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GenericTionary 1.0 by Faruk Eskicioglu

GenericTionary is a multilingual dictionary software which makes it possible to generate dictionaries from flat files, to import the dictionaries which are generated with itself, and to export them back to flat files. It can handle multiple dictionaries.

GenericTionary has been developed using Qt… 

Simple dictionary application 1.04 by Zdenek Broz

Simple dictionary application project allows users to use any plain text dictionary that is UTF-8 with one translation per line and words separated by tabulators.

Applications allow users to use free bilingual dictionaries offline. All dictionaries have to be UTF-8 files with one translation per… 

slowarj 0.2.0 by Erwin van Dijk

Slowarj provides a dictionary and a rehearsal tool, which support almost any language.

Its goal is to provide a method of creating dual language dictionaries, and to support the use of these dictionaries for rehearsing.… 

GNU dictionary framework 0.6.6 by Larry

GNU dictionary framework project contains a toolkit for connecting to different dictionaries.

It uses plugins to connect to different dictionaries (stardict, dictd, babylon..).

What's New in This Release:
compile with Qt 4.0.1 and add check it require Qt 4.0
make better directory installat… 

owl dictionary 0.12 by Thomas Krause

owl is a program to display electronic dictionaries. It uses the extensive markup language dicML.

Two dictionaries are currently available with this program: a huge English/German dictionary originally published by Technical University of Chemnitz, and a French/German dictionary written from scra… 

JaLingo 0.6.0 by Oleksandr Shyshko

JaLingo is a free cross-platform dictionary application written in Java.

It understands these dictionary formats:
- Mova
- PtkDict/phpMyLingvo MySQL dumps
- Sdictionary (near 200 dictionaries may be found on home page)

Project goals:
- good UI
- support as much different formats as p… 

pwnsjp 0.600 by Jakub Wilk

pwnsjp project is a console-based frontend to the following dictionaries: "Slownik jezyka polskiego PWN", 3 volumes; "Multimedialny slownik PWN.

Frazeologia"; "Multimedialny slownik PWN. Jezyk polski"; and "Multimedialny slownik PWN. Wyrazy obce".


What's New… 

Diqt 1.1.3 by Mikio Hirabayashi

Diqt is a Web-based multilingual dictionary reference tool. That is, dictionaries of many languages can be searched using a Web browser.

Any language is available if you have its dictionary data. For example, you can search English-Japanese, English-German, Japanese-English, and English-French di… 

Condict 0.6.1 by Daniel Roberge

Condict is a program for building dictionaries. It is currently in beta form, and is written in Python with the wxPython GUI library.


To install it into the /usr directory, type 'make install' at the root prompt. Python distutils must be installed. (they're usually found in the p… 

gnome-ding 2.2 by H.Abraham

GNOME-Ding is a graphical tool for spellchecking and translation (of single) words.

For spellchecking GNOME-Ding will by used a installed aspell-dictionary. For translation, GNOME-Ding will use a own dictionary, that will based on a Ding-Dictionary (Ding-Projekt). At moment, GNOME-Ding will suppo… 

ProScrabble v1.0 by Individual

ProScrabble is a scrabble playing program and a very powerful dictionary search. You can load/save/print games and add new dictionaries. It plays on 6 different levels and even the levels are editables.

Here are some key features of "ProScrabble":
Play against your friend, computer(s) or see a… 

Glossword 1.8.0 by Dmitry N. Shilnikov

Glossword project is a system to publish dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias.

It features an installation wizard, support for multiple languages, visual themes, multi-domain installation, an administrative interface with multi-user support, built-in search and cache engines, the ability t… 

EverCrack 1.1.0 by Dr Mind Hacker

EverCrack project is a cryptanalysis engine. The overall design goal is to systematically break down complex ciphers into their simplex components for cryptanalysis (by the kernel).

The kernel consists of an algebraic design (comparison and reduction) for breaking uniliteral, monoalphabetic ciphe… 

LaTrine 0.9.0 by Martin Godisch

LaTrine project is a language vocabulary drill.

LaTrine is a curses-based LAnguage TRaINEr. It takes a dictionary and asks you for a word or a phrase, and you try to give the correct answer.

The direction is configurable. The selection of the words or phrases depends on how often you don't kn… 

Class::Phrasebook 0.88 by Rani Pinchuk

Class::Phrasebook is a Perl module that implements the Phrasebook pattern.


use Class::Phrasebook;
my $pb = new Class::Phrasebook($log, "test.xml");
$pb->load("NL"); # using Dutch as the language
$phrase = $pb->get("ADDRESS",
{ street => "Chaim Levanon… 

GnomeSword 2.1.9 by Andy Piper

Gnomesword is a Bible study application for GNOME, a graphical desktop enviroment which is available for several Unix and Linux flavors.

GnomeSword is based on SWORD by the CrossWire Bible Society, a framework providing the possibility to study the Bible and additional information like commentari… 

PoDoFoBrowser 0.4 by Dominik Seichter

PoDoFoBrowser is a Qt application for browsing the objects in a PDF file and modifying their keys easily.

It is very useful if you want to look on the internal structure of PDF files. Please take a look at the screenshots of PoDoFoBrowser in our gallery.

It is based on the free PDF library PoD… 

Lexter 1.0.3 by Mark Pulford

Lexter is a real-time word puzzle for text terminals. Arrange the falling letters into words to score points. Lexter supports internationalization and multiple dictionaries. The package contains English and French dictionaries, but needs a French gettext translation for the in game text.

If anyon… 

KVortaro 0.0.1 by Andreas Trink

KVortaro translates words from one language into another one.

The word can be selected via different methods:

* by selecting (highligthing) with the mouse-pointer (Left-Mouse-Button-Pressed and track)
* by copying the word into the clipboard (Ctrl + C)
* by klicking onto a word anywhere on t… 

DictEm 0.81 by Aleksey Cheusov

DictEm is an extremely customizable DICT client for (X)Emacs. DictEm implements all functions of the client part of the DICT protocol (RFC-2229).

Unlike dictionary.el, it widely uses autocompletion that is used for selecting a dictionary and search strategy. It provides several hooks that may be… 



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