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GNUstep examples 1.1.0 by GNUstep developers

GNUstep examples is a collection of programs that are meant to show programmers how to use GNUstep.

GNUstep examples includes a calculator, a currency converter, finger, fractal, puzzle, hostaddress, and ink (a simple editor).

What's New in This Release:
Minor feature enhancements… 

SWT 3.2 by Eclipse

SWT is an open source widget toolkit for Java designed to provide efficient, portable access to the user-interface facilities of the operating systems on which it is implemented.

Full-blown examples that can be downloaded from the eclipse download page. The examples in package org.eclipse.swt.exa… 

Test::Usage 0.07 by Luc St-Louis

Test::Usage is a different approach to testing: selective, quieter, colorful.


Let's say we are building module To exercise it, we write a usage examples module,, which may eventually look something like this:

package Foo_T;
use Test::Usage;
use strict;

bf 20041219 by Stephan Beyer

bf is a simple, fast interpreter for the esoteric programming language Brainfuck.

What's New in This Release:
bf.c: rewrite of ReadProgram() and Interprete() to gain speed, removed PutIntoProgram(), added FindMatchingBrackets() and removed -d (debug) option; minor changes
errors.c: changes to… 

XML::Smart::Tutorial 1.6.9 by Graciliano M. P.

XML::Smart::Tutorial is a Perl module with tutorials and examples for XML::Smart.


This document is a tutorial for XML::Smart and shows some examples of usual things.


LaTeX::Table 0.0.1 by Markus Riester

LaTeX::Table is a Perl module that provides functionality for an intuitive generation of LaTeX tables for reports or theses.

LaTeX::Table ships with some predefined, good-looking table styles, and supports multipage tables via the xtab package.


To install this module, run the… 

MPI Ruby 0.3 by Emil Ong

MPI Ruby is a Ruby binding of MPI. MPI Ruby's primary goal in making this binding was to make the power of MPI available to Ruby users in a way that fits into the language's object oriented model.

In order to do this, the buffer and datatype management necessary in the C, C++, and Fortran binding… 

jVLT 0.9.3 by Henning Burchardt

jVLT project is a vocabulary learning tool. Examples containing one or many of the vocabulary words may be specified.

jVLT also can perform quizzes, querying only those words which you frequently did not know in the past or which have not been queried for a long time.

During a quiz, jVLT shows… 

MUCLM 1.0.4 R3 by Smackware

MUCLM (My Uber Cool LDAP Manager) is an AJAX Web-based LDAP manager with a lot of features. MUCLM project is designed to aid in managing large LDAP servers.

Basic install:

Un-tar to a directory under your web root and you're ready to go.


Currently configuration is via edit… 

Flash::FLAP::Object 0.09 by Simon Ilyushchenko

Flash::FLAP::Object is a Perl module translated from PHP Remoting v. 0.5b from the -PHP project.

Package used for building and retreiving header and body information.


1a. If you have access to Macromedia Flash MX, load the docs/examples/cpu/CpuExample.fla file. Edit the ac… 

Banteng 0.1.1 by Banteng Team

Banteng is a cross platform visual javascript for building native desktop applications on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

The 0.1.1 release includes the core runtime engine and some basic examples.

Gtk 2.2.1-4
Atk 1.2.0-2
Glib 2.2.1-1
Pango 1.2.1-3
Freetype 2.1.3-6


Alana 1.0 by Markus Triska

A highly responsive Turing machine simulator written in Tcl/Tk. Contains many examples (unary and binary addition, subtraction, multiplication, a 5-state busy beaver, 2 string parsing examples, divisibility test, primality test), a theoretical introduction to Turing machines, a proof of the undecida… 

Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ToDo 1.01 by Class::MakeMethods Team

Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ToDo is a Perl module with ideas, problems, and suggestions.


There are lots of things that could be done to improve this module.

Issues about the distribution and supporting files, rather than the code:

Make sure that… 

libmilo 0.1.0 by Toni Gundogdu

libMILO ("MILO"), is a free minimal image loading library written in C. The library is capable of loading TGA and DDS files.

libmilo provides also a general purpose API for loading images as OpenGL textures.


XEL is developed under Linux (x86), but should compile under most unix li… 

Acme::MetaSyntactic 0.90 by Philippe Bruhat

Acme::MetaSyntactic is Perl module themed metasyntactic variables.

When writing code examples, it's always easy at the beginning:

my $foo = "bar";
$foo .= "baz"; # barbaz

But one gets quickly stuck with the same old boring examples. Does it have to be this way? I say "No".

Here is… 

WWW L-System Explorer 1.0.2 by Mr. Zdeeck

WWW L-System Explorer project is fancy tool for exploring L-S based fractals in your browser while computing takes place on a Web server.

A rich command set is provided, along with several examples.

Here are some key features of "WWW L System Explorer":
rich command set
user-friendly inter… 

Petal::Cookbook 2.19 by William McKee

Petal::Cookbook is a Perl module to recipes for building templates with Petal.

This document contains some examples of Petal template usage. Most of these examples deal with using Petal to generate HTML files from HTML templates.


Template location

When using Petal for web applicat… 

phpScribe 0.9 by Marcos Pont

phpScribe is a documentation generator to parse source code's comment lines.

phpScribe generates documentation files for projects by parsing the comment lines inserted in the source code.

The comments must be written in the code in a way they can be later interpreted by the parser.


dANN 0.1-alpha-RC2 (Java) by Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

dANN is a library to help create artificial neural networks within other programs. It is currently written in Java, C++, and C#. However C++ and C# versions can only be obtained through the SVN at the moment. Also they are not properly documented and cleaned up, although they work.

Our intentions… 

SekHost 1.2 by Lane

SekHost is a host based firewall and packet prioritization utility for Linux systems. The configuration is simple yet powerful functionality is available.

Installation of sekhost is very straightforward and actually only requires 2 things;
the sekhost script itself, which is in the src directory… 



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