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Search results for «dockable log»: 0.1 by Petr Hlavka is simple mixer dockable application for WindowMaker running on Linux with ALSA drivers (>= 0.9.x). In another way, it's dockable application for WindowMaker (but you can also use it in AfterStep, BlackBox, ...) window manager. can control up to three volume sources,… 

WMwfu 1.2 by Luciano M. Tom

WMwfu is a dockable application that checks remote hosts activity. Alarm notifications by email.

Different visual and several sound alarm stuffs avaiable, too.… 

WMab 0.3 by Filippo Panessa

WMab project is a WindowMaker dockable application that allows ACPI laptop users to graphically monitor their power sources status.

I.e. whether or not AC or batteries are in use as well as how long it will take to drain or charge the batteries.… 

WMTimer 2.92 by Josh King

WMTimer is a dockable alarm clock for WindowMaker which can be run in alarm, countdown timer, or chronograph mode. In alarm or timer mode, you can either execute a command or sound the system bell when the time is reached.


This has only been tested and compiled on i386 Linux mach… 

klogview 0.6 by Konstantin Sobolev

klogview is a KDE real-time log file viewer, like tail -f. The main window contains any number of dockable log panels, with an arbitrary number of log sources in each of them.

Every log source can have a separate font color and style. Other features include filters, alerts, different encodings, a… 

WMALMS 1.1.1 by Michael Glickman

wmalms monitors data obtained from a sensor chip: temperature, fan speed, voltage.

It can be used as a dockable/swallowed applet with Window Maker, BlackBox and clones (incl. FluxBox), or any window manager that supports swallowing, including gnome, kde(kpanel)-1, fvwm and clones.


WMPop3 0.5.6a by Scott Holden

WMPop3 is a Window Maker dockable I wrote which will inform a user on how many messages are currently in thier pop3 mail box.

WMPop3 when first executed will check if there is a .wmpop3rc file in the users home directory, it will create this if it can not be located. This file must be edited and… 

WMcp 1.2.8 by Ben Cohen

WMcp is a simple dockable pager for use in Window Maker.


Unzip the file: gunzip wmcp-1.2.8.tar.gz
Untar the file: tar xvf wmcp-1.2.8.tar
CD to src dir: cd wmcp-1.2.8

do one of these makes:

make -- make wmcp using the default button scheme (scalpel)
make s… 

WMPing 0.2.1 by Serge Velichkevych

WMPing is a small dockable application for checking the state of hosts.

It show "up" status for a host that is available (ping packets are returned to you) and "down" status for a host that cannot be pinged.

What's New in This Release:
fixed CPU usage

To compile:
# aclocal
# automake -a… 

mterm 0.4.2b by Martin Robinson

mterm is a dockable textfield which executes commands.

Here are some key features of "mterm":
Easier than opening up a terminal
Can be run completely from the dock (no other windows)
Small, minimalist, and stays out of the way as much as possible
Uses only the Xlib libraries, no other req… 

Wmufo 1.2.2 by Alan Swanson

Wmufo is a dockable application which monitors your seti@home client statistics.


Root Installation:

1) su -
2) cd /current/directory/of/wmufo
3) ./configure


4A) make install-strip


4B) make
4B) strip src/wmseti
4B) cp src/wmseti /usr/local/bin/


wmxkb 1.2.2 by Michael Glickman

wmxkb showns and controls XKB groups (XFree86 key maps).

It can be used as a dockable/swallowed applet with Window Maker, BlackBox and clones (incl. FluxBox), or any window manager that supports swallowing, including gnome-1, kde(kpanel)-1, afterstep, fvwm and clones.

Alternatively, you can… 

fookb 3.1 by Alexey Vyskubov

Fookb is Xkb state indicator. It can display an icon corresponding to current locked Xkb group. It also can switch Xkb groups.

Fookb is primarily designed for WindowMaker window manager so it can be compiled as a dockable application with libWUtil (prior to 3.0 libPropList) support (hence should… 

FmpegPlayer 0.1.31 by Micke Sundberg

FmpegPlayer is an MP3/MPEG/audio CD player for Linux. It combines smpeg, SDL, mpg123, and gtkhtml in an original way. It contains a built-in browser for radio channels from, allowing you to listen to a channel directly in your player with a single click.

There is also a "jukebox" f… 

Tk::ToolBar 0.09 by Ala Qumsieh

Tk::ToolBar is a toolbar widget for Perl/Tk.


use Tk;
use Tk::ToolBar;

my $mw = new MainWindow;
my $tb = $mw->ToolBar(qw/-movable 1 -side top
-indicatorcolor blue/);

$tb->ToolButton (-text => 'Button',

Ascension 0.3 by Damian Kramer

Ascension is my attempt at an email client. It makes use of the KDE libraries, so you will need KDE installed if you wish to use it (works with 3.2, might work with 3.1). Although the code is still in alpha, I have been using it as my main email client for over a year.

If you wish to try it, you… 

AScd 0.13.2 by Denis Bourez

AScd is a CD player that can be "docked" with Afterstep and Window Maker with the following features:

Here are some key features of "AScd":
Advanced CD Player:
Several modes including loops, intro scan, autoplay, autorepeat
Hardware volume control with mute and auto-fade in/out

Misfit Model 3D 1.3.0 by Kevin Worcester

Misfit Model 3D is an OpenGL-based 3D model editor that works with triangle-based models. Misfit Model 3D supports multi-level undo, skeletal animations, simple texturing, scripting, command-line batch processing, and a plugin system for adding new model and image filters.

Complete online help is… 

XMMPlayer 0.3.3 by Hyriand

XMMPlayer is an input plugin for XMMS that allows you to play video files from within XMMS using MPlayer as a back-end. Easy, plain and simple. Just add the files you wish to play to the XMMS playlist and hit "play".

XMMPlayer currently detects AVI/MPEG, QuickTime, RealMedia, .BIN and ASF(WMV, WM… 

iList 0.4.7 by iList Team

The project aims to develop an intelligent playlist for the KDE media player Noatun. Intelligent in the sense that songs are selected from a (possibly large) repository of audio files in a smart manner. Think of it as your personal radio station that plays your favourite songs all day long.




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