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Seksi Commander 06b1 by Radek Červinka

Seksi Commander is a filemanager for Linux. It is strongly inspired by Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander), Midnight Commander and features some new ideas.

Here are some key features of "Seksi Commander":
internal viewer (binary, hexadecimal, text mode, image view)
internal editor wi… 

jBrout 0.2.46 by Manatlan

jBrout is a photo manager. It can manage albums and photos, tag photos with IPTC keywords, use internal JPEG thumbnails, add comments to photos and albums, losslessly rotate JPEG files and internal JPEG thumbnails, and use EXIF info.

It uses plugins to add a variety of features such as exporting… 

XML::Sablotron::DOM 1.01 by Pavel Hlavnicka

XML::Sablotron::DOM is the DOM interface to Sablotron's internal structures.


use XML::Sablotron::DOM;

my $situa = new XML::Sablotron::Situation();
my $doc = new XML::Sablotron::DOM::Document(SITUATION => $sit);

my $e = $doc->createElement($situa, "foo");
my $t = $doc… 

Gimp::Lib 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Lib is an interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net).


use Gimp; # internal use only

This is the package that interfaces to The Gimp via the libgimp interface, i.e. the normal interface to use with the Gimp. You don't normally use this module directly, look at the docume… 

Jext 5.0 by Romain Guy

Jext project is a free source code editor written in Java. You can download it, use it, modify it, redistribute it... your choice, your freedom.

Jext was created to support Java programming language. But nowadays it can edit many other types of source codes. Among them you'll find C, C++, C#, ASP,… 

ShaniXmlParser 1.4.7 by Quentin Anciaux

ShaniXmlParser is an XML/HTML DOM/SAX parser that can be validating. It can parse badly formed XML files.

ShaniXmlParser can parse files with inverted tags and bad escaped &,< and >. ShaniXmlParser expands all HTML entities. ShaniXmlParser is well suited to parse HTML files.

It is up to 3 time… 

Locale::RecodeData::IBM918 1.16 by Guido Flohr

Locale::RecodeData::IBM918 are conversion routines for IBM918.


This module is internal to libintl. Do not use directly!

This module is generated and contains the conversion tables and routines for IBM918.


The following comments have been extracted from the original c… 

Run Time Access 0.7.5 by Robert W Smith

Run Time Access is a library that you can attach to your program to expose your program's internal arrays and data structures as if they were tables in a database.

The database interface uses a subset of the Postgres protocol and is compatible with the Postgres bindings for C, PHP, and the Postgr… 

Automatic Firewall 0.3.2 by Baruch Even

Automatic Firewall is a script that will automatically configure a firewall. If you are a broadband or dial-up user who doesn't have a firewall script, you need to get one to protect yourself. AutoFW is made to help you do that with no efforts.

Many people when connecting to the internet need a f… 

mod_text2html 1.0 by Brian Aker

mod_text2html is an Apache module which is designed to replace Apache's internal text/plain handler. It converts carriage returns into "BR" tags.

If it finds valid URLs it turns them into "A HREF" tags, and it does a good job of trying to not muddle up HTML that has been flagged as text. It conve… 

XOM 1.1 by Elliotte Rusty Harold

XOM is an XML object model. XOM project is a tree-based API for processing XML with Java that simultaneously supports streaming.

In many use-cases, it can process arbitrarily large documents with effectively constant memory sizes.

It strives for correctness, simplicity, and performance, in tha… 

MagicBus 0.7.3 by JETIGY

MagicBus project is an event framework designed to allow developers to concentrate more on developing application components than the means of inter-component communication. MagicBus project strives to enforce the notion of "loose coupling", the lessening of dependency between components that encour… 

Command Executor 0.2 by Andras Georgy Bekes

Command Executor is an amaroK script which execute an internal command (e.g. stop playing) when reaches that entry. Sometimes it is useful to execute some external commands (e.g. shutdown) when playing reached a certain place (e.g. end of album).

This script does the job. If amaroK starts playing… 

tgif 4.1.45 by Bill Cheng

tgif project is a vector-based drawing tool, with the additional benefit of being sort of a web-browser.

That is, you can fetch drawings from a web server with it, and you can make objects in your picture into hotlinks to other parts of the drawing, or to other drawings accessible via HTTP.


MPIO 0.7.0 by Andreas Buesching

The MPIO Project provides support for using Digitalway/Adtec MPIO digital audio players (DMG, DMK, DME, etc.) under Linux. It provides the user with a Linux kernel module driver, a user space library, and at the moment, one tool to access the MPIO player.

Most MPIO models should be supported wi… 

nsFB 1.2 by Richard Kotal

nsFB is an internal AOLserver database driver for the Firebird or Interbase database. It supports reading and writing BLOB data and ARRAY data.

nsFB project supports the full size of varchar (32765 bytes) or char (32767 bytes). Many configuration options are supported, such as charset, dialect, t… 

Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_8 1.16 by Guido Flohr

Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_8 is a Perl module for conversion routines for ISO-8859-8.


This module is internal to libintl. Do not use directly!

This module is generated and contains the conversion tables and routines for ISO-8859-8.


The following comments have been… 

Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_5 1.16 by Guido Flohr

Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_5 is a Perl module for conversion routines for ISO-8859-5.


This module is internal to libintl. Do not use directly!

This module is generated and contains the conversion tables and routines for ISO-8859-5.


The following comments have been… 

Camarades Linux Proxy 0.2 by Anders Hedstrom

The Camarades Linux Proxy is a small program that is meant to run on a firewall protecting an internal network. It allows multiple users behind a firewall to use the Camarades Web camera program.

To make it run the following:

1. Edit Makefile to see that everything seems ok.
Make any necessar… 

Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_4 1.16 by Guido Flohr

Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_4 is a Perl module for conversion routines for ISO-8859-4.


This module is internal to libintl. Do not use directly!

This module is generated and contains the conversion tables and routines for ISO-8859-4.


The following comments have been… 



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