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KlamAV 0.39 by Robert Hogan

KlamAV provides ClamAV protection for the KDE desktop. KlamAV includes 'on access' scanning, manual scanning, quarantine management, downloading of updates, mail scanning, and automated installation.

Here are some key features of "KlamAV":
'On Access' Scanning
Manual Scanning

Network Security Analysis Tool 1.5 by mixter

Network Security Analysis Tool is a fast, stable bulk security scanner designed to audit remote network services and check for versions, security problems, gather information about the servers and the machine, and much more.

A manpage providing extensive information on NSAT has been included in… 

Black List Scanning Bot 3.0 Alpha3 by NeoStats

Black List Scanning Bot (BLSB for short) checks the IP addresses of users connecting to your IRC server against DNS blacklist services such as Blitzed or Sorbs.

Black List Scanning Bot works like this, if a user matches a blacklist, that user is killed from your network.

What's New in This Release… 

Open Proxy Scanning Bot 3.0 Alpha3 by NeoStats

Open Proxy Scanning Bot (formerly NeoBOPM) is a loadable module for the NeoStats IRC Services. Open Proxy Scanning Bot scans clients connecting to the IRC network for insecure proxies, and also looks up a DNS blacklist for previously registered insecure proxies.

It caches the results of scans to… 

pkdump 3.3 by dsmoker

pkdump is a port scanning detection tool. The program detect any TCP ,UDP port scanning or open connection attempt from foreign host over the internet with IP protocol version 4
or IP protocol version 6 .

The program can detect:
TCP connect , TCP syn , TCP fin , TCP xmas, TCP ack, TCP null(no f… 

KDE Network Mapper 0.2.0 by Joshua T. Corbin

KDE Network Mapper is a network discovery, probing, and scanning tool. It is a KDE GUI for nmap.

Individual hosts or entire subnets can be scanned simultaneously, and the results are shown in the interface as queries finish, so the user needn't wait for the entire scan to finish.

Here are some… 

Clam AntiVirus 0.88.7 by Clam AntiVirus Team

Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit for Unix. Clam AntiVirus main purpose is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning).

The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a commandline scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are bas… 

AVScan 0.8.5 by Tara Milana

AVScan is an AntiVirus scanner front end for ClamAV.

A front end for the Clam AntiVirus scanner using Endeavour Mark II. Features a scan list for frequently scanned locations, freshclam update support, and command line calling from Endeavour.

ClamAV 0.81
Endeavour Mark II (r… 

Distributed FTP 2.0.3 by Morgan Christiansson

Distributed FTP is a distributed FTP daemon written in java. Instead of usual and well-known serversclient transfer it uses masterclient for control connections and slaveclient for (most) data transfers, the master must tell the slave to initiate/respond to a transfer.

What's New in This Relea… 

polld 0.2 by Michal Cihar

polld is a simple daemon that periodically opens files defined in /etc/polld.

polld project can be used for scanning partitions in a card reader that does not report card insertion and removal.

I use this for scanning partitions in card reader, which does not report card
insertion/removal. With po… 

Gnomba 0.6.2 by Chris Rogers and Brian Nigito

Gnomba is a share browser for the smb protocol.

Gnomba allows you to scan any number of subnets for machines with smb. The workgroups, machines and share are shown in a tree-view.

For each machine you can then view the list of shares, and mount, unmount or browse them.

Right now gnomba is… 

Simple scAnning Tool 1.2 by azurIt

Simple scAnning Tool is a simple and fast network scanner. Simple scAnning Tool is used to identify network devices and services. The identification is based on recieved data such as banners.

Usage: [options] < file_name/ip_range > -r [-f < file >]

HP ScanJet 3900 series backend 0.5 Alpha by Jonathan Bravo Lopez

HP ScanJet 3900 series backend is an application and backend for linux that allows to use HP scanjet series 3900 scanners and, basically, all those controlled by Realtek RTS8822L chipset.

HP ScanJet 3900 series backend application is in early phase of development. Four files are included, two (bi… 

Distributed Hardware Evolution Project by Miguel Garvie

The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project allows the distribution of a genetic algorithm evolving hardware designs across the Internet by setting up an island on each client's PC which will evolve during idle time. Individuals from these islands will migrate between each other as they compete for s… 

Sophie 3.04rc2 by Vanja Hrustic

Sophie is a daemon which uses 'libsavi' library from Sophos anti-virus vendor.

On startup, Sophie initializes SAVI (Sophos Anti-Virus Interface), loads virus patterns into memory, opens local UNIX domain socket, and waits for someone to connect and instructs it which path to scan. Since it is loa… 

MIMEDefang 2.58 by David F. Skoll

MIMEDefang is a flexible MIME email scanner designed to do all kinds of email processing, including anti-virus scanning, anti-spam scanning, replacing parts of messages with URLs, adding boilerplate disclaimers, and so on.

It can alter or delete various parts of a MIME message according to a Perl… 

Distributed RSA Key Generation 1.0 by Georg Lippold

Distributed RSA Key Generation is a software to generate shared RSA keys. Currently, only keys for two parties using Gilboa's protocol are supported. But the protocol stack is extensible, so in the future there may be other protocols supported.

Work has begun on Straub's protocol but is not fini… 

MWavelan 1.10 by Moustafa A. Youssef

MWavelan is a kernel network device driver for the WaveLAN/IEEE wireless network card, which supports signal strength reading from all the access points in range, plus some more features.

All three drivers lack the ability to provide the signal strength measurement from all the access points reac… 

Inflex by Paul L Daniels

Inflex is a solution to the problem of scanning emails which are passing through your server, both local and outbound.

Inflex give to you the ability to block or pass email based on any set of tests you choose, varying from Virus scans to Email text content.

Inflex can do this because it unpac… 

Simple Python Distributed Indexing 0.9.17 by SPyDI Team

SPyDI Is a powerful engine to create distributed full text indexing systems and distributed search engines.

Simple Python Distributed Indexing library supports harvesting, crawling (pull mehtods), and push methods (via a Web interface or SPyRO Web services).

It supports boolean and vector Info… 



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