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PrBoom 2.4.7 by Florian Schulze

Doom was the classic 3D shoot'em'up game from id Software. PrBoom is a game engine for playing Doom levels, which runs on both Windows and POSIX systems. PrBoom project uses the SDL graphics library.

PrBoom is as compatible and as true to the original Doom as the authors could make it. PrBoom has… 

Gnome Bling Manager 0.1 by Joel Bryan Juliano

Gnome Bling Manager is an interface to easily configure gnome desktop effects.

With the variety of different ways to enable effects in desktop, users will be like to turn it on or off, an easy tool to do it will help them configure their desired effects for their desktop.

A desktop menu entry… 

ZDoom 2.1.7 by Randy Heit

ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source. It features support for all Hexen editing features (including ACS, hubs, etc.), support for most BOOM editing features, freelook, jumping, and translucency support, a Quake-style console, high screen resolutions, removal of the original DOOM's l… 

GM Invert 0-1-12 by lasm & Tim Jacobs

GM Invert is a collection of GIMP effects that let's you toggle any one of the effects than it gives back the original image. Cycle through all three effects in any order, and you arrive back to the original image.

The latest version adds the Solarize effect and the cool Vivid V-invert effec… 

JACK Rack 1.4.5 RC1 by Bob Ham and Leslie P Polzer

JACK Rack is an effects "rack" for the JACK low latency audio API.

The rack can be filled with LADSPA effects plugins and can be controlled using the ALSA sequencer. JACK Rack is phat; it turns your computer into an effects box.


What's New in This R… 

Webmatic flashlets 1.1 by arraffaele

Webmatic flashlets is a collection of various real-time flash graphical effects, menus, and transition effects for your Website (rain, snow, fade, zoom, beams, lightning, and more).

You can customize your flash effects with an easy to use HTML code generator. You can personalize your flashlets wi… 

gAlan 0.3.0 Beta7 by Torben Hohn

gAlan is the Graphical Audio Language.

A modular synthesiser - drum-machine - sequencer - effects-unit for Linux and Win32.

Using gAlan is much like setting up an effects-chain for, say, a guitar. You choose the effects units you wish to use, lay them out, and then connect them to each other, star… 

Kororaa AIGLXgl Live CD 0.3 by Christopher Smart

Kororaa AIGLXgl is a live CD demonstrating the new Xgl technology for 3D window manipulation and other unusual effects.

The livecd now also comes with AIGLX (Fedora's 3D accelerator for X) as well as Xgl. The livecd will ask you which 3D system you want to use.

The aiglxchooser script also has… 

Goom 2k4 RC2 by Jean-Christophe Hoelt

Goom is a visual effects generator for mp3 players, available for XMMS.

Goom is a cool visual effects program that runs on almost every multimedia players.… 

Demoniac 0.3 by Julien Pilet

Demoniac is a tool for exploring and animating graphics effects. Hopefully, it will help to produce demos. Demoniac is based on effects. An effect is a piece of software that computes an image, given some options. Demoniac allows you to create one or more instance. An instance is just a specific eff… 

Horgand 1.06 by Josep Andreu

Horgand is a jack capable organ client with presets and some effects incorporated.

Horgand generates the sound in real time like a FM synthesizer. Due this, you can change the frequency of all the drawars and add some special effects.

This is my fist DSP program attempt, my first jack client,… 

Light Speed! 1 by Straker Skunk

Light Speed! project is an interactive relativistic simulator.

Light Speed! is an OpenGL-based program which illustrates the effects of special relativity on the appearance of moving objects.

When an object accelerates past a few million meters per second, these effects begin to grow noticeab… 

GAI Nebulus 0.1 by Jonas Aaberg

GAI Nebulus is a bunch of nice OpenGL effects that depends on the music played by XMMS. It shows various OpenGL effects that depends on the music played by XMMS.

Notice, Not for the Gnome Panel!

GAI Nebulus requires GAI v0.5.0pre3 or later with OpenGL, XMMS and you have to install the xmms plu… 

x10mp3 0.1.0 by Andrew Bythell

x10mp3 is a plug-in for xmms and WinAmp. x10mp3 will allow you to control XMMS/WinAmp using an X10 remote. It is intended to be used as a replacement for the Boom 2000 Software. See below for requirements and compatibility with the various X10 remotes.

The main platform for x10mp3 is Linux. Some… 

GUMP 1.0 by GUMP Team

GUMP script works on the LAB channels to add rich color saturation effects to your photo. This is the twin sister script of Photo LAB WoW !!

The latest version at source forge archive allows you to do cool color changes, including black and white conversion.

GIMP 2.x… 

Advanced Slide Show Software by Patrick OBrien

The Advanced Slide Show is designed to display your slides in sequence with a range of changover effects. In addition you can specify multiple link area's within any slide.

The Advanced Slide Show applet has been very efficiently written and as a result will enhance your visitors viewing experien… 

Advanced Typewriter Text Effects by Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

Advanced Typewriter Text Effects lets you display multiple messages within a single screen area.

With a Typewriter text effect this is an excellent way to display multiple messages while leaving the majority of your page free for the real content.

Here are some key features of "Advanced Typewr… 

EffecTV 0.3.11 by EffecTV crew

EffecTV project is a real-time video effector. You can watch TV or video through amazing effectors.



DV Video Assembler 0.93 by DV Video Assembler Team

This application is particularly useful for owners of digital DV video camera's and other people who use the Sony DV video format for high quality video production.

'DV Assembler' allows you to append multiple Sony DV files with nice looking transition effects for both audio and video. Multiple t… 

libease 0.0.2 by stroppytux

libease is a shared library containing easing algorithms that can be used for graphical effects or mathematical calculations.

libease's main goal of is to try and create a centralised library for easing effects within the window manager environment.



This is inten… 



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