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OpenSSH SecurID patch 1.3.2 by Theo Schlossnagle

OpenSSH SecurID is a patch that integrates SecurID authentication services directly into the OpenSSH daemon. It allows users to use SecurID tokens directly as their passwords instead of relying on the clunky sdshell.

This is how it works:

0) apply patch ;-) You must use GNU patch (get it fr… 

UniversalIndentGUI 0.3 Beta by Thomas S.

UniversalIndentGUI is a cross platform compatible GUI for several code formatter, beautifier and indenter like GreatCode, AStyle (Artistic Styler), GNU Indent, BCPP and so on.

Main feature is a live preview to directly see how the selected formatting option affects the source code.

Here are so… 

Rubilicious 0.2.0 by Paul Duncan

Rubilicious project is a set of bindings for Ruby.

You'll need to create an account at Delicious in order to use Rubilicious. An RDoc-generated API reference is in doc/, and some simple examples are in examples/.

Ruby 1.8.0 or newer


The easiest w… 

lib smtp 0.8.5 by Kevin Read

libsmtp allows programs to send mail directly through SMTP (no sendmail needed). lib smtp is designed to be simple and memory efficient, and has slightly untested support for MIME multipart body parts.

GLib 1.2.0

What's New in This Release:
This release fixed a missing end-of… 

SLAX Boot CD 5.1.8 by Tomas Matejicek

SLAX Boot CD is used to boot SLAX from USB devices on computers which can't boot from USB directly. SLAX Boot CD can be also used to boot SLAX from ISO file on disk.

What's New in This Release:
added KDE 3.5.4 with Slackware 11 fixes for media:/ URL in konqueror
probeusb parameter now sleeps… 

gimphp 0.2.0 by mop

gimphp is a PHP Class library to write Gimp scripts directly in PHP.

To realize the Cultural Association Milug cards it was created a web-application that is based on PHP to use Gimp as a graphic engine. It work with gimuse server to produce cards.

gimp 2.x
gimuse 0.3.x


repasa 1.3 by Vladimir T?mara Pati?o

repasa is a set of three kind of tools: For creation of contents directly in the XML format of repasa or in other file formats (DocBook and LaTeX) following some conventions, for checking the contents, and for studying the contents and registering progress.

The contents can be specified with defi… 

Hogwash Light BR 1.1 by Andre Bertelli Araujo and Joao Eriberto Mota Filho

Hogwash Light BR is an Intrusion Prevention System that can filter packets directly in the layer 2 of the OSI model (so the machine doesn't need even an IP address).

Detection of malicious/anomalous traffic is done by rules based in signatures, and the user can add more rules. It is an efficient… 

SendTools 0.4.2 by Frank DiLecce

SendTools is a Thunderbird extension that adds SendAt option to compose window.

Here are some key features of "SendTools":
If you send regularly ( not send later or send at ) , the message will go directly to 'Unsent Messages' to be sent out on the 30 second interval.

If you send later, the… 

GNOME Art 0.2 by Mike Tech

GNOME Art is a frontend for

The GNOME Art Collection written in ruby is a collection of tools for managing art from the website.

GNOME Art is the graphical frontend for Backgrounds and all themes can be downloaded and previewed. Backgrounds, icon th… 

QTuneroid 0.9b3 by boo-boo

QTuneroid is a musical instrument tuner, designed to tune musical instruments on PC using a microphone or by directly connecting the instrument to the PC's sound card.

This program actually is a fork of Tuneroid by Jozef Kosoru (check his page at "" ) which i m… 

Aurox 11.1 by Aurox Sp. z o.o.

Aurox Live is a version of the Aurox operating system which runs directly from CD. Quicksilver includes up-to-date versions of applications to work at home and office as well as support to new hardware e.g. Centrino platform.

There is a well-known problem with RPM package dependencies in Aurox 10… 

SIMSOR 1.01 by mindcom

SIMSOR enables you to send SMS text messages, pictures and files directly within your Firefox browser for only 8 eurocents per SMS!

Save SMS reminders, send any picture, any file and any text to any phone!

Use your own mobile phone number as originator! SIMSOR offers your own online adressbo… 

WaveGain 1.2.6 by John Edwards

WaveGain is a program that applies ReplayGain to wave files. WaveGain is an application of the ReplayGain algorithms to standard PCM wave files. Where it differs from the other applications of this principle is that the gain adjustments are applied directly to adjusting the scaling of the samples.

JRemoteforMyth 0.00 by Shayde

JRemoteforMyth is a small Java application ge that will let you control your MythTV box directly from your desktop.

Java 1.5 or later installed on the CLIENT host (that will be running JRemoteforMyth).
Java WebStart either enabled in your browser, or available via the command l… 

rate it! 0.6 by mhelms

rate it! script helps you rate your music easily, it works like that: each time track changes, the script checks whether the last track has been rated before, if not, it pops up a menu with ratings for you to pick from and then sets the rating for the last track accordingly.

Note that the rating… 

NmnLogger 1.1 by Ivan Preziosi

NmnLogger is a small set of PHP classes which provide a simple but effective logging mechanism. NmnLogger has the ability to create complex and functional logging systems within minutes.

NmnLogger relies on a small XML config file, where you can set up all your logging preferences. Logging driver… 

DBIx::DWIW 0.44 by Yahoo! Inc.

DBIx::DWIW is a Perl module for robust and simple DBI wrapper to Do What I Want (DWIW).


When used directly:
use DBIx::DWIW;

my $db = DBIx::DWIW->Connect(DB => $database,
User => $user,
Pass => $password,

Gtk2::GladeXML 1.005 by Ross McFarland

Gtk2::GladeXML is a Perl module that create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files.


# for a pure gtk+ glade project
use Gtk2 -init;
use Gtk2::GladeXML;
$gladexml = Gtk2::GladeXML->new('');

Root-tail 1.2 by Mike Baker

Root-tail is a program that allows printing of text directly to the X11 root window wherever you choose, much like running rxvt with a pixmap background but without the hassle and with more features.


xmkmf -a
make install

What's New in This Release:



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