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errhdl 0.3 by Jan Behrens

errhdl is a small C library that offers error handling methods similar to the exception handling in C++.

In the event of errors, no exception objects are thrown, but an error class name and an error message are set, and execution continues at the next "OnError" statement.

The library can be se… 

libxode 0.71 by Chris Moyer and Keith Minkler

libxode is an XML library which wraps expat. In C even. It offers a very flexable DOM, and uses Memory Pools (which can also be created/used from this library).

libxode also features handling of XML streams and some convenience functions for string handling using memory pools.

Here are some ke… 

TilEm 0.973 by TilEm Team

TilEm is a TI Calculator Emulator.

Here are some key features of "TilEm":
All Z80 TI calculators (73, 82, 83, 83+, 83+ SE, 84+, 84+ SE, 85, and 86) except the TI-81, and all known ROM/OS versions
Virtual linking (through libticables)
Flash writing and erasing
Application and OS loading

Claw by Tomas Varaneckas

Claw framework provides a convenient and intuitive way of developing PHP5-driven object oriented Web applications.

Claw project allows developing tree-structured Web applications with ease.

Here are some key features of "Claw":
Clean Code / Database / Display logic seperation with Hierarchia… 

Elib 1.0 by Inge Wallin and Per Cederqvist

Elib is designed to be for Emacs lisp programs what libiberty.a is for C programs: a collection of useful routines which don't have to be reinvented each time a new program is written.

It contains code for:

container data structures (queues, stacks, AVL trees, etc)
string handling functio… 

WorldForge::varconf 0.6.4 by Alistair Riddoch

WorldForge::varconf is configuration handling library required by many WorldForge components.

It provides:

- An framework for storing and retrieving configuration data.
- Loading and saving of config files.
- Handling of complex command line arguments.
- Signals to notify the application of… 

hashit 0.9.4 by Pleyades Crew

hashit is a generic hash library.

hashit implements diverse collision handling methods.

This function creates a hash table which is returned as a hash_t type. 'errno' is set to ENOMEM if there wasn't enough memory avaliable for creating the table.

Return value is a reference to the table ju… 

mod_jsp 0.02b by Greg Schenzel

mod_jsp is a JSP handling module for Apache 2. It works by starting and maintaining its own application server (based on Jetty).

It can then continually manage the application server's virtual host filesystem mappings from the data passed from Apache.… 

OSSP ex 1.0.5 by Ralf S. Engelschall

OSSP ex is a small ISO-C++ style exception handling library for use in the ISO-C language. It allows you to use the paradigm of throwing and catching exceptions in order to reduce the amount of error handling code without making your program less robust.

This is achieved by directly transferring… 

Mod-Cache 1.2 by QUE Hongyu

Mod-Cache is a cache(reverse-proxy) accelerator plugin for lighttpd, which works like Squid with similar configuration. However mod_cache is faster and more effective than Squid because of powerful Lighttpd.

Mod-Cache has following advantages over Squid:

Simpler. Mod-Cache just sets proper… 

GNOME Structured File Library 1.14.1 by Jody Goldberg

GNOME Structured File Library is a utility library for reading and writing structured file formats. Support for MS OLE2 streams is complete, as is zip import.

There is also support for document metadata and some initial work on decompressing VBA streams in OLE files for future conversion to other… 

mod_cdb 0.1 by Yusuke Shinyama

mod_cdb obtains the contents from a cdb file.

It is suitable for handling thousands of small files.


1. Get djb's cdb package from
2. Extract and build it.
3. Edit ./Makefile to make it point the Apache installed directory and the cdb directory (I suppose cd… 

WBXML Library 0.9.2 by Aymerick J?hanne

WBXML Library project is a C library for handling WBXML (Wireless Binary XML) documents. It consists of a WBXML parser (with a SAX-like interface), and a generic WBXML encoder. The following languages are supported: WML 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 / WTA 1.0 / WTA-WML 1.2 / CHANNEL 1.1, 1.2 / SI 1.0 / SL 1.0… 

libgsf 1.14.1 by Jody Goldberg and Manuel Mausz

libgsf aims to provide an efficient extensible i/o abstraction for dealing with different structured file formats.

autoconf 2.5x
automake 1.7

glib >= 1.3.10
zlib >= 1.1.3
libxml2 >= 2.4.16 (not really, but it is the first to be tested)

What's New in This Release:

DJWrap 0.9.4 by Oscar Sundbom

DJWrap is an open format for combining several mp3s into one (wrapping) , without losing information about where the songs begin and where they end, or what file names they had, allowing them to later be turned back into separate files.

The idea of DJWrap is in many ways the same as the AlbumWrap (… 

bsnmp 1.12 by harti

bsnmp is a miniSNMP daemon. For a couple of projects that involved controlling software on a couple of machines from a single controlling machine I decided to use SNMP. After looking at several available SNMP implementations I started to implement my own SNMP stuff, because what was available was no… 

libspawner 0.0.20060526 by Hilko Bengen

libspawner implements the MTA side of Sendmail's Milter (mail filter) protocol that is used by the MTA to delegate policy decisions to external daemons.

libspawner's main purpose is to enable other MTAs, or any mail-handling software, to talk to the existing mail filters that have been developed… 

libjpeg v6b by Independent JPEG Group

libjpeg is a library for handling the JPEG (JFIF) image format. Included are the programs cjpeg and djpeg for converting to and from this format, jpegtran to perform some lossless transformations on JPEG imagess, and rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom to manipulate JFIF comments.… 

libgpg-error 1.4 by Marcus Brinkmann

libgpg-error package contains common error codes and error handling functions used by GnuPG, Libgcrypt, GPGME and more packages.


Please read the file INSTALL!

Here is a quick summary:

1) Check that you have unmodified sources. You can find instructions how to verify the so… 

Net::ICQ2000 0.2.2 by Robin Fisher

Net::ICQ2000 is a Perl module for handling the ICQ2000 protocol.

This module was written by Robin Fisher and works very well, he's let me take over as the maintainer of the module for the time being and now I'm looking to attract more developers to improve this software.… 



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