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XML::DOM::DocumentType 1.44 by Enno Derksen

XML::DOM::DocumentType is an XML document type (DTD) in XML::DOM.

XML::DOM::DocumentType extends XML::DOM::Node.

Each Document has a doctype attribute whose value is either null or a DocumentType object. The DocumentType interface in the DOM Level 1 Core provides an interface to the list of en… 

GTK ADI Library 0.1.3 by Leonid Zolotarev

The GTK ADI Library is a GTK widget library that implements an ADI widget framework.

GTK ADI Library is an Advanced Document Interface: yet another approach to the MDI - Multi Document Interface.

GTK+ version 2.2.x.

What's New in This Release:
Fix headers installation.… 

C++ xml 1.0.0 by Bjoern Lemke

C++ xml is a C++ library that provides an API for XML document handling.

Similar to the JDOM Java interface, a XML document can be parsed, traced and generated by the provided methods. Furthermore, this library is a good example for the usage of the dragon parser generator.



XML::DOM::Lite::Document 0.10 by T.J. Mather

Document is a XML DOM Lite Document.


$root = $doc->documentElement;
$node = $doc->getElementById("myid");

# Node creation
$element = $doc->createElement("tagname");
$textnode = $doc->createTextNode("some text");

# XPath
$nlist = $doc->selectNodes("/xpath/expression"… 

XML::DOM::DOMImplementation 1.44 by XML::DOM::DOMImplementation Team

XML::DOM::DOMImplementation is a information about XML::DOM implementation.

The DOMImplementation interface provides a number of methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instance of the document object model.

The DOM Level 1 does not specify a way of creating a… 

OSLA 1.5 by OSLA Team

OSLA (Open Source Logistics System) is an open standard Web system for logistics featuring support for shipment, tracking, barcode labelling, a 3rd-party interface to industry document messaging format APIs of DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., document export to CSV to make invoicing more convenient, cargo man… 

XML::DOM::Document 1.44 by XML::DOM Team

XML::DOM::Document is an XML document node in XML::DOM.

XML::DOM::Document extends XML::DOM::Node.

It is the main root of the XML document structure as returned by XML::DOM::Parser::parse and XML::DOM::Parser::parsefile.

Since elements, text nodes, comments, processing instructions, etc. ca… 

Yodl 2.04 by Frank B. Brokken

Yodl implements a pre-document language and tools to process it. Yodl lets you write a single document, then use a tool like yodl2html to convert it to some final document language (HTML, man, LaTeX, etc.).

Yodl's document language is easy to use and to expand. Predefined converters are available… 

Edukalibre Collab 0.8.2 by Diego Chaparro

Edukalibre Collab package is a useful Web interface to the Edukalibre platform.

It's a system to create collaborative educational material with additional functionality such as automatic conversion of documents, history of documents, etc.

This interface allows users to perform the most common… 

KnowledgeTree 3.3 by Daniel Chalef

KnowledgeTree is a feature-rich document management system featuring knowledge management, document version control, hierarchical document management, support for common file formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, TXT, HTML), extensible meta data, creation of custom document types, application managed doc… 

DBI::DBD 1.52 by Jonathan Leffler

DBI::DBD is a Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide.


perldoc DBI::DBD

Version and volatility

This document is still a minimal draft which is in need of further work.

The changes will occur both because the DBI specification is changing and hence the requirements on D… 

csv2latex 0.9 by Benoit Rouits

csv2latex converts a well formed csv file (as done by to a LaTeX document. csv2latex project is written in C and flush the document to the standard output. The number of columns is automatically detected.

let's say we have to convert a table.csv to a document.tex
This generally d… 

Simple Document Management System 1.1.4 by Cafuego

SDMS is an open-source system that allows you to store any document in a database via a bunch of webpages.

That was the short description, now comes the long one. SDMS uses PHP to provide you with a pretty interface to a MySQL server that allows you to store and retrieve documents and to share th… 

Edukalibre Repository Manager 0.8.2 by Diego Chaparro

Edukalibre Repository Manager project is a document repository with extra functionality.

Edukalibre Repository Manager is a document storage repository constructed over a subversion repository with added functionality based on plugins.

It is basically a document repository that carries out so… 

DynaPage::Document 0.90 by Daniel Peder

DynaPage::Document is a Perl module with DynaPage Document container.


step1 - document ( create file mydoc.document )
---[content of]---

!include.template =- mydoc-template.htmt
my-title =- This is single line
my-head =- Hello World
my-para ==~

OpenOffice::OODoc 2.027 by Jean-Marie Gouarne

OpenOffice::OODoc is The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector.


use OpenOffice::OODoc;

# get global access to the content of an OOo file
my $document = ooDocument(file => "MyFile.odt");
# select a text element containing… 

Vex 1.2.1 by John Krasnay

Vex is a CSS-styled editor for document-type XML such as DocBook and xhtml.

Vex provides a wordprocessor-like interface for editing structured documents in XML. It is written in Java and based on the Eclipse platform.

Here are some key features of "Vex":
Uses regular CSS for styling document… 

GooeySAX 2.0 by Todd Ditchendorf

GooeySAX is a cross-platform tool that wraps an underlying SAX parser (Apache Xerces, to be exact) in a Java Swing interface. You can use GooeySAX to parse XML documents on your local file system or across the network to determine their Well-Formedness.

With the optional Validity setting enabled,… 

XML::Generator::DOM 0.99 by XML::Generator::DOM Team

XML::Generator::DOM is an XML::Generator subclass for producing DOM trees instead of strings.


use XML::Generator::DOM;

my $dg = XML::Generator::DOM->new();
my $doc = $dg->xml($dg->xmlcmnt("Test document."),
$dg->foo({'baz' => 'b… 

Document Library 1.2b2 by Martijn Faassen

Document Library is a Web application for document management in larger organizations with a lot of documents.

Organizations deal with numerous documents, such as word processor documents and PDFs. These documents often reside on someone's computer and are not network accessible. Versions of docu… 



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