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ed2k-gtk-gui 0.6.4 by Tim-Philipp M?ller

ed2k-gtk-gui is a graphical frontend (GUI) that allows you to control an eDonkey2000 command line client (core) running on the local machine or on a remote host. It is based on the GTK+ toolkit and the gnet library.

Here are some key features of "ed2k gtk gui":
complete graphic interface for th… 

Overnet 0.53.3 by MetaMachine

Overnet is the distributed search network that the donkey uses to find files. It was a standalone application but we have now EDonkey and overnet are the same application.

Here are some key features of "Overnet":
Elegant easy to use interface
International versions. Now available in many lang… 

Feed Me Links 1.0 by Code Swami

Feed Me Links is a Web application for managing and sharing links.

Feed Me Links provides many interesting features such as tagging, comments, RSS feeds, tag clouds, friend lists, a REST API for exporting, a browser sidebar, and Firefox and IE favorites import.… 

Fix broken links 0.2.0 by Manuel Amador

Fix broken links helps you fix broken symbolic links by finding probable targets and presenting them to you in a nice user interface.… 

eDonkey2000 1.1 by MetaMachine

eDonkey is an application that allows you to share and download files with millions of other people across the globe.

eDonkey2000 application is fast and easy to use with the most sophisticated file sharing technology available.

eDonkey contains the most advanced peer to peer filesharing techn… 

MyThreads-Links 1.1.0 by Joshua Curtis

MyThreads-Links project is a flexible web based links manager that looks similar to Yahoo but was written in PHP and uses MySQL.

MyThreads-Links uses PHPLib Templates so that its very simple for anyone to change the look and feel of the program without having to edit the code.

Here are some ke… 

Link Alert 0.5.1 by conlan

Link Alert is a Firefox extension that changes the cursor to indicate the target of a link.

Highlights links to the following:
-New Windows
-Secure Sites
-Email Links
-Word Documents
-Excel Spreadsheets
-PDF Files
-Zip Files
-Text Files

Numbered Links 0.9 by Shawn Betts

Numbered Links is a Firefox extension which allows you to follow the link by number.

It adds numbers to each link (including images) and input field on a page and allows you to follow the link by typing it's number, much like numbered links in lynx work.

Because the numbers often get in the w… 

FlashGot for Thunderbird by Giorgio Maone and Round Two

FlashGot can download one link, selected links or all the links of a page together at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular and reliable external download managers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

Supported products are dozens, see for details.… 

LinkController 0.37 by Michael De La Rue

LinkController is a group of programs designed to take away much of the work of maintaining the links in a web site. Instead of the user running the program checking whether links are broken, LinkController does this automatically. When it finds a broken link it checks it several times across severa… 

WebLight 4.0.10 by Illumit L.L.C.

WebLight software for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows offers people a practical way to find broken links, non-standard HTML, and links between URIs on websites.

Assure that HTML and link problems won't drive visitors away from your site.
Improve website development productivity by finding problems… 

Link Fixer Thing 0.4.6 by Jarrod Wells

Link Fixer Thing is a Firefox extension which fixes links.

It parses links within web pages and now fixes 3 different annoyances.

I originally wrote this extension to fix a web annoyance I've had to deal with too many times. I use Hotmail as one of my email addresses, and I frequently receive… 

Getleft 1.2a3 by Andres Garcia

Given a URL, Getleft will try to download all links. As it goes, it modifies the original HTML pages so that the absolute links get changed to relative links, and links to active pages get changed to the resulting pages. Getleft project supports thirteen different languages.

Here are some key fea… 

HTML::Links::Localize 0.2.4 by Shlomi Fish

HTML::Links::Localize is a Perl module that can convert HTML Files to be used on a hard disk.


use HTML::Links::Localize;

my $converter =
'base_dir' => "/var/www/html/shlomi/Perl/Newbies/lecture4/",
'dest_dir' =… 

CustomizeGoogle 0.49 by CustomizeGoogle

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhance Google search results by adding extra information (like links to Ask Jeeves, MSN, Yahoo etc) and removing unwanted information (like ads and spam).

All features are optional and easily configured from the options menu. View a short introduction… 

NP Syndication 0.9.1 by Dani

NP Syndication is a Wordpress plugin that shows syndication links on your weblog.

Current version allow you to choose between five themes, and allows you to show links in sidebar or at the bottom of the page.

Wordpress 1.5.2

What's New in This Release:
A license notice was… 

Checkbot 1.78 by Hans de Graaff

Checkbot is a tool to verify links on a set of HTML pages. Checkbot can check a single document, or a set of documents on one or more servers. It creates a report which summarizes all links which caused some kind of warning or error.

perl 5 (version 5.8 recommended)
LWP 5.76 (th… 

History links 1.3 by Vladimir Kudryavtsev

This class can be used to keep track of the pages navigated by a user, so it can generate back or next links providing a similar effect to the use of the Javascript history.go() function.

It uses sessions to store an array variable that holds the URL of each page of a site that the user accesses. I… 

iFind 4.0 by White Wizard Productions

iFind is the prime internet search software for the people.

iFind is the top internet search tool.
The real advantage of iFind 4.0 is, to deliver better results when searching for more than one word, like in names.

Best function - specific search, most result links might be related to query

mirrorlinks 1.0.0 by Manuel Amador

mirrorlinks project is a small script that automatically mirrors the contents of a directory into another directory using symbolic links, so you don't waste unnecessary disk space in copies.

This is better explained by example, of course:

You have directories Music, Movies and Shared.
You wan… 



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