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ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 by Tim-Philipp M?ller

ed2k-gtk-gui is a graphical frontend (GUI) that allows you to control an eDonkey2000 command line client (core) running on the local machine or on a remote host. It is based on the GTK+ toolkit and the gnet library.

Here are some key features of "ed2k gtk gui":
complete graphic interface for th… 

Overnet 0.53.3 by MetaMachine

Overnet is the distributed search network that the donkey uses to find files. It was a standalone application but we have now EDonkey and overnet are the same application.

Here are some key features of "Overnet":
Elegant easy to use interface
International versions. Now available in many lang… 

eDonkey2000 1.1 by MetaMachine

eDonkey is an application that allows you to share and download files with millions of other people across the globe.

eDonkey2000 application is fast and easy to use with the most sophisticated file sharing technology available.

eDonkey contains the most advanced peer to peer filesharing techn… 



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