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NameSpawner 0.6 by Flavio Chierichetti

NameSpawner can be used to generate random names with a specific theme. Some of the themes included in the main distribution are: elvish, barbaric, dwarvish, angelic, demonic, and Tolkien-like.

Names are "spawned" via random walks on Markov Chains. New themes can be created using existing lists o… 

Twisted Names 0.3.0 by Twisted Matrix Labs

Twisted Names project is both a domain name server as well as a client resolver library.

Twisted Names comes with an "out of the box" nameserver which can read most BIND-syntax zone files as well as a simple Python-based configuration format.

Twisted Names can act as an authoritative server,… 

gipfel 0.1.3 by Johannes Hofmann

gipfel is a tool to find the names of mountains or points of interest on a picture. It uses a database containing names and GPS data.

With the given viewpoint (the point from which the picture was taken) and two known mountains on the picture, it can compute all parameters needed to compute the p… 

PEAR HTML_Template_IT 1.2.1 by Pierre-Alain Joye

PEAR HTML_Template_IT is a simple template API. The Isotemplate API is somewhat tricky for a beginner although it is the best one you can build.

template::parse() [phplib template = Isotemplate] requests you to name a source and a target where the current block gets parsed into.

Source and ta… 

bash programmable completion 20060301 by Ian Macdonald

A relatively new feature in bash is programmable completion, which has been available since the beta version of 2.04. Programmable completion will be familiar to you if you are a zsh user. It also exists, albeit in a much less usable form, in tcsh.

It's much easier to demonstrate programmable com… 

The World's Best Band Name Generator 1.03 by

The World's Best Band Name Generator produces randomly generated band names.

The World's Best Band Name Generator can generate band names like "Ungratefully Swallowed" and "The Bridgeheads" and "Throwaway Deceptiveness".

The visitor can refresh the names dynamically without refreshing the page… 

PodsBlitz 1.1.2 by Alexander Dietrich

Did you ever want to copy songs off your iPod, but all you could find were MP3 files with cryptic names ?

PodsBlitz application gives you access to your music. Just download the file to your iPod and double-click to start, that's it.

PodsBlitz was tested with an iPod Photo (synchronized by iTu… 

SyncPOD 0.68 by Armin Obersteiner

This script syncs a local directory with your iPod. If the directory is larger than the space on your iPod you can sync this larger directory with a master playlist. As alternative you can sync just a bunch of playlists.

By typing "SyncPOD" the sync is done ... nothing more nothing less. Configur… 

ColorExplorer 1.6 by Bill Poser

ColorExplorer project is a tool for exploring the color space and finding out how colors, color names, and numerical color specifications are related.

You can specify a color by selecting its name from a list of color names, by adjusting sliders that control the mixture of red, green, and blue, o… 

shn2make 2.15 by Cliff Johnson

shn2make works with sets of shn or flac audio files and the make program to automate the process of burning shn archive CD-R's, audio CD-R's and the encoding of lossy mp3 and ogg-vorbis files.

shn and flac are lossless audio compression formats. shn and flac are commonly used for distr… 

Jackess 1.1.6 by Tim McCune

Jackcess project is a pure Java library for reading from and writing to MS Access databases. It is not an application. There is no GUI.

It's a library, intended for other developers to use to build Java applications. Jackcess is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Take a look at… 

OrganDesigner 1.0.0 by Gregory D. Weber

OrganDesigner project provides a graphical user interface for users of GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ) to help them create and edit organ files (".org" XML files used to describe the composition and organization of an organ).

OrganDesigner can create a GENPO organ file from a SoundFont file (with u… 

nodoze 2.0 by Mike Babulic

nodoze is a Perl script to repair websites built with MS Windows so that they will work properly on a UNIX server.

It changes all file and directory names, and all relative URLS in the html, to lower case, and it changes all .htm extensions to .html.

When websites are built on on computers run… 

audio_rename 0.9708 by Ilya Zakharevich

audio_rename can rename an audio file via information got via MP3::Tag.


audio_rename -csR -@p "@a/@l/@02n_@t" .

renames all the audio files in this directory and its subdirectories into a 3-level directory structure given by Artist_Name/Album/Filename, with the basename of Filena… 

microdc 0.11.0 by Oskar Liljeblad

microdc is a command-line based Direct Connect client that uses the GNU Readline library for user interaction. microdc was developed from ground up and does not depend on any other program. Despite the command-line user interface, microdc was designed to be user friendly and simple to use.


Convert::ASCIInames 1.002 by Ken Coar

Convert::ASCIInames is a Perl module that includes ASCII names for control characters.


use Convert::ASCIInames;

Convert::ASCIInames::Configure(fallthrough => 1);
$name = ASCIIname($character_ordinal);
$name = ASCIIaltname($character_ordinal);
$name = ASCIIdescription($chara… 

argstream 1.0 by Xavier Decoret

argstream is a class that facilitates easy parsing of command line arguments in C++. The syntax is very simple and uses stream operators to parse various types of arguments.

Here is a list of functionalities offered for the parsing of command line arguments :
Short (-c) and long ( --color) name… 

Net::ChooseFName 0.01 by Ilya Zakharevich

Net::ChooseFName is a Perl extension for choosing a name of a local mirror of a net (e.g., FTP or HTTP) resource.


use Net::ChooseFName;
$namer = Net::ChooseFName->new(max_length => 64); # Copies to CD ok

$name = $namer->find_name_by_response($LWP_response);
$name = $n… 4.35 by Webcon, Inc. is a flexible Perl script to handle unattended incremental backups of multiple servers.

It handles multiple media sets with automatic media preparation and rotation, configurable 'what-to-backup', global per-host exclusion patterns, and user settable 'don't-back-this-up' metafiles.


mod_domaintree 1.5 by Michael Wallner

mod_domaintree is a hostname to filesystem mapper for Apache2. It maps host names like to a filesystem tree like $prefix/com/example/www/$suffix.

mod_domaintree module can optionally strip the www prefix of host names.

What's New in This Release:
A possible crash in strmatch(… 



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