KLone-DevKit is a full-featured development kit for developing custom applications based on KLone. KLone-DevKit was thought and designed with a learn-by-example paradigm in mind.

The developer is guided through the creation and release of his/her own KLone application via a range of real use case… 

jsLib 0.1.346 for Thunderbird by Pete Collins

jsLib is a Thunderbird Javascript library.

Mozilla gives a great flexibility and power to Javascript. This popular client side scripting language can be used to create application level logic and services for cross platform application development.

By creating libraries of common useful routi… 

WoodPusher 0.1.1 by Jamin Gray

WoodPusher is a chess application written in C# for the Mono framework.

While in early development, the intention is for WoodPusher to become a full-featured chess application, including the ability to connect to ICS (Internet Chess Servers), play against engines such as Crafty, Phalanx, and gnu… 

Quixote 2.4 by Andrew Kuchling

Quixote is a package that supports Web application development by Python programmers. In Quixote, the templating language is a small extension of Python itself: the aim is to make Web page assembly take maximal advantage of the Python programmer's existing skills.

For thos who are not used with… 

libUTL++ 1.0.0 by Adam Mckee

libUTL++ library is an object-oriented C++ application development framework. I initially wrote it for my own use, and I've definitely found it useful enough myself to justify the effort I've put into it.

I've made UTL++ available to the public under the GNU GPL in the hope that others can benefi… 

Open Office Software Development Kit 1.1.0 by Open Office Developers

Open Office Software Development Kit is an add-on for OpenOffice suite.

It provides the necessary tools and documentation for programming the APIs and creating own extensions (UNO components) for

The highlight of the SDK is the 900-page Developer's Guide. This co… 

Equalizer 0.1 by Stefan Eilemann

Equalizer is a programming interface and resource management system for scalable multipipe applications.

An Equalizer application can run unmodified on any visualization system, from a singlepipe workstation to large scale graphics clusters and shared memory visualization systems. Equalizer is bu… 

Netautor Professional 5.3.1 by Wolfgang Hauptmann

Netautor Professional webapplication is an Application Server with integrated Development Environment.

The provided framework assists the developer with the programming of databased Web Applications.

The excellence of Netautor Professional is it`s wide functional range and the for this reas… 

DryDock r6 by Deepak Giridharagopal

DryDock is a Web publishing application that implements a development/production Web site pipeline. It codifies an approval process that forces users to approve all Web site changes before they go into production.

Sometimes, on a web server, system administrators are often ill-equipped to determi… 

Keystone Application Framework 0.9.6 by Jacob Lister

Keystone is a cross-platform, object oriented application framework which allows applications to be written to build on the target platforms of GNU/Linux and Win32 without modification of their source.

Keystone Application Framework implements several modern Web standards, including SVG graphics… 

Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework 0.9.1 by Angel Ortega

QDGDF stands for Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework, and it's a set of libraries designed to allow fast development of games under a variety of systems. Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework's main goal is to show a platform-independent, consistent interface to UNIX/Linux and MS Windows… 

OpenChronicle 1.0 RC1 by OpenSubsystems

OpenChronicle is a real world blogging application with basic functionality similar to websites such as Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and MySpace.

OpenChronicle's purpose is to demonstrate how to use individual subsystems available as part of OpenSubsystems project when developing Java app… 

Ultimate++ 612-dev1 by Ultimate++ Team

Ultimate++ is a cross-platform C++ rapid application development suite.

C++ has the potential to be the most productive language in computing history. Its multiparadigm nature allows the effective development of almost any kind of software, from low level driver code to very high level business l… 



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