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Building Block 1-0-0 by Florian Berger

Building Block ist the Open Source Content Management Software for your website. It is lightweight and has minimal hardware requirements.

At the same time it is powerful and delivers high performance. Building Block's diversity allows you to create and manage professional web projects directly in… 

My Own Building System 2.3.2 by Raul Nunez de Arenas Coronado

My Own Building System (a.k.a. mobs) is a GPL'd build system, lightweight and easy to use, with a limited application framework. My Own Building System project gets information from the end-user wanting to build your project and modifies the building process according to such information.

It prov… 

CGI::Wrap 2006.0215 by David Muir Sharnoff

CGI::Wrap is a buffer output when building CGI programs.


use CGI;
use CGI::Croak;
use CGI::Wrap;

$query = new CGI;
savequery $query; # to reconstruct input
$CGI::Out::mailto = 'fred'; # override default of $heade… 

CGI::Out 2006.0215 by David Muir Sharnoff

CGI::Out is a Perl module to buffer output when building CGI programs.


use CGI;
use CGI::Out;

$query = new CGI;
savequery $query; # to reconstruct input

$CGI::Out::mailto = 'fred'; # override default of $header();

Plasma EBG 0.26.22 by Konstanty Bialkowski

Plasma EBG project is an Empire Building Game for Linux/Windows/Solaris/BSD.

Plasma EBG is an empire building game with an isometric view.

It runs in multiple resolutions with graphics being displayed better for higher resolutions; hence, lower resolutions do not suffer from being too large,… 

ModPerl::BuildMM 2.0.2 by ModPerl::BuildMM Team

ModPerl::BuildMM is a "subclass" of ModPerl::MM used for building mod_perl 2.0.


use ModPerl::BuildMM;

# ModPerl::BuildMM takes care of doing all the dirty job of overriding

# if there is a need to extend the methods
sub MY::p… 

Test::Builder 0.64 by chromatic and Michael G Schwern

Test::Builder is a backend for building test libraries.


package My::Test::Module;
use Test::Builder;
require Exporter;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT = qw(ok);

my $Test = Test::Builder->new;

sub import {
my($self) = shift;

HTML::Embperl 1.3.6 by G. Richter

HTML::Embperl is a Perl module for building dynamic Websites with Perl.


Embperl is a Perl extension module which gives you the power to embed Perl code directly in your HTML documents (like server-side includes for shell commands).

If building more than a single page, you may also… 

PSA::Test::Builder 0.49_01 by chromatic and Michael G Schwern

PSA::Test::Builder is a backend for building test libraries.


package My::Test::Module;
use PSA::Test::Builder;
require Exporter;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT = qw(ok);

my $Test = Test::Builder->new;

sub import {

netBPM by Jan-Philipp Bolle

NetBpm is a platform for building, executing, and managing workflows. netBPM is very simple to use and integrate in other .NET applications.

It supports building applications which are able to turn business models into executable software models.

Business analysts are able to use a model drive… 

Fle3 1.5.0 by Janne Pietarila

Fle3 project is a Web-based learning environment.

More specifically, it is a server program for computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL).

The Fle3 Knowledge Building tool allows groups to carry out dialogues, theory building, and debates by storing their thoughts into a shared databas… 

Mail::Message::Construct::Build 2.066 by Mark Overmeer

Mail::Message::Construct::Build is a Perl module for building a Mail::Message from components.


my $msg3 = Mail::Message->build
(From => 'me', data => "only twonlinesn");

my $msg4 = Mail::Message->buildFromBody($body);

Complex functionality on Mail::Message objects is imple… 

AxKit::XSP::WebUtils 1.6 by Matt Sergeant

AxKit::XSP::WebUtils is a Perl module for utilities for building XSP web apps.


Add the taglib to AxKit (via httpd.conf or .htaccess):
AxAddXSPTaglib AxKit::XSP::WebUtils
Add the web: namespace to your XSP tag:
< xsp:page

Cross-LFS 1.0.0 by Ryan Oliver and Jim Gifford

Cross-LFS stands for Cross Linux From Scratch (CLFS) and is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own customized Linux system entirely from source.

Why would I want a CLFS system?

Many wonder why they should go through the hassle of building a Linux syste… 

Text::NSP::Measures::2D 1.01 by Text::NSP::Measures::2D Team

Text::NSP::Measures::2D is a Perl module that provides basic framework for building measure of association for bigrams.


Basic Usage
use Text::NSP::Measures::2D::MI::ll;

my $npp = 60; my $n1p = 20; my $np1 = 20; my $n11 = 10;

$ll_value = calculateStatistic( n11=>$n11,

ATK 1.12.3 by ATK Team

ATK is an accessibility library for GNOME.

GLib-2.0.0 or better


To configure ATK, run the ./configure script, then 'make'; and 'make install'. If you are installing into a location where you don't have write permission, you'll have to become root before running

XML::XPath::Builder 1.13 by Ken MacLeod

XML::XPath::Builder is a SAX handler for building an XPath tree.


use AnySAXParser;
use XML::XPath::Builder;

$builder = XML::XPath::Builder->new();
$parser = AnySAXParser->new( Handler => $builder );

$root_node = $parser->parse( Source => [SOURCE] );


asyncj 1.4-02 by Thanos Vassilakis

async-j is an architecture for building long-running, high-performance network servers in Java. It is based on Java's nio library, but shields the user from nio's bugs and complexities.

An object-oriented design is used for extendability and low development and maintenance costs.

What's New i… 

GOffice 0.3.3 by Jody Goldberg

GOffice is a library of document-centric objects and utilities building on top of GLib and Gtk+ and used by software such as Gnumeric.

What's New in This Release:
Fix combo sizing problem. [#362704]
Fix Save problem. [#365115]
Detect more date/time formats. Part of [#370183]… 

XML::Grove::Builder 0.46 Alpha by Ken MacLeod

XML::Grove::Builder is a PerlSAX handler for building an XML::Grove.


use PerlSAXParser;
use XML::Grove::Builder;

$builder = XML::Grove::Builder->new();
$parser = PerlSAXParser->new( Handler => $builder );

$grove = $parser->parse( Source => [SOURCE] );




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