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mod-xslt 1.3.8 by Carlo Contavalli

mod-xslt is an Apache module that converts XML files into HTML files using XSLT stylesheets. It was written to overcome most of the limits of similar modules and uses a standard API, which could easily be used for other applications or to support more servers.

It is able to parse dynamically gene… 

WorldForge::Ember 0.4.1 by Erik Hjortsberg and Miguel Guzman

Ember is a 3d client for the WorldForge project. It uses the Ogre 3d graphics library for presentation and CEGUI for it's GUI system.

The client can model a full 3d world with dynamic terrain generation. It has an easy to use GUI system with widgets for server browsing, login, and character selec… 

Dynamic Copyright It! 1.0 by Implied By Design LLC.

Dynamic Copyright it! is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use PHP script that adds copyright notices to your images dynamically, meaning that the copyright notices are generated on the fly.

If you get tired of changing the copyright on your images from year to year, this tools makes it so you never ha… 

LibHTTPD 1.4 by David J. Hughes

LibHTTPD can be used to add basic web server capabilities to an application or embedded device.

The library handles both static and dynamically generated content, has very low overheads, and provides many features to simplify the creation of web based application interfaces.… 

ezOnlineGallery 1.3 Beta by Sven-Ove Bjerkan

ezOnlineGallery is an online gallery that automatically generates thumbnails.

ezOnlineGallery supports descriptions for each album and picture, searching on descriptions and file names, picture rotation, EXIF support for displaying the time and date images were taken, dynamically generated text o… 

C++ WSDL Parser 1.9.3 by vivek

C++ WSDL Parser is an efficient C++ Web services library that includes a standards compliant WSDL parser API, a Schema parser and validator, an XML parser and serializer, and an API for dynamically inspecting and invoking WSDL Web services.

What's New in This Release:
Many WSDLs can now be dyna… 

The World's Best Band Name Generator 1.03 by

The World's Best Band Name Generator produces randomly generated band names.

The World's Best Band Name Generator can generate band names like "Ungratefully Swallowed" and "The Bridgeheads" and "Throwaway Deceptiveness".

The visitor can refresh the names dynamically without refreshing the page… 

Open Blue Lab 1.2.6 (Accounting) by Open Blue Lab Project

Open Blue Lab is a rapid application development framework for building portal applications based on Web 2.0. Open Blue Lab is currently being used to develop a full Web ERP from scratch.

Portal layout may be configured through the UI, and Ajax and HTML-based forms are automatically built from XM… 

ELF statifier 1.6.8 by Valery Reznic

ELF statifier create from dynamically linked executables and all it's libraries one file. This file can be copied and run on another machine without need to drag all it's libraries.

Dynamically linked executables are smaller then statically linked. From the other side dynamically linked executabl… 

DynAlbum 1.5 by Steve Holland

Dynalbum is a fully dynamic automatic Web photo album generator. The album includes an index page with thumbnails, navigation tools on each album page, and four sizes of each picture.

The entire album is dynamically generated from a directory of JPEGs, TIFFs, PNGs, and GIFs when it is accessed. U… 

mod_myuserdir 0.99.2 by Igor Popov

mod_myuserdir is an Apache 1.3.xx module for dynamically configured mass userdirs with php. All configurations are stored in MySQL database.

No need to have every user in system userbase (/etc/passwd), no need to restart apache after configuration changed (homedir changed, user [un]blocked...).… 

ClassyTcl 1.0.0 by Peter De Rijk

ClassyTcl is a dynamically loadable object system for Tcl. A Tcl-only as well as a C implementation is available. ClassyTcl also doesn't require patches to the Tcl core, so keeping up with new releases should be easy.

Performance is very adequate. The C version is gives extra speed, and makes it… 

gui4j 1.2.3 by Kay Kr?ger-Barvels

gui4j is a framework for describing Java Swing GUIs completely in XML.

The graphical user interface is created dynamically based on the XML definitions. Each GUI window is associated with exactly one top-level XML file. Each XML file can dynamically include other XML files to support complex GUI… 

DLC 0.3.1 by Martin Reinecke

DLC short from Dynamically Loadable Classes is a compact utility that allows loading of shared libraries with C++ classes at runtime in an elegant and convenient way.

It has been tested on a Linux platform with gcc 2.95.2, but should work on other ELF platforms as well. A C++ compiler with RTTI s… 

phppdflib 2.8 by Bill Moran

phppdflib is a class written in php that presents an easy to use API for generating PDF files dynamically.

Here are some key features of "phppdflib":
It's freely licensed under the GNU GPL.
Since it's written in php, it doesn't require you to recompile or reconfigure your web server in any wa… 

Open Blue Lab 1.4.4 (WareHouse Management System) by Jean-Christophe Kermagoret

Open Blue Lab is a rapid application development framework for building Web 2.0 portal applications. Open Blue Lab is the framework used to develop the web site you are reading, and the full Web ERP Open Blue Lab too, from scratch.

Portal layout may be configured through the UI. Widgets are dynam… 

GoodProfOrNot 2.3.12 by Karl Chen

GoodProfOrNot is a database and web system for organizing, interpreting, and presenting course survey results.

GoodProfOrNot project is designed to show ratings of instructors (professors and student instructors) and classes.

The project is implemented in Python (see below for rationale). The back… 

The Ming Server 0.7.5 by Billy Bob Ming

The Ming Server generates Web pages statically or dynamically. As a local executable, it generates a static site from a directory tree of simple text files.

Installed in cgi-bin, it creates those same pages on demand in response to browser requests. Parsing of different source types, the creation… 

Quad-Pres 0.12.0 by Shlomi Fish

Quad-Pres stands for Quick and Dirty Presentation and is a Perl and Web Meta Language based tool for generating HTML presentations.

Quad-Pres is standards compliant (XHTML 1.0), and generates a real URL tree.

Here are some key features of "Quad Pres":
Uses Web Meta Language.
Organizes the… 

LongPlayer 1.01 by Andrew Wils

LongPlayer extends the functionality of a traditional MP3 player and is meant for people with a large MP3 or Ogg Vorbis collection who want to listen to it all day. LongPlayer chooses from dynamically generated collections of music to fill the MP3 player's playlist.

It does this in a more advance… 



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