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libyahoo2 0.7.5 by Philip S. Tellis

libyahoo2 is a C library interface to the new Yahoo! Messenger protocol. It supports almost all current features of the protocol.

libyahoo2 can use glib version 1.2 or version 2 if you have them and want them.

Here are some key features of "libyahoo2":

Sending me… 

Bombino 1.2.0 by Vitaly A. Repin

Bombino project is a small but powerful Skype plugin for creating Skype conferences on-demand via SMS.

After being installed, it acts as a server. It receives SMS-commands from a (remote) user, checks privileges, and creates the requested conference. It is possible to use Bombino to call a Skype… 

SPAR 1.2 by Kristian Hasler

Sdp PARser is the conferencing utility. New multicast capable multimedia applications, such as RealPlayer and Marratech Pro, can accept files containing session descriptions (in SDP format) to join a multicast conference. This allows SDP files to be served from a web page and a conference joined, u… 

PAR::Tutorial 0.941 by Audrey Tang

PAR::Tutorial is a cross-platform Packaging and Deployment with PAR.


This is a tutorial on PAR, first appeared at the 7th Perl Conference. The HTML version of this tutorial is available online as

On Deploying Perl Applications

% 1… 

YateClient 1.0.0 by YateClient Team

YateClient is a next-generation telephony engine.

While currently focused on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and PSTN, its power lies in its ability to be easily extended.

Voice, video, data, and instant messaging can all be unified under Yate's flexible routing engine, maximizing communi… 

PJSIP and PJMEDIA 0.5.9 by Benny Prijono

PJSIP and PJMEDIA is the Open Source, high performance, small footprint SIP and media stack written in C language.

It has many SIP and media features such as a layered API, dialog usages, high level invite session abstraction, an event framework, SIP presence/SIMPLE, instant messaging, RTP/RTCP,… 

Sipcat 1.1 by Linugen

Sipcat project is a IP telephony system that helps businesses increase productivity and reduce telecommunication costs. Our flexible solutions allow you to run your own IP Telephony PBX in a matter of minutes.

Affordable for all businesses
Voicemail and fax via e-mail
Based on ope… 

TCPCam Beta1 by Salvatore Sanfilippo

TCPCam is a video and audio point to point conference program for Linux that is very easy to use and modify. The connection uses a single TCP port that needs to be open on only one of the two ends.

TCPCam is possible to change the video compression and resolution at run-time to match the availabl… 

gspeakfreely 0.6 by Andreas Kemnade

Gspeakfreely is a VoIP system with a flexible component system. It implements a set of audio processing components which can be connected to each other or mixed together. The most important components are net in/output, which implement VoIP functionality and the OSS-DSP in/output component. Addition… 

palaver 0.3 by palaver Team

palaver is a multi-user chat component for Jabber and XMPP servers. The intention for this project is to support all features of JEP-0045 as well as the relevant extended discovery features of JEP-0128.

palaver is written in Python using the Twisted framework for Internet applications. It is lice… 

GnomeLiveCd 2.12.0 by The GNOME Project

The goal of this project is to create a LiveCD to demonstrate GNOME. The initial motivation was to be able to send a GNOME LiveCD to journalists and news agencies so that they can test and talk about GNOME without installing it, but others have expressed interest as well.

The infrastructure for… 

Caiviar 0.3.5 by Matthias Kramm

Caiviar is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System based on CAPI.

It runs on Linux and Windows systems, and supports Text-To-Speech (most notably Realspeak and Festival), multithreading, Barge In, 3 Party Conference, G3 Fax etc.

It has a very simple interface, allowing fast creation of Tel… 

vic 2.8 by Steven McCanne

Vic is a video conferencing application developed by the Network Research Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley. Source code and pre-compiled binaries acan be found on anonymous ftp.

The UCB/LBNL video tool, vic, is a real… 

vat 4.0b2 by Steven McCanne

Vat is an audio conferencing application developed by the Network Research Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Source code and pre-compiled binaries are available via anonymous ftp.

The LBNL audio tool, vat, is a real-time, multi-party, multimedia application for audio conferencing o… 

Jabberlang 0.2 by Mickael Remond

Jabberlang is a client XMPP and Jabber library for Erlang to implement scalable fault-tolerant XMPP/Jabber agents.

The first version has been presented during Erlang User Conference (EUC 2004). For now, it still only supports a minimal subset of the Jabber/XMPP protocol but many changes are plann… 

Simplog by Jeremy Ashcraft

Simplog provides an easy way for users to add blogging capabilities to their existing web sites.

Simplog is compatible with multiple databases, and also features an RSS/Atom aggregator/reader. Simplog project is powerful, yet simple.

What's New in This Release:
An update to fix a couple SQL… 

SoL 18.00 by antitachyon - Manalo & Willner OEG

SoL-desktop is an expansion pack for SoL - Server optimized Linux. When installing SoL-desktop on SoL you get a Linux-desktop for home and office-use!

With SoL-desktop you get a powerful Linux-Workstation with TrueType Fonts, multimedia tools, development kits and tons of other features.


Tkabber 0.9.9 by Alexey Shchepin and Sergei Golovan

Tkabber is a Free and Open Source client for the Jabber instant messaging system.

Tkabber provides a Tcl/Tk interface to the Jabber instant messaging and presence service.

Tcl/Tk is a graphical scripting language that runs on the Unix, Windows, and Macintosh platforms. The choice of Tcl/Tk for… 

patch_kde 0.2 by Ballarin Marc

This script does not modify or delete existing files (sources and deltas). However, all temporary files - including automatically downloaded xdeltas are deleted when the script exits.

This tool can only apply one update at once. For example, if you want to patch from KDE 3.2.0 to 3.2.2, do an upg… 

PieSpy 0.4.0 by Paul Mutton

PieSpy is an IRC bot that monitors a set of IRC channels. It uses a simple set of heuristic methods to infer relationships between pairs of users. These inferrences allow PieSpy to build a mathematical model of a social network for any channel. These social networks can be drawn and used to create a… 



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