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isbf 1.0 by Matthias Diener

isbf creates a fifo file and directs the input stream through this fifo to produce a potentially modified output stream.

This lets you use the fifo to insert any content you like into the input stream.


[-f < fifo >] [-v]


-f < fifo >

Network FIFO 0.04 by Komtanoo Pinpimai

Network FIFO project is a network object that provides data transfering tunnel across network in first in/first out manner.

Simply put,

fifo server file is:
This script require Net::Server::NonBlocking at least 4.1(you can grab from CPAN)

% perl < address… 

Authfail 1.1.4 by Bartek Krajnik

Authfail is a program that goes with real time updating on FIFO file and adds IP into netfilter with DROP/REJECT policy in real time. The FIFO file is /dev/authfail. The rejected hosts database is located in /var/log/authfail.

Each time a given host will do an "authentication failure" via syslog,… 

ShmFIFO library 1.0 by World Wide Web Security

ShmFIFO library provides an easy-to-use interface to shared memory for programs where one process needs to send blocks of data to other processes.

It was developed because pipe(2) and mkfifo(3) have a very small buffer size (4k) and are unsuitable for many applications. Shmfifo allows you to put… 

Shmplayer 0.0.4 by AlpT

Shmplayer executes a single instance of mplayer in the background and controls it through a FIFO. Shmplayer supports many of the features you'll find in XMMS and it is easily extendible.

However, unlike XMMS, shmplayer doesn't require an X server to be active. You can even use it from a remo… 

FifoEmbed 2.1.1 by Dan Muresan

FifoEmbed is a thread-safe basic queue, packet queue, and FIFO allocator.

When programming device drivers, network stacks, and similar systems, you often need a queue and storage management. FifoEmbed provides three C abstract data types, all implemented on top of circular arrays:

A basic que… 

cache4j 0.4 by Yuriy Stepovoy

cache4j library is a cache for Java objects with a simple API and fast implementation. It features in-memory caching, a design for a multi-threaded environment, both synchronized and blocking implementations, a choice of eviction algorithms (LFU, LRU, FIFO), and the choice of either hard or soft ref… 

simplus 0.8.2 by Hans-Peter Huth

simplus is a C++ library for constructing event-driven simulations with an abstraction for processes, virtual time, messages and more.

It features a built-in debugger, support for configuration files, and a flexible logging mechanism. It is lean, fast, and portable, but has only basic functionali… 

libshbuf 0.0.3 by Lennart Poettering

libshbuf introduces a new IPC concept: the "shared buffer", a more flexible and faster alternative for standard Unix FIFOs.

Take some shared memory, flavour it with semaphore-based locking and change notifications, and refine it with an easy-to-use API and you get libshbuf's "shared buffers".


jailed 1.0.0 by Johan Lindh

jailed implements a nonprivileged jailroot. It allows an environment to be specified, does std(in/out/err) redirection, and can restart a failed child.


jailed user [-g] [-r] [-c] [-p] [-n] [-e=] [-d] [program [arguments]]

* 'user' is used to specify the user to run as after the chroot… 

DarkSnow 0.6 by Rafael Diniz

DarkSnow is a darkice GUI, it is very simple and it's written using GTK2, by Rafael Diniz, under GPLv2.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds an AAC format option (needs darkice 0.16).
It changes the way that darksnow gets the darkice output (now it uses FIFO).
A memory leak has bee… 

WeeChat 0.2.1 by FlashCode

WeeChat also know as Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat is a fast and light IRC client for many operating systems.

Everything can be done with a keyboard, and it is customizable and extensible with scripts. Many GUIs are available (Curses, GTK, and Qt). It is compliant with RFCs 1459, 2810, 2811,… 

Inter-Thread Communication 1.1.3 by Charles Samuels

Inter-Thread Communication (ITC) aims to make it exceedingly easy to call functions in other threads.

The lexer does all the work, so just run the lexer on your headers, then call the stub functions.

In addition, it also provides a complete threading API, with the four threading primitives and… 

xmms-pipe 0.5.5 by Ben Lynn

xmmspipe is a plugin for XMMS that enables it to be controlled by sending strings to a named pipe (FIFO). When you enable the plugin, XMMS can be commanded by sending strings to $HOME/.xmms/inpipe, for example,

echo play_pause > ~/.xmms/inpipe

will cause XMMS to pause or play.

Since versio… 

Ktctool by Vairo Raja and Leslie P. Polzer

Ktctool is a graphical user interface to tc, which is a commandline program for network bandwidth management in Linux.

Here are some key features of "Ktctool":
iew information about TC objects (qdiscs, classes, filters)
create and change qdiscs (CBQ, DSMARK, FIFO, PRIO, RED, SFQ, TBF, Ingres… 

Trend Rev #58 03/10/2006 by Yuri D'Elia

Trend is a general-purpose, efficient trend graph for "live" data. Data is read in ASCII form from a file or continuously from a FIFO and displayed in real-time into a multi-pass trend (much like a CRT oscilloscope). trend can be used as a rapid analysis tool for progressive or time-based data serie… 

LogDog 2.00-RC5 by Brandon Zehm

LogDog is a tool that monitors messages passing through syslogd and takes action based on key words and phrases.

LogDog has a configuration file which allows you to specify a list of key words or phrases to alert on, and a list of commands that can be run when those words are encountered.


File::Stat::Bits 1.00 by Dmitry Fedorov

File::Stat::Bits - stat bit mask constants.


use File::stat;
use File::Stat::Bits;

my $st = stat($file) or die "Can't stat $file: $!";

if ( S_ISCHR($st->mode) ) {
my ($major, $minor) = dev_split( $st->rdev );

print "$file is chara… 

Memchan 2.2a4 by Andreas Kupries

Memchan is an extension library to the script language Tcl, as created by John Ousterhout. Memchan provides several new channel types for in-memory channels and the appropriate commands for their creation.

They are useful to transfer large amounts of data between procedures or interpreters, and a… 

Interceptor 0.9 by Christophe Gros

Syslog is a almost standard UN*X daemon which gathers all the info, errors or critical messages from the local computer or other hosts on the network. For more info about syslog itself, see the corresponding syslog manpages.

Before using Interceptor, you must create 8 fifo files in /var/run/inter… 



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