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Emacs Configuration Framework 0.0.5 by Dmitry S. Kulyabov

Emacs Configuration Framework is a versatile configuration package for Emacs. It is meant for users whose Emacs configuration has become so complex that it appears to be unmanageable.

It enables you to write and load the configuration for individual Emacs packages in pieces. You can use it to set… 

Emacs Common Lisp 20061030 by Lars Brinkhoff

Emacs Common Lisp is an implementation of Common Lisp, written in Emacs Lisp. It does not yet purport to conform to the ANSI standard since, among other things, CLOS, and pretty printing are missing.

However, most other Common Lisp features like lexical closures,
packages, readtables, multiple v… 

Fid Emacs 0.2 by Jon Cast

Fid Emacs project is an Emacs-like text editor integrated with the Frigand Imperial Desktop.

It uses Fid's mechanisms for buffers, windows, frames, customization, and extensibility.

What's New in This Release:
Retain compatibility with fid-core 0.2.1, fid-graphics 0.1.3
Function key suppor… 

cfs-el 0.5.0 by Marco Parrone

cfs-el is an Emacs frontend for CFS (Cryptographic File System).

cfs-el project uses the Emacs customization facilities for setting preferences; you can use the command @command{M-x customize-group RET cfs RET} to access the cfs customization group.

Before using cfs-el, it must be loaded into… 

Emacs 21.4a by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Emacs project is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.

If this seems to be a bit of a mouthful, an easier explanation is Emacs is a text editor and more. At its core is an interpreter for Emacs Lisp (``elisp'', for short), a dialect of the Lisp programming lang… 

Emacs 9.0-pre3 (GNUstep) by Emacs Authors

Emacs GNUstep is a port of the latest GNU Emacs source to the OpenStep (or NeXTstep) APIs, as implemented by Cocoa on OS X as well as the GNUstep open source project. Emacs runs on OS X 10.3 ("Panther") and 10.4 ("Tiger"), as well as GNUstep on Linux.

It may also work on other GNUstep platforms,… 

Zile is Lossy Emacs 2.2.24 by Reuben Thomas

Zile project is a small Emacs clone. Zile is a customizable, self-documenting real-time open-source display editor. Zile was written to be as similar as possible to Emacs; every Emacs user should feel at home.

Here are some key features of "Zile is Lossy Emacs":
It is very useful for sma… 

C# for Emacs 0.4.0 by D. Moonfire

C# for Emacs is a derived mode implementing most of the C# rules.

After a good number of years, we noticed that there wasn't a "non-patched" version of a csharp-mode for Emacs.

There were a few, but most of them had comments that they were "in progress" or "about to merge", but then we noticed… 

ruby2shoes 1.0.7 by Ruby Dos Zapatas

ruby2shoes combines Emacs and Python to create a sophisticated writing environment for screenplay and fiction writers.

Emacs modes are used to create .sp or .fc files. Spirit, a Python application, then archives these files, converts them to text, HTML, or LaTeX, or prints them in a variety of wa… 

GNU EMMS 2.0 by Lucas Bonnet

GNU EMMS is the Emacs Multimedia System. It tries to be a clean and small application to play multimedia files from Emacs using external players. Many of it's ideas are derived from MpthreePlayer , but it tries to be more general and cleaner.

The fact that EMMS is based on external players makes… 

Auto-recompile 1.1 by Fredrik Hubinette

Auto-recompile is a small emacs add-on that allows you to fix compilation errors faster. It does this by continuously compiling the program you are working on while you are fixing problems.

Auto-recompile eliminates the need to explicitly start a compilation for every fix you make, and manages yo… 

Elib 1.0 by Inge Wallin and Per Cederqvist

Elib is designed to be for Emacs lisp programs what libiberty.a is for C programs: a collection of useful routines which don't have to be reinvented each time a new program is written.

It contains code for:

container data structures (queues, stacks, AVL trees, etc)
string handling functio… 

Gnus 5.10.8 by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen

Gnus is a flexible message reader running under GNU Emacs. Gnus supports reading and composing both news and mail. In addition, it is able to use a number of web-based sources as inputs for its groups.

The main Gnus goal is to provide the user with an efficient and extensible interface towards deal… 

speechd-el 2.0 by Brailcom o.p.s.

speechd-el is an Emacs client to Speech Dispatcher, BrlTTY, and other alternative output devices.

speechd-el provides a complex speech/Braille interface to Emacs, and is focused especially on (but not limited to) blind and visually impaired users.

It allows the user to work with Emacs without… 

Doxymacs 1.6.0 by Ryan T. Sammartino

Doxymacs is an elisp package designed to make using and creating Doxygen easier for {X}Emacs users.

It currently features the ability to look up documentation for classes, functions, members, etc in the browser of your choice, fontification of Doxygen keywords, and automagical insertion of Doxyge… 

XEmacs 21.5.27 by XEmacs Review Board

XEmacs was formerly known as Lucid Emacs and is a powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support, initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 from the Free Software Foundation and since kept up to ate with recent versions of that product.

XEmacs stems from a collaboration of Lucid… 

EasyPG 0.0.2 by Daiki Ueno

EasyPG is yet another GnuPG interface for Emacs. EasyPG package consists of two parts:

The EasyPG Assistant - A GUI frontend of GnuPG
The EasyPG Library - A library to interact with GnuPG

Here are some key features of "EasyPG":
The EasyPG Assistant provides the following features:

Xtla 1.2 by Stefan Reichoer

Xtla is the Emacs front-end to the GNU Arch revision control system. It provides user-friendly wrappers for tla native commands and some higher level features such as the bookmark manager.

Here are some key features of "Xtla":
PCL-CVS like interface for tla inventory
Archive browser. Navigat… 

AUCTeX 11.83 by David Kastrup

AUCTeX is an extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in GNU Emacs and XEmacs.

Here are some key features of "AUCTeX":

Insert macros, environments and headings with a simple key stroke or via a menu entry. AUCTeX will help you by prompting for parameters in case of k… 

enotes 1.2 by Francois Fleuret

enotes is a small GNU Emacs script to handle appointments. enotes stores a list of notes, each with a title, a warning date, a date and optionally a long description and a reference file.

A window pops up when a warning time is reached. It is simple (more than calendar and others), yet reliable a… 



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