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Dynamic MP3 Lister by Benjamin Kuz

Dynamic MP3 Lister was a project I started a long time ago to create dynamic lists of MP3s quickly and easily.

Features MP3 Information extraction for things like bitrate, channels, playtime and more.

Please note that this script is discontinued, and is only shown here now as an example of my… 

Dynamic Copyright It! 1.0 by Implied By Design LLC.

Dynamic Copyright it! is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use PHP script that adds copyright notices to your images dynamically, meaning that the copyright notices are generated on the fly.

If you get tired of changing the copyright on your images from year to year, this tools makes it so you never ha… 

Dynamic Range Extender 1.00 by Olli Salonen

Dynamic Range Extender plugin takes two images and creates one composite image, which supposedly has increased dynamic range.

With digital SLR cameras you can often use RAW format, which lets user select the exposure correction afterwards. The sample here is from Canon 10D.



Dynamic Image Resize Wizard 1.0 by Implied By Design LLC.

Dynamic Image Resize Wizard is a free PHP script that enables your visitors to re-size their images quickly, efficiently and on-the-fly.

The user just enters the URL of the image they wish to resize, and the length they wish the image to be, and the Wizard does the rest.You can use it for your ow… 

Dynamic Probe Class Library 3.4.3 by DPCL Open Source team

Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object-based C++ class library that provides the necessary infrastructure to allow tool developers and sophisticated tool users to build parallel and serial tools through technology called dynamic instrumentation.

Dynamic Probe Class Library takes the basi… 

Jscroll 1.0.2 by

JScroll is a swing component for Java that provides a virtual desktop pane.

It provides a virtual desktop replete with dynamic scroll bars, dynamic menus, and dynamic button shortcuts.

The JScrollDesktopPane class surmounts the limitations of the original JDesktopPane Swing component, offerin… 

tinydyndns 0.4.2 by Gerrit Pape

tinydyndns is a simple but powerful dynamic DNS solution that uses djbdns. tinydyndns cooperates with the djbdns package to publish dynamic IP addresses authenticated through POP connections.

On successfully authenticated POP connections, the tinydyndns-update program manipulates tinydns' constan… 

AOLserver 4.5.0 by Dossy Shiobara

AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively scalable and extensible Web server tuned for large scale, dynamic Web sites.

AOLserver includes complete database integration, dynamic page scripting, and an open, extensible architecture.


Spam Blacklist Checker 2005-03-02 by Matthew Gates

Spam Blacklist Checker can check to see if an IP address is flagged in a spam blacklist (

The reason is that BT allocate me IPs dynamically using DHCP, and more and more of the ones I get are flagged in spam blacklists in such a way that all the mail I send gets flagged as spam,… 

HTML::Seamstress 4.26 by Terrence Brannon

HTML::Seamstress is a HTML::Tree subclass for HTML templating via tree rewriting.


HTML::Seamstress provides "fourth generation" dynamic HTML generation (templating).
In the beginning we had...

First generation dynamic HTML production

First generation dynamic HTML production use… 

dxgallery 169 by Darxus

dxgallery is a static HTML image gallery generator which uses dynamic columns and fixed pixel image scaling. It also tries to look pretty.

I created dxgallery because it is the only one I know of that:

- Uses a dynamic number of columns.
- Uses consistent pixel count scaling.
- Is the prettiest.


Daikon 4.2.12 by Michael Ernst

Daikon is an implementation of dynamic detection of likely invariants. An invariant is a property (such as "x=2*y+5" or " = this" or "myarray is sorted by… 

Swift-Generator 0.20.5 by Olivier Debon

Swift-Generator is a Dynamic Flash Content generator. It aims at dynamically replacing texts, fonts, sounds, images and movie clips in either a Template file or a standard Flash file.

Swift-Generator can also dynamically change action parameters in either frames or buttons. This allows Webmasters t… 

Tiny Marbles 0.9 by Felipe Kamakura

Tiny Marbles provides persistence for dynamic objects, through a data model that you can create, modify and extend at runtime.

It is useful for developers who need to create rapid prototypes with an unknown model and developers of applications that have inherently dynamic data models. Tiny Marble… 

Wartimes 0.9.5 by Mike L. Farrell

Wartimes is a dynamic shooting game with simple graphic. Survive and destroy enemy troops.


PHP FastFileCache 0.1b by Ake Wallebom

PHP FastFileCache caches output from dynamic PHP scripts, and stores them in files for fast retrieval under high server load.

File-locking must be enabled (The flock() function is used)
Tested with PHP 4.2.2
Short-tags must be enabled in php.ini!
Web Server
The web… 

Dynamic Taste Detection for XMMS 20020303 by Walles

Dynamic Taste Detection patch makes XMMS adapt its playlist randomization function to your personal taste.

Songs you don't like end up at the end of the playlist, and songs you like to hear together tend to end up next to each other.



Use XMMS normally for a whil… 

DynDNS 3.6.6 by Dynamic Network Services, Inc.

DynDNS was originally founded to provide quality dynamic DNS services to the Internet and we continue to offer our free Dynamic DNS. In addition, we offer other services that might be of interest to a home user.

DynDNS is a focused and savvy DNS provider, specializing in dynamic DNS and complemen… 

Ruby/Informix 0.4.0 by Gerardo Santana Gomez Garrido

Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix Dynamic Server. It provides a convenient interface for querying an Informix database in Ruby programs.

What's New in This Release:
Support for scroll cursors and multiple connections to databases was added.… 

Apache DSSI 1.0.0 by S.J.G

Apache DSSI is a SSI extention for calling Dynamic function.

By using this extentions to mod_include, you can make your own function for SSI (Server Side Includes) and you can call your function with SSI directives. This solution is based on mod_so and mod_include. By using DSSI, you can integrat… 



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