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GNU Phantom.Security 1.00 by Joe Thielen

GNU Phantom.Security is a computer-controlled security system.

Phantom is designed to be a completely customizable computer controlled security system. All source code (C++/Bourne script) is included. Phantom was designed & tested on a Linux system, but I assume the C++ portions can be easily po… 

Secure back door 0.5 by Jordan Wilberding

Secure Back Door (SBD) is a tool that provides ultra-secure and minimal access to a computer, which allows you to run a single command based on a one time key. It is good if you don't want to have an SSH server running all the time, and only want to start it when needed. Because it has only a few… 

Moagg 0.18 by Bernhard Trummer and Andreas Granig

Moagg combines several game types of other genres like races, search & rescue, seek & destroy et cetera into a 2D gravity game.

You are pilot of a small space ship and have to navigate that ship through different levels. But beside the gravity that drags you down there are other obstacles like la… 

barricade 0.1.0 by Francesco Vannini

barricade is a simple implementation of the door knocking method aimed to open your network service or firewall only if a special ICMP echo request packet is sniffed from the network interface. After the last valid packet received, barricade waits for a defined amount of time, then it closes your fi… 

tower toppler 1.1.2 by Andreas R?ver

In tower toppler you have to help a cute little green animal switch off some kind of "evil" mechanism. The "power off switch" is hidden somewhere in high towers. On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard the tower.

That sounds all like a normal jump and run game… 

Avanor, the Land of Mystery 0.5.8 by Vadim Gaidukevich

Avanor, the Land of Mystery is rapidly-growing Rogue-like game with an easy ADOM-like user interface. It has countryside and subterranean areas to explore, a quest system, and some original features.

Moving and locations
'1' - south-west
'2' - south
'3' - south-east
'4' - west
'5' - cur… 

Neveredit 0.8.1 by Neveredit Team

Neveredit aims to provide end-user module editing facilities for Bioware's Neverwinter Nights computer game.

It parses and writes most NWN files and provides a convenient interface to change a growing number of attributes of the module they constitute.

For developers, it provides a set of Pyth… 

libmemcache 1.2.4 by Sean Chittenden

libmemcache is the C API for memcached(8), a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system.



Build instructions:

% cd libmemcache-x.y.z
% pmk
% make
% sudo make install

To compile with debugging, call pmk with '-e debug'.

% cd libmem… 

PLWM 2.6a by Mike Meyer

PLWM is a Python package, containing classes suitable for implementing a window manager. PLWM is also a window manager, using the PLWM package.

What's New in This Release:
This is mostly a bug fix release, to get the latest set of fixes out the door.

Distutils is now used to build and inst… 

Revelation 0.4.7 by Erik Grinaker

Revelation is a password manager for the GNOME 2 desktop. Revelation program stores all your accounts and passwords in a single, secure place, and gives you access to it through a user-friendly graphical interface.

Here are some key features of "Revelation":
Secure storage of passwords - uses an A… 

RogueScanner by Chris Waters

RogueScanner project is an open-source vulnerability management tool that is used to gain greater network visibility to enable you to quickly identify and remove rogue wireless devices that may provide a back door to access your critical data and infrastructure.

Considering that rogue access poin… 

Network Chemistry RogueScanner by Chris Waters

RogueScanner project is an open-source vulnerability management tool that is used to gain greater network visibility to enable you to quickly identify and remove rogue wireless devices that may provide a back door to access your critical data and infrastructure.

Considering that rogue access poi… 

trackpeer 0.02 by Hideaki Goto

trackpeer is an agent program that helps network and server administrators with tracking users computers.

It makes it possible to determine the MAC addresses of computers over a network, even when the computers are behind NATed gateways.

This agent program is intended to be used by the adminis… 

THC-Dialup Login Hacker 1.1 by The Hacker's Choice

THC-Dialup Login Hacker is a tool for penetrating dialup modems.

All you need is UNIX and minicom. Have fun with this little release!

The internet is not the only door into a network. In this new days, wavelans are becoming popular, in old days, there were dial-in modems. But today, dial-in mo… 

jNetTool 0.4.0 by Arthur Ventruba

jNetTool is a Swiss-knife for networks. It includes whois and nslookup queries, ping and traceroute, an IP address calculator, and a visual network planing-tool.



With jNetTool-whois you find out who owns a domain or IP-address. Please enter a domain without "www" - for exam… 

S.C.O.U.R.G.E. 0.16 by Gabor Torok

S.C.O.U.R.G.E. is a rogue-like game in the fine tradition of NetHack and Moria. S.C.O.U.R.G.E. project sports a graphical front-end, similar to glHack or the Falcon's eye.

Here are some key features of "S.C.O.U.R.G.E":
Multi-level, random, scrolling dungeons. Populated with many, fearsome… 

cdstatus 0.96.05 by Nathanael Hoyle

cdstatus is a tool for diagnosing cdrom drive and cd problems, and for performing digital data (audio) extraction. It will query the drive status, and report what the system thinks the status is.

Due to problems, systems have been known to disagree with users as to the status of a drive. (The use… 

OggCarton 1.0 Beta by, Inc.

OggCarton is a free, open source, home jukebox system that rips, indexes, and manages playlists for Ogg Vorbis music files. OggCarton a web server for playing files on your home network. Compatible with existing MP3 files.

Beta source code and binary installers are available for Windows, Linux, a… 

Firestorm by Gianni Tedesco

Firestorm is an extremely high performance network intrusion detection system (NIDS). At the moment it just a sensor but plans are to include real support for analysis, reporting, remote console and on-the-fly sensor configuration. It is fully pluggable and hence extremely flexible. Firestorm perfor… 

DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon 2.0.11 by Caravel Games

DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon is a puzzle adventure game for all ages.

This is where Beethro's delvings really got started. Go deep into King Dugan's dungeon, solving puzzles and fighting monsters.

The game is easy to learn, but difficult to complete. There are hundreds of rooms to explore and… 



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