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Scenic PDF Viewer 0.2 by Jouni Tulkki

Scenic PDF Viewer is a PDF viewer based on Xpdf. It uses the Scenic graphics library for drawing and features antialiased text and graphics.

OpenGL is emplyed, which results in fast rendering if hardware acceleration is available.

What's New in This Release:
All pages are shown in a continuo… 

Font Manager 3.59 by Sven Herzberg

Font Manager is a font manager for GNOME. Font Manager cannot do any font management tasks yet, but is already useful for picking fonts.

Here are some key features of "Font Manager":
List installed fonts
Add previews for installed fonts
Open font properties from context menu
Set system fonts fr… 

Font Installer 0.7 by CraigD

Font Installer is an update to KDE's font installer. The main change is the addition of a "font management" mode - to allow fonts to be grouped, and enabled/disabled.

Screenshot 1 shows the "standard" mode, this is similar to the existing installer, and is meant for people who just want to add a… 

tc-viewer 1.5 by Pawel Pawilcz

tc-viewer provides the ability to watch current transfers that take place in HTB and HFSC traffic shaping classes on specified interface.

tc-viewer reads output from: tc -s class show dev iface, and analyzes (for each class) values in lines like this one :

Sent 6173259431 bytes 6300224 pkt...… 

gucharmap 1.7.0 by Noah

gucharmap is a Unicode Character Map and Font Viewer. gucharmap uses gtk+ 2.0, so it supports beautiful anti-aliased scalable fonts via Xft.


To compile and install, do the usual

make install

There are two extra ./configure options:


Opcion Font Viewer 1.1.1 by pchiu

Opcion Font Viewer is a free font viewer written in Java that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac.

The main focus of Opcion is to allow you to view your uninstalled fonts so that you install only the fonts you want and keep your system m… 

Lovi 0.2 by Akos Polster

Lovi is a log file viewer for the K Desktop Environment. Lovi supports monitoring multiple log files, with color-coded filtering of warning and error messages.


What's New in This Release:
Responsiveness under high load was improved.
The monitor font is now co… 

Rss Viewer 2.0.0 beta by Rss Viewer Team

RSS Viewer is a comfortable and portable viewer for RSS/RDF-compatible newsfeeds. It is written completely in Java and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Rss Viewer is proven to run on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Other Java enabled platforms should work as well.

Here are some key… 

KSystem Viewer 0.0.2-1 by servomac

KSystem Viewer is a little Kommander bash script what aims see the characteristics of the current system.

KSystem Viewer can see hdd capacity or the name/frequency of the processor.


What's New in This Release:
Added Network info
Now the info fields are readOnly… 

Debian Font Manager 0.11.8-0.1 by Debian Font Manager Team

Debian Font Manager (dfontmgr) is a GUI frontend for Defoma. You can see the fonts registered to Defoma, their hints, their status (which applications they have succeeded or failed to register), the applications using Defoma framework and information about the applications and the contents of their… 

Image Viewer by Tara Milana, Wolfpack Entertainment

Image Viewer is an image viewer with real-time interactive pan and zoom viewing that uses the GTK+ toolkit and Imlib (or Imlib2).

Image Viewer can open and save to any image format supported by Imlib, rectangular crop, grab the screen, print, and display on the root window.

Here are some key f… 

Cert Viewer Plus 1.0 by Kaspar Brand

Cert Viewer Plus is a small extension which adds two options to the certificate viewer in Firefox or Thunderbird.

Additionally, the Tools menu is extended by an entry for direct access to the certificate manager (including a keyboard shortcut).

Here are some key features of "Cert Viewer Plus":… 

Mysql Assistant 1.1.1 by Duke Yamamoto

Mysql Assistant is a MySQL viewer. Mysql Assistant requires Ruby-Gtk2 and MySQL/Ruby.

Myassistant is a MySQL viewer using, Ruby, Ruby-Gtk2, MySQL/Ruby and developed on ruby-1.8.4, Mysql-5.0.16, mysql-ruby-2.7, ruby-gtk2-0.14.1.

Currently 3 APIs are provided for MySQL, MySQL/Ruby, Ruby/MySQL, a… 

Choosefont 0.3 by Jan Keirse

Choosefont is a simple but extremely efficient tool for quickly finding the required font in a large amount of fonts.

It was created due to the lack of decent font selection widgets in many application.

Apart from finding a font, Choosfont can also creat css, html and other code for the select… 

Java EDF files viewer 2.0.1 by Nizar Kerkeni

Java EDF files viewer is a multiplatform (Linux and Windows) EDF (European Data Format) files viewer written in Java and developped with Borland JbuilderX Foundation.


1. You need the Java software installed.
2. To execute the viewer

- type in command line: java -jar jEDF.jar


Hamster Font Manager 1.02 by Ernst

HFM is a font manager for Unix systems. With it you can control the avaliability of fonts in all of the supported applications from a central place. Currently included are modules to support:

* X-Window
* Ghostscript
* TeX

A PostScript module handles PS Fonts. Other fonts remain untouched b… 

Enhanced TightVNC Viewer 1.0.8 by Karl Runge

Enhanced TightVNC Viewer package is a project to add some patches to the long neglected Unix TightVNC Viewer. Enhanced TightVNC Viewer also adds a GUI for Windows and Unix that automatically starts up a STUNNEL SSL tunnel for SSL connections to x11vnc (or any other VNC Server also running an SSL tun… 

X Window Properties Viewer 0.2 by George MacDonald

X Window Properties Viewer project allows you to select a X window and view/edit its properties.

A tree viewer lets to see part or all of the windows tree on your X server.

After selecting a window you can view all of the resources at once or select individual ones for viewing/editing.


KChm 0.6.5 by Anton Samokhvalov

KChm is a new chm viewer for KDE. It consists of kio_chm, corresponding kpart(so you can view chm files in konqueror) and a small viewer on top of this.

What's New in This Release:
Tabbed browsing
Support for non-latin chm files
Some more small features
Some bugs are fixed… 

Gnome Font Sampler 0.4 by Ian McIntosh

Gnome Font Sampler lets you browse your installed fonts using whatever color, size, attributes (Bold/Italics/Underline), and example text you like.

Here are some key features of "Gnome Font Sampler":
Quickly compare your fonts
Select font size, text color, background color, bold, italics, und… 



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