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MP3::Tag::File 0.9708 by Thomas

MP3::Tag::File is a Perl module for reading / writing files.


my $mp3 = MP3::Tag->new($filename);

($title, $artist, $no, $album, $year) = $mp3->parse_filename();
see MP3::Tag

MP3::Tag::File is designed to be called from the MP3::Tag module.
It offers possibilities to read/w… 

ExEf 1.70 by Tom Olexa

ExEf is a RealTime DSP, with recording!

If ExEf was properly installed, user can run it two ways. The first, more comfortable is running it with the GUI shown below. It is done by typing


The second, less comfortable but better for processing is running ExEf without GUI by typing


yadia2sql 0.9.4 by Aurelius Bruzas and Thomas Meinusch

Yet Another dia2sql is a tool that generates SQL statements from Dia XML files.

yadia2sql is intended to process diagrams that are compatible with dia2sql.php to some point, and provide features that would allow generation of SQL code for different database systems from single Dia source.


webImageTool 0.1 by CaCO3

webImageTool is a service menu that extracts height and width from an image and builds the html tag from it.

This is usefull for webdesigners.


Copy Image dimension => height="768" width="1024"
Copy HTML-TAG => img src="PATH TO FILENAME/FILENAME" border="0" alt="FILENAME">… 

C::Scan 0.74 by Marcus Holland-Moritz

C::Scan is a Perl module that can scan C language files for easily recognized constructs.


$c = new C::Scan 'filename' => $filename, 'filename_filter' => $filter,
'add_cppflags' => $addflags;
$c->set('includeDirs' => [$Config::Config{shrpdir}]);

my $fdec =… 

xsd2db 0.1.0 by Robert Bienert

xsd2db package is contributed with LayManSys and is used for converting XML Schema Definition files into DocBook XML code. The transformer can also be used to generate DocBook XML from plain XML files.

xsd2db marks up tag names, attribute names, attribute values and annotation, if parsing XSD cod… 

Trim 1.0 by Jem Berkes

Trim project removes a number of lines from the beginning of a file.

Utility used to monitor and control the sizes of (log) files. Examines a text file to see if its length has exceeded a certain limit; if it has, Trim removes a certain number of lines from the beginning of the file. Ideal for us… 

tzls and tzx 1.05 by Perdenab

tzls and tzx are commandline utilities for quickly unpacking or listing the contents of various types of common Unix archive files, which may be compressed in any of several ways.

The supported compression types are gzip, bzip2 and compress. The supported archive types are tar, cpio, zip, rar, an… 

Convert::UU 0.52 by Andreas Koenig

Convert::UU is a Perl module for uuencode and uudecode.


use Convert::UU qw(uudecode uuencode);
$encoded_string = uuencode($string,[$filename],[$mode]);
($string,$filename,$mode) = uudecode($string);
$string = uudecode($string); # in scalar context

uuencode() takes as the… 

Convert::yEnc::RC 1.02 by Steven W McDougall

Convert::yEnc::RC is a Perl module for yEnc file-part database.


use Convert::yEnc::RC;

$rc = new Convert::yEnc::RC;
$rc = new Convert::yEnc::RC $file;

$ok = $rc->load;
$ok = $rc->load($file);

$ok = $rc->update ($l… 

jTagger 2005.12 by Mikael Hogdahl

jTagger is an powerful MP3 tag and filename editor. jTagger project can update filename and tags for individual files or in batch mode.

It's possible to test changes in batch mode before writing changes. Basic MP3 playback is supported.

jTagger is written in Java 1.5 (5.0) so it should work on a… 

Gtkcat 0.1 by timecop

Gtkcat is a quick and compact GTK disk-catalog program.

I use this to index my source code CD-ROMs and search through them. You could probably use this to catalog other things, but keep in mind the only search criteria is a filename or a filename pattern.

This program is quite a bit faster tha… 

rvi 1.1 2006/02/09 by Reenen Kroukamp

rvi is a shell script that can give you an easy way of integrating RCS with your existing vim/vi work environment.

Simply use "rvi filename" instead of "vim filename", and the file will automatically be checked into revision control, and the changes you made after the edit will be displayed each… 

PHP ClamAV Lib 0.12a by Geffrey Velasquez

PHP ClamaAV Lib is a PHP extension that allows you to incorporate virus scanning features in your PHP scripts.

It uses the Clam Antivirus API (libclamav) for virus scanning. There are supported functions for file scanning and buffer scanning.

Functions Reference:

string cl_scanfile(string… 

ripOLE 0.2.0 by Paul L Daniels

ripOLE is a small program/library designed to pull out attachments from OLE2 data files (ie, MS Office documents). ripOLE is BSD licenced meaning that commercial projects can also use the code without worry of licence costs or legal liabilities.


bash-2.05a$ ./ripole -i xam-doc1.doc -v… 

Cire 0.14.0 by Andrew M

Cire is a Free and Open-Source Program for keeping an Electronic Journal or Diary.
It is designed to run on Linux and other Unixes.

Here are some key features of "Cire":
Keep a Personal Diary
Keep a Log of Progress on a Programming Project
Encrypt Messages to Friends (Put the Message in a… 

BatRen 0.3.1 by Costin Stroie

BatRen is an automatic file rename tool. The main goal is to provide a simple way to batch renaming collections of files, such as photo collections. BatRen accepts prefixing/suffixing, start index value and counter padding formats.

If the output file already exists, the counter is increased until… 

audio_rename 0.9708 by Ilya Zakharevich

audio_rename can rename an audio file via information got via MP3::Tag.


audio_rename -csR -@p "@a/@l/@02n_@t" .

renames all the audio files in this directory and its subdirectories into a 3-level directory structure given by Artist_Name/Album/Filename, with the basename of Filena… 

CAM::PDF::GS 1.07 by Clotho Advanced Media Inc.

CAM::PDF::GS is a PDF graphic state.


use CAM::PDF;
my $pdf = CAM::PDF->new($filename);
my $contentTree = $pdf->getPageContentTree(4);
my $gs = $contentTree->computeGS();

This class is used to represent the graphic state at a point in the rendering flow of a PDF p… 

GEDCOM Patcher 2004-08-27 by Matthew Gates

GEDCOM Patcher is a perl script is used to tidy up GEDCOM files as exported from various genealogy programs. The intention is to prepare a GEDCOM file for use with phpGedView.

The problem the program addresses stems from embedding of filenames of external resources such as images. Many genealogy… 



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