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DejaVu fonts 2.11 by Stepan Roh

The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts release 1.10 (see the list of other Bitstream Vera derivatives or Unicode Font Guide).

DejaVu fonts purpose is to provide a wider range of characters (see Current status page for more information) while maintaining the original… 

Xfstt 1.7 by Guillem Jover

Xfstt means is a X11 Font Server for TrueType fonts. TrueType fonts are generally regarded to be the best scalable fonts for low resolution devices like screens.

Examples where good scalable fonts improve the visual quality considerably are Mozilla, GIMP, and Java. A file for use… 

Hunky Fonts 0.3 by Ariszlo

Free Unicode TrueType fonts for Baltic, Central European, South European and other languages, including Azeri, Maori, Welsh and Esperanto.… 

gbdfed 1.0 by Mark Leisher

gbdfed lets you interactively create new bitmap font files or modify existing ones. It allows editing multiple fonts and multiple glyphs.

gbdfed allows cut and paste operations between fonts and glyphs and editing font properties. The editor works natively with BDF fonts.

gbdfed can import:


Font Manager 3.59 by Sven Herzberg

Font Manager is a font manager for GNOME. Font Manager cannot do any font management tasks yet, but is already useful for picking fonts.

Here are some key features of "Font Manager":
List installed fonts
Add previews for installed fonts
Open font properties from context menu
Set system fonts fr… 

wxFontView 0.4 by Paul Sherman

wxFontView is a font viewing/image creation/installer. Uses wxPython to display system fonts and allows user to change font size, color, background color, font face and the diplayed text.

Handy to view fonts and styles quickly, or use to make "logo" graphics. Also can be used to install/uninstall… 

Hamster Font Manager 1.02 by Ernst

HFM is a font manager for Unix systems. With it you can control the avaliability of fonts in all of the supported applications from a central place. Currently included are modules to support:

* X-Window
* Ghostscript
* TeX

A PostScript module handles PS Fonts. Other fonts remain untouched b… 

Yalla 0.5 by Justin Alexander

Yalla, is yet another font selector. Written in C#, it allows you to quickly compose and compare fonts, colors, and text samples.

Yalla (hebrew for GO!), is yet another font selector. It's pretty well a C# copy (sincerest form of flattery) of "Gnome Font Sampler", but with some UI and major spee… 

PDF::API2 0.53 by Alfred Reibenschuh

PDF::API2 is 'The Next Generation' of Text::PDF::API, a Perl module-chain that facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files.

It features support for the 14 base PDF Core Fonts, TrueType fonts, and Adobe-Type1, with unicode mappings, embedding of bitmap images, compression via zlib, and… 

Font Installer 0.7 by CraigD

Font Installer is an update to KDE's font installer. The main change is the addition of a "font management" mode - to allow fonts to be grouped, and enabled/disabled.

Screenshot 1 shows the "standard" mode, this is similar to the existing installer, and is meant for people who just want to add a… 

Gnome Font Sampler 0.4 by Ian McIntosh

Gnome Font Sampler lets you browse your installed fonts using whatever color, size, attributes (Bold/Italics/Underline), and example text you like.

Here are some key features of "Gnome Font Sampler":
Quickly compare your fonts
Select font size, text color, background color, bold, italics, und… 

FONTpage 3.0.2 by Paul Sherman

FONTpage is a Python font viewing and image-generating utility. It displays system fonts and allows you to change the font size and color, background color, font face, bold, and italics.

It also has the ability to input the text to be displayed, which you can choose to save as a PNG file. It is h… 

FreeFont 20060126 by Primoz Peterlin

FreeFont project aims to provide a set of free outline (PostScript Type0, TrueType, OpenType...) fonts covering the ISO 10646/Unicode UCS (Universal Character Set).

Why do we need free outline UCS fonts?

A large number of free software users switched from free X11 bitmapped fonts to proprietar… 

IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage 6.8 by IDAutomation

IDAutomation's MICR fonts meet strict ISO, ABA and ANSI standards and allow printing of MICR E-13B for bank checks and paper based drafting.

They are compatible with Oracle eBusiness Suite, Peachtree and other accounting packages and run on Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Macintosh, Unix, Linu… 

rbfEditor 0.1 by avm

rbfEditor is a font converter and editor for the RCA REB1100 electronic book.

The program carries out three primary goals:

Converts unicode truetype fonts to raster fonts for RCA ebook
Allow to edit various parameters of font, such as shape of letters, font height etc.
Provides easy interfa… 

fonty-rg 0.5 by R.G.

fonty-rg project is a set of fonts for the Linux console.

LatCyrGr-16.psf is font containing most of ISO Latin characters, lot of cyrillic chars, lot of greek chars, and some punctuation. It is good for unicode linux console. This is 512 character font, means that you loose bold colour on linux… 

Eclipse 2D Game Engine 1.0 by Lee Millward

Eclipse is a set of C++ classes designed to give beginner developers a head start in developing their first games as well as more experienced developers who don't want to have to write code for mundane tasks like fonts, sprites, and image loading.

Eclipse 2D Game Engine provides bitmap fonts, win… 

Opcion Font Viewer 1.1.1 by pchiu

Opcion Font Viewer is a free font viewer written in Java that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac.

The main focus of Opcion is to allow you to view your uninstalled fonts so that you install only the fonts you want and keep your system m… 

SlackGreek 1.1 by Bromirakis Iosif

SlackGreek is a free tool for supporting the Greek language in Slackware. SlackGreek enables Greek for both the console and X.

It includes the freetype fonts from, and it has the ability to download some Windows-based freetype fonts.


Just run tar xzvf SlackG… 

PSF Tools 1.0.4 by John Elliott

The PSF Tools are a set of utilities for manipulation of console fonts in PSF (PC Screen Font) format. PSF Tools project can be used to convert to and from other font formats.

The PSF Tools are an attempt to do something similar to NetPBM, for simple fixed-width bitmap fonts.

Here are some key… 



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