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Convert::yEnc::Entry 1.02 by Steven W McDougall

Convert::yEnc::Entry is a Perl module as an entry in a Convert::yEnc::RC database.


use Convert::yEnc::Entry;

$entry = new Convert::yEnc::Entry { size => 10000 };
$entry = new Convert::yEnc::Entry { size => 50000, part => 1 };

$entry = load Convert::yEnc::Entry "1… 

Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Audio 0.07 by Jesse Vincent

Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Audio represents an audio alarm in an iCalendar file.


my $valarm = Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Audio->new();
attach => [ "", { fmttype => "audio/basic" } ],
# Dat*e*::ICal… 

RPM::Util::Files 0.10 by Toru Yamaguchi

RPM::Util::Files is a Perl module to generate %files list in RPM Specfile.


use RPM::Util::Files;

my $util = RPM::Util::Files->new({
build_root => '/var/tmp/some-package-version-root',
docs_filters => [
sub {
my $entry = shift;


DCSquares 2.0.1 by Sam Steele

DCSquares is an addictive, fast-paced game for Linux.

Using your mouse or analog stick, move your player around to collect points and avoid enemys!

How to play:


Player - This is what you use to interact with the various other objects in the game. Use your mouse or analog control stick to… 

pmacct-fe 0.1.2 by Paolo Lucente

pmacct-fe is a frontend tool for presenting network statistics in tables and plots. pmacct-fe project works by reading aggregates stored into a PostgreSQL database by pmacct.

Features include user authentication and capabilities, support for multiple observation points and customizable report types… 

Entry-Cleaner 0.1 by Jochen Baier

Entry-Cleaner is as small utility for Linux which delete text in text input fields with a simple key press using the "Windows-Key".

It is written in C using only Xlib. Entry-Cleaner works well ith input fields like Google search field or Firefox address field.… 

LJ::Simple 0.15 by Simes

LJ::Simple is a Perl module to provide a simple OOP-based API for accessing the LiveJournal system.

Here are some key features of "LJ Simple":
Log into LiveJournal
Post a journal entry
Edit a journal entry
Delete a journal entry


The following example posts a simple message i… 

OglExt 1.2.2 by Thomas Jansen

OglExt is a free OpenGL extension library, enabling the easy access of all functionality up to OpenGL version 2.0 as well as API functions of more than 270 OpenGL extensions. OglExt library was initially written for Microsoft Windows but works for Linux and MacOS X as well.

OpenGL developers for… 

The Sheep Killer 1.1 by Nicola Lugato and Kierren Small

The Sheep Killer is a cross-platform 3d game where you control a Viking and must kill sheeps!

Each sheep gives you five points. While killing sheep you must watch out from rams! They'll try to bite you, making you loose a life. You can also kill rams if you can, they give 10 points!

What's New… 

Trackballs 1.1.2 by Mathias Broxvall

Trackballs is a FREE and simple game similar to the classic game Marble Madness.

By steering a marble through a track filled with vicious hammers, pools of acid, and other obstacles the player collects points.

When the ball reaches the destination, the player continue to the next, more difficu… 

Demokritos 0.3.7 by James Tauber

Demokritos is a server implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol.

Demokritos also provides a library that can be used for the development of other Atom-related applications.


To run a test server, cd to test directory and run in the same directory… 

Golf analyzer 0.9.2 by Tristan Carron

Golf analyzer is a little programm that analyzes your golf play and determines your handicap and some statistics.

You can add, delete, or update data, and you can determine how many points Stableford they give you back for one course or another.

It lets you print the score card with the Stableford… 

Gtk2Fu 0.10 by dams

Gtk2Fu is a GTK2 Forked Ultimate, a powerful layer on top of Gtk2. (forked from ugtk2.)

gtk2-fu is a layer on top of perl gtk2, that brings power, simplicity and speed of development. It brings additional methods to ease the widget creation among other things. But the most important feature is th… 

Boolball 0.6 by Theo van Klaveren

Boolball is a game where you have to drop balls in a field of obstacles to score points.

Two players each have a row of balls located at the top of the screen, which can be dropped into a field of obstacles. Players take turns dropping one of their balls. The lower the balls fall, the higher the… 

TrapperTim 20060117 by Darren L. LaChausse

TrapperTim is an extremely simple content management system with low hosting requirements.

TrapperTim dosen't require a database because all of the settings and data are stored in simple human readable and editable text files.

A server configured for PHP 4.x or later
The abi… 

ProGuard 3.7 by Eric Lafortune

ProGuard is a free Java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator. ProGuard project can detect and remove unused classes, fields, methods, and attributes. It can then optimize bytecode and remove unused instructions.

Finally, it can rename the remaining classes, fields, and methods using sho… 

kwebm 0.9 by mattepiu

kwebm text-driven update check for much more affordability (MD5 check is fooled too often).

Has it's own limits due to the kommander limits, but does his job greatly.

Please read the README file in the archive.

rightclick an entry: dialog to edit, doubleclick an entry: open link in konque… 

Dasher 4.3.1 by Dasher Team

Dasher is a zooming predictive text entry system, designed for situations where keyboard input is impractical (for instance, accessibility or PDAs).

Dasher is usable with highly limited amounts of physical input while still allowing high rates of text entry.

Dasher is Free software released un… 

PHP Radius Accounting Tool 0.1 by Karl Hiramoto

PHP Radius Accounting tool is a report tool for use with freeradius and MySQL. PHP Radius Accounting Tool features: listing of users, bandwidth used up/down per user, number of logins, usage details, who is using most bandwidth, a list of stations (access points), which users use each access point,… 

RSSTail 0.8 by Folkert van Heusden

RSSTail is more or less an rss reader. RSSTail monitors an rss-feed and if it detects a new entry it'll emit only that new entry.

Compile & install:

make install


rsstail -u url -i check_interval


rsstail -u -i 300

this wil… 



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